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Lord Bracken poisoned Viserys II

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We know that Viserys II died under suspicious circumstances, in TWOIAF Maester Yandel offers us the possibility Aegon IV poisoned him to assume the throne:


Tragically, a sudden illness carried him away in 172 AC. It need not be said that some found the illness and its swiftness suspicious, but none dared speak their suspicion at the time. It would be more than a decade before the first accusation was put to paper that Viserys had been poisoned by none other than his successor, his son Aegon.

We know Yandel is often wrong and biased, so it can be taken as a hint that it's true, but equally the other way around, especially considering that Yandel presents his claims as rumors that arose decades after the event. While Aegon was a bad dude, to use President's verbiage, I don't consider it the most likely explanation. Aegon was living his best life as Prince basking in popularity and bedding women. There is a throwaway line about him coveting the throne, which could be more of Yandel's bias, but even if it was true throne would be his soon enough. Aegon wasn't patient man but he never exhibited much desire to actually rule as most of his decisions were done on a whim. Even comparing the timeline of his Dornish invasion with one of Young Dragon we see that he was in the hurry to do it and it's not like it was his grand ambition for which he would poison his father. Him never mentioning Dorne again after failure speak further in favor, someone with serious intent would try and try again. So we can say with high degree of certainly that Aegon had nothing to gain, he could have done it on a whim but there is a far more likely culprit, Lord Bracken.


With Baelor’s death in 171 and Viserys II’s ascension to the throne, the princesses were once again permitted male company. Aegon (now Prince of Dragonstone and heir apparent) became entranced with sixteen year-old Barba.

Lord Bracken was a grasping, amoral man. He had his daughter sent to Maidenvault to curry favor with Baelor, and probably had her try and seduce Aegon who was known womenizer, aside from parallels with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, that seems likely because we know he did it again later with his other daughter. Now that he had achieved this goal he wanted to step it up and it paid off as he was appointed as Hand. 


On his own ascent in 172, he named her father as his Hand and openly took her for his mistress. She bore him a bastard only a fortnight before another set of twins—a stillborn boy and a girl, Daenerys, who survived—were delivered by Queen Naerys. With the queen lingering near death, the Hand—Barba’s father—talked openly of wedding his daughter to the King.

This passage tells us exactly how ambitious Lord Bracken was, and that he obviously has thought of the possibility, especially considering Queen's health was no secret at the time. 

While there is no direct proof, I consider that we have a stronger case that Lord Bracken poisoned Viserys than we do with Aegon.

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