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Did Balon Greyjoy suffer a shoulder injury during Robert's Rebellion?

Angel Eyes

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So it's mentioned that Balon Greyjoy was a fierce and fearless raider in his youth, but he doesn't do much during his rebellions, just sits back on Pyke and lets his brothers and children do the fighting. He's also mentioned to have a stoop in his shoulder. Now there doesn't seem to be much opportunity for reaving and warfare during Balon's youth; judging by the calculations on the wiki he would have been no more than a child during the War of the Ninepenny Kings and not even in his teens if he participated in Quellon's raids on Faircastle (Tytos Lannister, who was Lord of Casterly Rock at the time, died in 267 where Balon would have been 12 at the most). That leaves Robert's Rebellion where Lord Quellon was killed at the Mander and Balon led the retreat back to Pyke to claim the Seastone Chair. So is it possible that Balon suffered a shoulder injury during the Battle at the Mander which prevents him from fighting (and somehow he isn't usurped)?

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1 minute ago, James Steller said:

That makes sense. Though is it actually said he doesn’t take part in the fighting during his first rebellion? 

He's never described as doing any fighting and since Westeros is a society that prides martial ability in its leaders, especially one like the Ironborn, I would think it would have been mentioned.

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It does pride itself on martial ability but even the ironborn are frozen in the feudal system. On top of that hes lord of one powerful house and married to another ,  his 3 brothers for various reasons hold sway over the hearts and minds of most ironborn and his daughters quite popular too!!! On top of that we are told he was a fierce raider  and excellent  captain as well as great climber (for some reason)  in his prime!

As for the ironborn rebellion + wot5k many older leaders dont command from the frontlines like robert etc. We know the ironfleet is their elite and it usualy hits 1st and vic commands  it instead.

Grmm says outside the ironfleet every ironborn lord can float about a hundred ships but these are largely way smaller than the mainland galleys so we can assume while vic commands the iron fleet it was  up to balon to comand the rest.

So yeah the text says any macho shit he proved in his youth plus hed be needed to coordinate the vast  non ironfleet  fleet! 


Thd real question of balon is why the fuck does he manage to snatch defeat from easy victory so often...why is he such a dumbass??? During the ironborn rebellion from grmms description if even half way accurate(and it is his lore)  the rest of the ironborn lords could have backed vic and drowned (pun intended) the royal+ redwyne fleet combined with sheer numbers!!  It sounds like they have 5 or so smaller ships for every loyalist one, with rope and grapple hooks that  should have been a day of boarding  killing and looting!!  But no he took a sea people and kept them on land waiting for superior numbers rmto overwhelm them!

His own son who knows all the north and whos trusted by manynorthern lords  he treats like dirt.he couldnt ask foe

When he starts the wot5k his opening moves go WAYY better than he could have ever dreamed ! Send a single raven to theon  or asha to speak to theon in winterfell  and its over! Nope doest follow up or back his son! 

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15 hours ago, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

Above all Balon has some serious brain damage to be as dumb, delusional and narrow-minded as he was. I guess that his brain took too much damage from drowning.


hes also a prick

Prick to his son= son could have handed him the north on a plate


Prick to maester who tried to help his brother= more maesters would have gotten more ravens thus better education  healthcare and messaging on the islands

Prick to vic not letting him at least beat the shit outta euron= euron kills him!

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