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Judging books by covers

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I definitely use cover art to help me find books that I think I might like! I've found some random and fun books that way. I do read the back cover blurbs before making a final decision and sometimes checking the rating on GRs (but not reading reviews because I hate hate spoilers--even reading cover blurbs can be too much for me sometimes).

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On 1/18/2024 at 8:20 AM, Argonath Diver said:

Easily my strongest memory of choosing a book by its cover was Dinotopia, when I was 11. I was reading much more complex books by then, but I was still absolutely obsessed with dinos (this was before I took Science in Junior High and realized how much I loathed molecular bio stuff. I saw the book at a beloved huge bookstore in St Louis called Library Limited - at the time my favorite place in the world. Marched right up to Mom and we didn't even bother making it a Christmas present, etc. We grew up rather tight on money so I recall it was $30, a significant sum compared to my usual request for a single mass market paperback (I think I was reading Raymond Feist and Shannara back then).

I can still sit down with that kid's book and have a great time looking over the gorgeous sketches. I was an avid drawer back then and boldly attempted some renditions of the artwork, albeit to mixed results. Heck I should try that as a grown man who's hardly touched his supplies in twenty years.

I even bought one of the Dinotopia sequels Gurney did, or maybe even 2. The artwork is just astonishing, he is just a master of his craft.

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