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The Prince

Westeros M2:TW mod- Suggestions

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The easiest way is to go through Citadel and find the proper descriptions, or you can get creative and make up some alternative remarks. Describe at your pleasure...

Updated ancillary list:



Hand of the King

Commander of Kingsguard (I made Kingsguards as Crownland-only traits)

Master of Whisperers-Varys himself, attached to whoever rules KL.

Grandmaester-Pycelle himself, same as Varys

King's Justice-Ilyn himself, same as Varys

(Commander of City Watch?)


Master of law

Master of ships

Master of Coin(Littlefinger would be a separate retinue or an agent; we have too few offices)

Basic Offices for major houses, could be transferable(office) or non-transferable(retinue):




Title and Heraldry for major cities

Lord of Winterfell

Lord of Eyrie


Magic wielders


Thoros of Myr

Wildling Wargs

The Reeds with Greensight


Maester Qyburn

Maester Marwyn


Vargo Hoat

Salladhor Saan


Timett and other Clan captains, or maybe merge them into one retinue

Areo Hotah


we can just rename the existing ones to fit our setting.


Butterbumps - Tyrell

Jinglebell - Frey

Patchface - Baratheon

Moon boy - Kingslanding


Special individuals


Left and Right

Syrio Forel?



Special items & creatures

the Direwolves

Wildling animals

Unique merchandise, silks and perfumes for princesses

Poisons for assassins: Tears of Lys, the Strangler




Valyrian Swords: Dawn, Heart's Bane, Ice, Longclaw, Oathkeeper, Widow's Wail.

Poisoned Weapon?

I'm doing the bloodline traits and starting on the ancillaries. All suggestions welcome for the list, as usual.

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Right, first half of Ancillary list.

Updated ancillary list:


Hand of the King: “The Hand is the second most powerful man in the kingdom. He speaks with the king's voice and wields his authority, leads his armies and drafts his lays, and can sit on the Iron Throne to pass judgement when the king is absent.â€

Commander of Kingsguard: The Kingsguard are said to be the finest knights in the Seven Kingdoms. This man is their leader.

Varys, Master of Whisperers: The King's Spider is styled lord, and sits on the council. He is master of whisperers

Grandmaester Pycelle: The Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms has a place on the council

Ser Ilyn Payne, King’s Justice:

Commander of Gold Cloaks

Master of law: The master of ships and the master of laws hold council seats . This man is in charge of the laws of the land

Master of ships: The master of ships and the master of laws hold council seats. This man is in charge of the war fleets of the nation

Master of Coin: “The master of coin oversees many of the king's officials: the four Keepers of the Keys, the King's Counter and the King's Scales, the officers in charge of mints, harbormasters, tax farmers, customs sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers, wine factors, and so onâ€. He sits on the small council

Steward: Stewards are employed in a large household or estate to manage their lord’s concerns

Castellan: Usually, a castellan is responsible for a castle's domestic staff and for maintaining defences and protecting the castle's land in the absence of it‘s lord.

Maester: Maesters know many things, among them history, healing, herblore, the speech of ravens, the building of castles, navigating by the stars, the measurement of days and the marking of season. They advise their lords on almost all matters.

Title and Heraldry for major cities

Lord of King’s Landing: This man holds King’s Landing, the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the city which Aegon the Conqueror built.

Lord of Winterfell: This man holds Winterfell, the seat of House Stark. He should command the allegiance of the North

Lord of The Eyrie: This man holds The Eyrie, the impregnable fortress of House Arryn.

Lord of Casterly Rock: This man holds Casterly Rock, the high seat of the West and home of House Lannister. It’s strength and wealth belong, at least in name, to him.

Lord of Highgarden: This man holds Highgarden, the land of House Tyrell and the Reach. All the gold in the Reach belongs to this man by rights

Lord of Storm’s End: This man holds the impregnable fortress of Storm’s End. No man should feel safer, as no siege weapon has been built that can breach it’s walls

Lord of Pyke: Pyke, the home of House Greyjoy and the centerpoint of the Iron Islands. The ironborn should owe this man their allegiance.

