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What questions, ideas or theories do the Heretics propose?


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I've seen their threads around but I'm having trouble getting into their voluminous writing/threads. 


Do they have anything interesting that I should take a second look? 


I know it may be hard to summarize all of it. But could maybe I get an example why I should consider taking a second look? 

Any major findings that may demonstrate what they are trying to do? 

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1 hour ago, Tradecraft said:

Do they have anything interesting that I should take a second look? 

I have two persistent, nagging ideas, that I am not willing to throw in the trash just yet - concerning magical objects.  One is the Dawn Sword and the other is the Horn of Winter.  Without going into tremendous detail; I'll sketch out the basic idea.

In Ned's fever dream, he describes the Dawn Sword as 'alive with light'.  This fits neatly into the Red Religion aesthetic of 'life, light and love'; that we he hear repeatedly from Melisandre.  George Martin has also said that we will be amazed with what the Dawn Sword can do.  Well, what can it do then?  

Putting aside all the conjecture about what is made of, or how it was made; my guess is that under the right magical conditions; the sword can produce a light as bright as the sun.  Hence, the name Dawn Sword.  Sunlight is an effective weapon against the wights.  Such a weapon could be used like a shield.

The question is who would wield such a sword or cause it to shine with the light of the sun?  It's interesting that Melisandre shines like the sun when she births a shadow assassin (as witnessed by Davos).  So my guess is that someone who has been reborn as a fire wight, would have the ability to light up the Dawn Sword.  At this point, I'm guessing that Jaimie might be raised as a fire wight, perhaps by Thoros of Myr.  It's curious that Bran (in his coma dream) twice describes someone, that we assume to be Jaimie, as 'shining bright as the sun'.  If Melisandre can create darkness, perhaps another can create light; hence the moniker "Lightbringer".

The second nagging thought is that the Horn of Winter is the broken horn that Jon gives to Sam; telling him to repair it.  The horn is not only cracked; it's also chipped around the rim.  So perhaps a magical metal band was removed to disable the horn.  As it happens; Tormund has metal 'arm rings' he hands over to Jon Snow;  Except for one which he tells Jon was handed down to him from his father.  He's not giving that one up.  I think it's possible that this is the metal band that is missing from the horn in Sam's possession.  And it may be the reason that Mance says that they didn't find the horn.  That they were looking for a horn that fits the ring.  This might also be the only way to repair the horn.  Restoring the ring to compress the horn and seal the crack.

That's the basic premise for these objects.



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