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Viserys II's wife in the Targaryen family tree - early info?

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Larra Rogare (and the Rogares in general) first appeared in TWOIAF, published in 2014. Before that, no information about Viserys II's wife existed, as far as I can tell -- I've checked archive.org backups of the MUSH's House Targaryen page, the Green Ronin RPG book from 2010 that has Rhaenyra's first husband as Lyonel Strong, and nada. The only thing out there is GoT S1's The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, which lists her as "Visneya Targaryen" [sic], but as that page also calls the Dragonknight "Aemon Blackfyre", plus has "Serena Blackfyre" as Daemon's wife, I figure it's just filler text Bryan Cogman wrote for a page only meant to be seen for half a second, and almost certainly does not mean anything. (See also the random Baratheon filler names in that book.)

@Ran, you've mentioned a few times that you had seen early versions of the Targaryen family tree (for example that Aegon III once had three wives). And I know you've also mentioned the math error with Viserys II being Aegon III's fourth son in the first edition of AGOT. Do you recall ever seeing any early information for Viserys's wife, of any sort? Like, was it a blank to be filled in, or "a Lyseni bride" like Aegon's "a Velaryon bride", or anything like that?

(Or if anyone else has old info - not speculation or theories or such, but actual info from GRRM, that would be very welcome.)

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