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Plan for Audible release of Winds of Winter

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So IF / when the Winds of Winter is released, I’m wondering if anyone knows of or can guess what the plans would be for how long it would take to be added to Audible?

This is kind of the first book franchise I’ve ever been invested in where I’ve been waiting for a book to come out. Every other book or franchise that I’ve read / listened to is already complete.

I’m wondering if anyone remembers (a long time ago I know…) when ADWD came out and how long roughly it took to be added / released on Audible?

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Haha, Pea-Tyre isn’t actually too bad in my opinion, but BRY-eene is just ridiculous. The good thing is that it’s SUCH a big thing now that whoever takes over will know how to say all of the names and get decent impressions I reckon

Although in saying that, I am used to Tyrion and Jaime being Welsh

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