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What extra titles would the ruling prince of Dorne have?

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I know that there are ranks like Prince or Lord that are passed down through family, but how do you know what extra things would be attributed to the person? Danys are collected based on what she did - Breaker of Chains, the Unburnt, etc. but in HOTD when the Lords of the great houses are being presented, they each have special tags onto their title. Jason Lannister is Lord Paramount of the West and Master of Casterly Rock, Hobert Hightower is the Beacon of the South, Defender of the Citadel, the Voice of Oldtown.

I was trying to look into it on different forums but all I could find for Dorne attributes would be Ruling Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear. Are there any other titles that he would get or are there any other important things in Dorne etc. that would get added on?

if anyone knows, I would super appreciate you!!

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