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Jaehaerys II and Aerys II Kingsguard

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I would like to go ahead and start this song off by saying I really like Game of Thrones and the books especially the short novelsor I wouldn’t do this. This is strictly for my amusement in to honestly get some things talked about and share my opinions about certain things. So while I don’t mind a good conversation and some criticism where it’s necessary, please don’t start problems in the comment section if one goes. I’d also like to say that some of these characters are just people who I came up with you’ll see why once you get to those people. I wrote this out before and then it got deleted and all messed up before I could get it posted properly so this that you’re readingis the redacted version of what I could remember for the most part. Later, on down the line, I might do a complete one of Argon V in my opinion, which might also be on a guest account, so take that with a grain of salt.

At the Tragedy at Summerhall Jaehaerys II Targaryen became king 40 years before story starts in 259 inherited four Kingsguard survivors from the Tragedy three die. I say four survived because it would seem like something the history books would have mentioned but they only say the King and Lord Commander Duncan were the highlights. And losing 4-6 members of the Guard would’ve put Jaehaerys ll in a shit situation went it came to preparing for the Nine Kings. I also truly believe that there was no way that only the lord commander died, trying to save the king.


So hears the Kingsguard


Ser Gerold Hightower named Lord Commander 29 years old at the time. He is the only confirmed Kingsguard to survive while we don’t exactly have his age ever I put it at this, because it puts in roughly in his prime, and around the age of the king at the time which would have probably helped in his naming, especially if he was the sworn guard to Jaehaerys before this whole situation went down.


Ser Harlan Grandison 44 years old at the time, I believe he was here, because it’s quite literally said that he died in his sleep of old age and Aerys was many things, but prideful was a big one, and I don’t think he would put someone who could have died less than a decade into his reign to the position, so I say he was around since the tragedy.


Ser Jonothor Darry 22 years old at the time, Jonothor is roughly the same deal with Harlan. He’s younger than him, because he was clearly able to go to the battlefield during Roberts rebellion. Age wise that would’ve made him roughly 45 when he died, which is still more than capable of commanding armies.


Ser Gwayne Gaunt 30 years old at the time this one is purely speculation, and it mainly has to do with the fact that he died in the middle of the mad king’s reign. But I honestly put him here because he clearly was trusted above most of the other guards to be the only one with him to deal with Duskendale so long history is my excuse.


Prince Ser Lewyn Martell appointed quickly at 20 years old, this one’s touchy, but it I’ll try to explain it as well as possible. I want to go ahead and get it out of the way that this man is the primary reason why I started thinking about this topic. A lot of people will make the argument that he was named into the Kingsguard by the mad king but I’m going to say no and that there was very few ways in hell for that. As far as I’ve read into the mad king‘s character and everything he was doing the time even before he went absolutely insane tells me one thing. He did not like anyone from Dorne more so after he went well, insane. So the likelihood of him being named to the position by the mad king or Tywin is highly unlikely, because neither one of them liked it Dorne at the time and both are petty as hell on a a good day. Placing him here at this time is actually a pretty good thing. It makes a friend out of the princess at the time and puts someone who is clearly skilled and young there for the next couple generations. It’s also puts him at an appropriate age to be an uncle to Oberyn in Durran later.


Ser Paxter Darklyn appointed quickly at 37 years old died of sickness 260, this one here is because George has not named anyone to the seventh position his name six but not seven, so until he names the seventh person, people like me get to speculate who it is, and when they served. For this theory, I’m gonna say right around here, it’s a good choice, and the family is always been loyal, and right after a tragedy, like the crown had just been through a loyal and dependable knight from a family the crown is trusted, since the beginning is a easy decision to make.


Ser Renly of Fair Isle appointed quickly at 41, I’m putting him in here, because almost every king that’s had to restart or has more than three members named usually has someone that sticks out from the rest that’s Renly(or whoever was actually in this position) in the situation. The other two were named to this position to political or trust based reasons, but I think that Jaehaerys would have found somebody who he found a good and loyal to name to the last position who knows he might’ve just been at court for a long time and listening to the position due to familiarity.


Ser Barristan Selmy appointed two years later at 23 years old in 260, if I have to explain this man, then you need to go read the books or watch the TV show.




King Aerys II Targaryen became king 37 years before story starts in 262 inherits seven Kingsguard from his father. Everyone who I pushed into the Kingsguard of his father, was there for pacific reasons. Some say that two of the people on this list were named before the mad king came to his rule, but I have Pacific reasons for why that is not the case.




Ser Gerold Hightower named Lord Commander 32 years old at the time. death in 283 Tower of Joy


Ser Harlan Grandison 47 years old at the time dies in his sleep in 281


Ser Jonothor Darry 25 years old at the time death in 283 Trident


Ser Gwayne Gaunt 33 years old at the time death in 277 defending his king


Prince Ser Lewyn Martell 23 years old at the time death in 283 Trident


Ser Renly of Fair Isle 43 years old at the time dies from infected blood in 279


Ser Barristan Selmy 26 years old at the time


Ser Arthur Dayne appointed 15 years later at 21 years old in 277 death in 283 Tower of Joy, Arthur, and the man to follow, are both pretty unique cases when it comes to this position. He was clearly probably in his prime either somewhere in between it or just at the beginning of it, depending on what I’ve read.  Especially if you consider he was known to be the deadliest fighter in all the kingdoms. The catch to this whole situation is it’s strongly implied that he was best friends with Rhyeagar in my opinion, someone can be best friends with someone who is older than them, but there’s a certain points when that friendship becomes a mentor, mentee relationship. Everything that I have read and heard when it comes to these two say it was a friend to friend brother, to brother type of friendship. He was his closest confidant and the one he trusted with his if you believe the prince, that was promised theory miracle baby. So I placed him within roughly 4 to 7 years of Rhyeagar which would still allow him to train Rhyeagar.


Ser Oswell Whent appointed 17 years later at 21 years old in 279 death in 283 Tower of Joy, he is the same story as Arthur, but to a much closer extent in age, when it came to the friendship.


Ser Jaime Lannister appointed 19 years later at 15 years old in 281


this is what I believe was the timeline of the Kingsguard for these two kings. Some of this we already know and it’s just repetitive others we know but I feel are just in the wrong place is to be characterized the way they are. What you think?

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