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First Night and the Long Night

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I was wandering to what extent are concepts of the First Night and the Long Night connected? Both are far more present in the Northmen culture, as we hear about the Long Night from the tales of Old Nan and both Roose Bolton's account and parts of TWOIAF that the right of the First Night endures in the North for centuries after it disappeared in the south. 

As we know, mythical past of the Planetos has some profoundly confusing chronology which was referenced in the main text several times and gave birth to many excellent theories about real identities of mythical figures, but given the undertaking that is enormous and pretty well covered already I won't dwell on that too much, but only mention a few mythical Brandons that tie the concepts of FN and LN together.

There is a legendary son of legendary Garth the Greenhand, Brandon of the Bloody Blade, all around bad dude and allegedly progenitor of House Stark. Now the concept of the bloody blade is tied very firmly to the House Stark, one member in particular, Brandon Stark, Eddard's late brother, in the stories told by Lady Barbrey Dustin 

“‘A bloody sword is a beautiful thing,’ he told me once.” ADWD, Chapter 41, The Turncloak.

Now bloody sword is obviously strongly symbolic of the defloration and by extent tied to the custom of the right of the First Night, but Lady Barbrey makes the connection explicit

“I still remember the look of my maiden’s blood on his cock the night he claimed me. I think Brandon liked the sight as well. A bloody sword is a beautiful thing, yes.” ADWD, Chapter 41, The Turncloak.

Now that we've established connection of the Bloody Sword First Night Brandon to the House Stark, we should mention the Long Night Brandon, Night's King, 13th commander of the Night's Watch who was in league with Others after "claiming" an icy corpse bride and who was probably a Stark because Old Nan is always right

“He was a Stark of Winterfell, and who can say? Mayhaps his name was Brandon.” ASOS, Chapter 56, Bran IV.

Now since the man who brought him down Brandon the Breaker was both a Stark and his brother, Night's King might have been genetically a Stark but would have made a lot more sense for him to have been named Brandon Snow, as we already have a Stark bastard rising to the rank of Lord Commander. Which would explain the notoriety of the name in wildling lore 

“I’m Jon Snow.” She flinched. “An evil name.” ACOK, Chapter 51, Jon VI

 OG Brandon of the Bloody Blade was also by any definition a bastard because we know how Garth roles.

Another connection between FN and LN is that legendary sword Lightbringer is quite literally the bloody sword because it was quenched in blood of Nissa Nissa.

I do also vaguely remember there was a whole theory explained by someone about how Snow Gate served as hand off point where NW gave bastards begotten out of the First Night tradition to the Others in some sort of a deal, it would tie the two concepts even more, but IDK haven't brushed up on that and it seems like a stretch so take it or leave it. 

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The legend of the bloody sword, Azor Ahai, and Nissa Nissa has already been uncovered to mean couples having children with one parents dying to make it happen.  There is the birth of Dany's dragons and what happened with her and her husband.  This is very layered thick because Aerys bloodied his sword on Rhaella and produced Dany.  The sex between Brandon and Barbrey has its own product but flavored with the cultures and mythologies of the North.  What happened to Barbrey is what happened to countless young girls in the North when the lords had the right to the first night.  Brandon took what he wanted.  She avoided pregnancy and the complications of taking the baby out of the bastard gate. 

In the East, this is where one of the parents die to bring the baby to life is the story of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa.  The Northern equivalent is the lords' right to the first night to sleep with young brides.  The baby is the one sacrificed in the North.  Most folk would say the latter is the bigger sacrifice.  Khal Drogo's life is ordinarily enough to pay for a dragon hatchling but Dany got three.  Rhaego and Viserys were needed to bring to life two additional hatchlings.  I don't buy that Rhaegar was some kind of love fool of a prince.  I'm suspecting this is what he was trying to do at the tower of joy.  Aegon the good and humble peasant king tried something like it.  Hatch dragons.  Something big is gonna happen at the Wall when Mellisandre takes the life of Craster's child.  Val will murder Shireen.  Bowen's guys killed Jon Snow.  Might we see the birth of three giants.  The Wall itself might crack.  This mirrors the sacrifice in the East.  Viserys = Craster's Child, a pure blood.  Rhaego = Shireen, royal blood of kings. Drogo = Jon, a fierce commander whose love for a woman(Arya) led him away from the traditions of the people he led.  

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