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A deep dive into the Purple Wedding (could Sansa have been the poisoner?)

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23 hours ago, LongRider said:

That's interesting, but then what?  Did Tyrion poison Tywin at the wedding while Sansa poisoned Joffery?   

I don't think the text describes in detail when Tyrion poisoned his father. The only text that I've uncovered so far are the two passages that are two Tyrion chapters apart in A Storm of Swords. It's interesting that the claim by Pycelle that Tyrion stole his poisons is from Swords Tyrion IX (chapter 66) while the line about knowing where to find his father (on the privy) is Swords Tyrion XI (chapter 77). I would call this a very subtle revelation. Yes, Pycelle claims Tyrion took all his poisons, but by the time we get to Tyrion XI and the line about knowing where to find his father, we dismiss the line because its been several chapters from the accusation that we sort of forget about it and then Tywin didn't actually die from poisoning and maybe this is why Tyrion decided he needed to make sure the job was finished before he left?

Here's a handy link for chapters.

Joffrey's poisoning occurs prior to Tywin's assassination by Tyrion, but Tyrion (while acting as Hand during his father's absence) took Pycelle's poisons from him in A Clash of Kings - the book before Swords. Pycelle isn't restored to his position to make his complaint against Tyrion until Tywin returns as Hand in Swords. 

Tywin's poisoning is probably one of the three-fold revelations that we were discussing up thread. I'm thinking we remove the Cressen poisoning from the group and make Tywin's poisoning the first and most subtle of the three. Joffrey's poisoning would remain as the second and more blatant poisoning, with Ser Gregor Clegane remaining as the third and most spelled out poisoning.

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I saw something else when I was looking at the timeline...Pycelle told Tyrion that he helped Jon Arryn die. Lyssa Arryn takes credit for giving him the tears of Lys, but Pycelle told Tyrion that Maester Colemon was treating him properly, but that the Queen (Cersei) needed him dead. 



A Clash of Kings - Tyrion VI

Tyrion tsked at him. "I saw the tears of Lys among your potions. And you sent away Lord Arryn's own maester and tended him yourself, so you could make certain that he died."

"A falsehood!"

"Shave him closer," Tyrion suggested. "The throat again."

The axe swept back down, rasping over the skin. A thin film of spit bubbled on Pycelle's lips as his mouth trembled. "I tried to save Lord Arryn. I vow—"

"Careful now, Shagga, you've cut him."

Shagga growled. "Dolf fathered warriors, not barbers."

When he felt the blood trickling down his neck and onto his chest, the old man shuddered, and the last strength went out of him. He looked shrunken, both smaller and frailer than he had been when they burst in on him. "Yes," he whimpered, "yes, Colemon was purging, so I sent him away. The queen needed Lord Arryn dead, she did not say so, could not, Varys was listening, always listening, but when I looked at her I knew. It was not me who gave him the poison, though, I swear it." The old man wept. "Varys will tell you, it was the boy, his squire, Hugh he was called, he must surely have done it, ask your sister, ask her."

Tyrion was disgusted. "Bind him and take him away," he commanded. "Throw him down in one of the black cells."


Ironically, I think Pycelle made an assumption that it was the Queen that had Jon Arryn poisoned.

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