Lord of Sunspear: This man holds the capitol of Dorne. This man has, at least in appearance, the strength of Dorne behind his back.

Lord of Harrenhal. Known as Harren’s foolly, this huge castle has been granted to this lord. Whether it is gift or curse remains to be seen.

Magic wielders

Melisandre of Asshai: A shadow binder out of Asshai, who is in service to this man. Whether she has her own agenda, dealing with the Red God remains to be seen, but she openly proclaims this man to be Azor Ahai reborn, the one who will defeat the Great Other.

Thoros of Myr: Thoros is a red priest of Myr, and a frequent tourney champion, famous for using a flaming sword. Whether the other feats he is said to have performed with the red god’s magic is real or rumour remains to be seen.

Wildling Wargs: Wargs are wildings who can live through a particular animal if they choose in a symbiotic relationship. This people are feared and much shrouded in mystery

The Reeds with Greensight: “The greensight is the ability to have prophetic dreams. Someone with the greensight will receive metaphorical visions of the future during their sleep. These "green dreams" can concern the dreamer or another person, but the dreamer will be able to tell the difference. Events foreseen through the greensight will always come to pass.†Jojen Reed claims this ability, giving him great value to this man

Pyromancers: The Alchemists' Guild is an ancient society of learned men, sometimes called pyromancers, who have claimed many magical and arcane abilities through the years. They are infamous for the dreaded substance, wildfire. This, however they have waned, makes the useful to this man

Maester Qyburn: Qyburn, a failed maester who rides with the Brave Companions. His knowledge of medicine is surpassed only by his desire to study death and magic.

Maester Marwyn: Known as the mage, this archmaester is surrounded by rumours. Qyburn was once his protégé (EDIT: IIRC)


Vargo Hoat: Vargo Hoat, an infamously brutal and disloyal sellsword captain. He leads the Brave Companions, a brutal free company

Salladhor Saan: A Lyseni pirate captain, commanding a large fleet of Lyseni pirates. This man could be invaluable as a naval commander…

Bronn: Bronn is a low-born sellsword of great skill. He has a lean, wolfish appearance, a black sense of humor, and a pragmatic, thoroughly amoral philosophy. He is a excellent soldier and a good captain, though his loyalty is always in question

Clan Captain: This man is a leader of the Clans of the Mountains of the Moon, a man who leads his people in life, where they pillage villages and attack groups of travellers. This man is born to raid and loot.

Areo Hotah: Areo Hotah, trained by the bearded priests of Norvos and Captain of Doran Martell's guard for several decades. He is a Norvorshi axe men of great skill, and a accomplished soldier.


I feel we should have common “catspaw assassinsâ€, and a more distinguished Sorrowful Men guild and the most rare Faceless Man guild (difference between is that Faceless Men come out at very high espionage, but are VERY expensive while Sorrowful Men are in between the common assassins and Faceless Men).

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Butterbumps: A fool belonging to the Queen of Thorns. He is used for different purposes by the Queen of Thorns to shield them from listeners.

Jinglebell: A lack wit son of Lord Frey

Patch face: A fool with a hideous face. He is known to be very close to Stannis’s daughter, Shireen

Moon boy: A fool at King’s Landing. He is known to be in the pay of Varys

Shagwell: A fool who rides with the Brave Companions. He is a murderer and a raper

Special individuals

Hodor: Hodor, a gentle giant, serves Bran by carrying him. Hodor is loyal and simple

Left and Right: Left and Right are the Queen of Thorns’ guards. They are two very large bodyguards

Syrio Forel: A dancing master, reputed to have once been the First Sword of Braavos. A accomplished swordsman

Brienne of Tarth: Ugly, huge and loyal to the death. A more diligent and loyal bodyguard could not be asked for

Marillion: A singer of questionable morality, but who sings beautifully.

