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The Bloodriders

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Jhogo, Aggo, and Rakharo are the three young Dothraki men who guard Daenerys.  These three are her Bloodriders.  They are part of her growing number of Queensguards.  Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan are the two from Westeros.  Three cadets are in training to join.

The term "Bloodrider" changed and acquired more meaning after Daenerys became the Mother of Dragons.  It is said that one needs to have Targaryen blood, the blood of the dragon, in order to bond with a dragon.  That normally means carrying Valyrian genes.  And that is acquired from birth.  But Daenerys is special.  Just as she was reborn and became the Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, Azor Ahai, etc.  The Bloodriders were also reborn.  It's like getting baptized.  The day they knelt to Daenerys they became blood of the dragon.  Not just as her bodyguards but kinsmen by blood through bonds forged by magic.  She refers to them many times, blood of my blood.  Daenerys saying that carry more significance than someone else saying it.  I am not saying the Bloodriders will ride dragons.  Perhaps one will.  It fits the story to have one of the riders be a Dothraki.  



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Dany had three girls looking after her needs until Doreah died.  Same thing could happen to one of the Bloodriders and she will be left with two.  Which is perfect if they are to ride dragons.  It's a match made in heaven because they already are good riders.  Good ability to ride horses is a pre requisite to riding dragons.  Falling off a dragon isn't like falling off a horse.

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