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Post book essos forces thoughts

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Based on 2 or so threads ongoing at the min.

Once dany roots out slavery we could possibly   see the essosi city states  possibly raise their own standing freedmen armies rather than questionable loyalty sellsword comapnies (using many veterans of the sellsword companies currently). While sellsword companies may still exist wed expect the former slave  freedmen to want a full time standing force like the westerosi  ie forces  that hopefully  cant be paid by the uber rich to betray the anti slavery movement and force things back to the bad old slaver heyday!!  The big  issue is the dothraki  khalassars would now be a threat not a vital part  part of the slave trade anymore and  thus would need to be dealt with!!! 

Heres how i think each city states forces would/should shape up.(perhaps iv played too much total war recently)


Pentos: these guys would have the biggest need to get a khalasaar beating force and fast given they havent had a large military AND theyd likely be picked on 1st as a known soft target. They do have potential to have large navy and land force given their vast wealth. Like all free cities theyd need to heavily wall up the various outside settlements and invest in crossbows, archers and scorpions. They have the cash to have a large mixed force of well armoured horse archers , crossbowmen and archers , pikes  and horse  lancers to help.drive off the horselords!! Given their rivalry with bravos they may still have to keep forces to an agreed minimum . The windblown could be a good skelton to build this around as long as the tattered prince abandons his delusions of ruling it utterly.

Qohor: the free city with the most work to do given their reliance on the unsullied. Perhaps using the existing eunuchs  as  professional backbone to train up most able bodied males into a milita! Longer spears and backed by lots of crossbows+ archers. They have the finest weaponmakers in all planetos to help. They make valyrian steel weapons too but clearly at too slow a rate to be a battle changer....unless instead of a few v.steel swords a month they produce hundreds of v.steel.arrowheads! The dothraki are unarmoured so that should pass through them like a hot knife though butter! One of their chief exports is wood from the forrest so finding  lots of skilled axemen and training them up on the military equivalent shouldnt be too hard. 


Norvos: the slave bearded priest warrior caste would need altered to be purely volunteer but these could still form the officer/training corps of a larger force full.of  either part time milita  of full timers. Both they and the qohori live near such vast forrests archers and axemen should be plentiful to fill ranks, from the description though of moss overgrown pallisides theyd need to really build.up  the walls to drive off the horselords.

Lys: their island base means they dont have to worry about the dothraki but pirate slavers. They apparently already have high walls and a decent fleet , famed for bedslaves we.can assume this would remain but on a volunteer basis so could be good for info gathering.  The fact they are famed for posions means they arent ashamed of them so possibly have archers with small pots to dip arrowheads in to increase fatalities.

Tyrosh: like lys no danger from horselords as its across the sea but slaver pirates could be an issue. The fact the 3 cities would  probably now be ruled by democratic councils could help stop the disputed lands and stepstones being fought over, the 3 could co-ordinate forces land and sea to keep pirate fleets away.

Myr: is the only 3 sisters city to be in danger from the horselords once slavery is gone as they are on yhr mainland. The city os supposedly walled and they have apparently a preferrnce for crosebows....a perfect weapon to drive the dothraki off!. Add in myrish lenses on the city walls to spot khalassars, myrish fire the wound healing herb and they have a famous weaving industry meaning gambesons and brigandines could be standard weargear.


Volantis: already an absolute brute military wise other than build up tje walls on its outside lesser walled cities they dont gave much to do. The elephants in the city could be very useful vs dothraki . The fire worshipper tigerguard (half their number) + firey hand troops could  be moulded.into one huge profesional fanatical force at the beck and call of the fire priests to help preserve order and keep slavery at bay.


Slavers bay: no reason of new ghis can field 6  ironlegions of freedmen the other 3 cities cant do at least 2-3 times that. The iron legions do have armlured and towered  elephants bur asophot had elephants too so they should be able to get their hands on more (esp as they have exotic animals vs human eventd all the time). We see the clanker slaves have according to tyrion large amounts of lomg spears and crossbows , while hes right they are useless vs dragons these will help fight off dothraki. The crumbling walls would need touched up and of course finaly the pit fighters  armoured up and sent out to demand personal combat from khals and bloodriders to leave them.leaderless!!

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