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Night and Storm

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In the ASOIAF, terms storm and night are widely used and heavily symbolic. It also seems to me the terms in question are highly connected and almost interchangeable at times.


We have several examples of dualistic religions in ASOIAF, Faith of R’hllor, Ironborn religion and while we can’t know exact nature of divinity of Far Eastern religion, it has strong dualistic component in the worship of the Lion of Night and the Maiden-Made-of-Light. Evil god of the due is connected with either storm (Storm God) or night (Lion of Night and Great Other)


Lion of Night is undoubtedly considered evil god in YiTi despite some hints of ambiguous role in far eastern Long Night myth

"The Five Forts are very old, older than the Golden Empire itself; some claim they were raised by the Pearl Emperor during the morning of the Great Empire to keep the Lion of Night and his demons from the realms of men" TWOIAF, The Bones and Beyond: Yi Ti.


Great Other is explicitly referred to as god of night.

"Against him stands the Great Other whose name may not be spoken, the Lord of Darkness, the Soul of Ice, the God of Night and Terror." ASOS, Chapter 25, Davos III


Even stronger connection of the two terms is seen in the character of Rolland Storm, Bastard of Nightsong.


But another much more prominent character unites the two terms much stronger and more often, Euron Greyjoy. We all know his famous and ominous quote

“I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last.” AFFC, Chapter 29, The Reaver


But he also connects his reign with the coming night

“we shall feast before the fall of night!” AFFC, Chapter 29, The Reaver


Connection of Euron to the evil god of the Ironborn, Storm God, is often made

“that the Crow’s Eye appeased the Storm God with blood sacrifice.” AFFC, Chapter 29, The Reaver

"It rolled up Nagga’s hill, like the Storm God rattling the clouds. “EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON! EURON!” AFFC, Chapter 19, The Drowned Man


And in the mind of his brother Aeron, Euron is connected to the night, more specifically dreaded nightly visitations both during the events of the Forsaken preview chapter of TWOW and years before when they were young.

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Context matter.  But let's start with the Maiden Made of Light and the Lion of the Night.  What they are are creation mythology and explains where the godlike rulers of the Great Empire of the Dawn came from.  It seems these folk were exceptional. So therefore they must have been the children of gods.  Where in reality they were an ancient race of humans who had supernatural powers which they passed to offsprings.  I believe Dany is the direct descendant of the Maiden Made of Light and has the same powers.  The power to bring back life like she did with the dragons.  I use the word descendant loosely on purpose because she may be the reincarnation of the Maiden Made of Light.  

We don't know who the Lion of the Night is yet.  I am sure he has been reborn as well.  What we do know is he called down the White Walkers and sent them to destroy humanity.  That sounds like one of the Starks to me.  Bran or Jon.  The story says it was because of a blood betrayal.  From the prejudiced eyes of the Starks, they might see the red wedding that way.  Likewise, from Dany and Aegon, the killing of Aerys, Rhaegar, Elia, and Rhaenys are considered betrayals.  

I don't think we can point to the Eastern religions as any worse than the Old Gods.  Excepting maybe the faith of the Faceless Men.  Don't forget what the Children of the Forest do.  They kill to feed those weir wood trees.  The Starks were feeding humans to their backyard trees routinely like farmers feed corn to their livestock.  The Faceless Men kill to satisfy their gods.

The Storm God is most connected to the Storm Lords, the Baratheons of Storm's End.  Storms cause disturbance and damage what man has made.  That perfectly sums up what the Baratheons have done.  Make a mess of everything.  And that they did do a lot of.  Robert's rebellion was a storm ravaging Westeros and Dany was born during that storm and survived the storm.  She is called Stormborn because of the occasion of her birth.  Robert created a storm which never ended and still goes on.  Westeros was never right after Aerys died.  The Child of Storm will bring order and calm back to Westeros.  

The Great Other is going to be Bran.  He is the root of the darkness taking its hold in the northern section of Westeros.  The shock of seeing his likeness is what snapped him out of his flying dream.  


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Never said Eastern religions are bad, just that two of them contain dualistic aspect borrowed from real world Zoroastrianism, where there is a good god and a bad good, I've said we don't know much about YiTish religion but it is clear they consider Lion of Night to be a bad god of the duo because he is lord of demons they build massive forts to protect against.

Even in your own framework Storm Lords are opposing the storm concept, and I agree Storm's End will likely play a role in the downfall of Euron, Daenerys or both, but many characters are connected to either storm alone or night alone (Darkstar) but that is the different topic

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