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The Reach’s Civil War

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4 hours ago, Floki of the Ironborn said:

We need way more context. 


1 hour ago, Universal Sword Donor said:

Ok let’s do this scenario. Each house in the reach is relocated to the north and only house Bolton is in the reach. Each castle is given a boy roose Bolton and a weirwood with the optional abacus attachment.

they are also each left handed. 

who wins 

Ok good point lmao. Ok let’s go with the how the show went, Daenerys dead, Lannisters except Tyrion dead. The Westerlands are in civil war as no one will follow a dwarf, the Riverlands are about to erupt in civil war as the heir is a half-frey and theirs never been much unity. Gendry is probably occupied conquering the Stormlands and the only kingdoms unified are the Vale, the North (somewhat), and Dorne as they didn’t pull that stupid shit in this scenario as they did in the show. Let’s say Willas and Garlan are not dead and the Tarlys are also not dead. This is the perfect time for ambitious Reach lords to rise up, so 


4 hours ago, KingoftheRiversandtheHills said:

Who would win in a civil war in the Reach and why? Which houses would side with other houses and which houses would try to press their claim to the bitter end?


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Cant see how it would occur lady olenna has the reach region nicely tied up with the way the family is married. The tyrells have the claim to the region, they are tied to the powerful fossways , hightowers and redwynnes.


She (queen of thorns) was a redwynne married to a tyrell.

Her son mace married a hightower, her daughter another redwynne and a further daughter married to a green apple fossaway! Maces uncle is lord commander of oldtowns city watch and  grandson garlan (the one whos apparently better than loras with a sword)  to another fossway.... unkown red or green!




If none of these marriages existed somehow and everyone else still existed itd come down to the hightowers vs the redwynnes! Two financial powerhouses...id lean towards rewynnes due to the flexibility their huge fleet gives and the defensive advatage of being an island off the coast.  Therrs no such thing as marines at this stage so the fighting men on the redwynne fleet will be familiar with weapons theyl just need to redrill on the arbor for large scale battle drills in case ome is need to decide the war.

The tarlys have randyll tarlys leadership but dont strike as an above adverage strength(by reach terms) numbers wise

Minus their lordship of the reach the tyrells arent that strong themselves BUT the cunning of lady olenna and willas cant be discounted nor the martial prowess of garlan and loras to turn even a lopsided battle.

But overall itd probably be house redwynne

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