Special items & creatures

Please could you specify more closely, Aeleron? A list, otherwise I may write down 32,000 poisons that are in the books (exaggeration) and only find one or two are used. So please can you specify a bit closer. Thanks


Needle: A sword, shrunken to fit Arya Stark’s grip. The value of a sword in the hand of a lady of Winterfell is questionable

Lightbringer: The Red Sword of Heroes. However, rumours abound that the Lightbringer pulled from the flames was a charred wreck…

Blackfyre: The ancestral sword of the Targaryens. Last known to be wielded by Bittersteel, one of Aegon IV's Great Bastards, after the death of Daemon Blackfyre and his sons on the Redgrass Fields. Whereabouts unknown since his death in the Blackfyre Rebellion.

Dark Sister: Another sword of House Targaryen, first mentioned in "The Sworn Sword". Wielded by the likes of Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Lord Bloodraven, one of Aegon the Unworthy's bastards. Whereabouts unknown.

Dawn: Sword of the morning is the title assumed by certain men of house Dayne who are proved worthy of wielding Dawn." Dawn is not actually a Valyrian steel sword, although comparable with one. It is made from the metal from a fallen star.

Heartsbane: The ancestral sword of House Tarly, it has been in the family for nearly 500 years

Ice: The ancestral sword of House Stark for 400 years. It is a great sword of Valyrian steel

Lady Forlorn: Lady Forlorn is the ancestral sword of House Corbray

Longclaw: The ancestral sword of House Moromnt for five centuries. Having been left at Bear Island by the disgraced Ser Jorah Mormont, his father Lord Commander Jeor Mormont had it in his keeping until he gave it to Jon Snow in thanks for saving his life.

Nightfall: The Ancestral Sword of House Harlaw, one of the strongest ironborn houses

Red Rain: Red Rain is an heirloom of House Drumm. An ancestor, Hilmar the Cunning, "had won the blade from a armored knight with wits and a wooden cudgel."

By the way, can we have rank progression go something like this instead?

Household Knight

Landed Knight


Lord Bannerman

I think that all characters, aside from a few (Bron etc.) are all scions of a House. Only a few should have a specialised trait like Humble Origins. The rest should just grow like above...

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Wow, wasn't hoping for the whole list :thumbsup:

On poison, I proposed we only add two: Tears of Lys and the strangler, as they're the most well known. Special merchandise I'd limit to one or two, a perfume or maybe laces from Myr etc, it's only for princesses. I see you got the Targaryen swords, not sure how we'll implement those though.

The rank progress...the more I think about it, the more it seems to overlap with the heraldry system. You take Harrenhal, you claim its heraldry anc, you're basically a lord. Small keeps like Saltpans, on the other hand, would grant a knightship(or be granted to a knight, result's the same). There is the possibility of linking the ranking traits to the heraldry, but it'll be pretty tedious...I doubt if it's worth the trouble.

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OK. Thanks. I'll do

Tears of Lys

The Strangler

Myrish Lace


Rare Perfumes


-Grey Wind




How's that sound?

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First, we have to give up Rickon and Shaggydog because only 4 children are allowed in a family. And second, I'm more inclined to making a single "direwolf" anc so other people can acquire them too, besides saving us the time of making multiple ancs of the same nature. Ghost does require a separate anc, though...

Much appreciate your help! Now I have no excuse to slack off on the ancs :P

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Tears of Lys: "The tears of Lys is rare and costly, clear and sweet as water and leaving no trace"

The Strangler: To the maesters, the poison is known as 'the strangler' for causing the throat to clench so powerfully that the windpipe shuts.

Myrish Lace: Normal lace is expensive. Myrish lace is better and doubly expensive.

Cloth of Gold: Cloth of gold is a fabric woven with a gold-wrapped or spun weft

Rare Perfumes: These perfumes are from exotic locations like Qarth, Asshai and the Free Cities.

Direwolf: "Adult direwolves are as large as a pony, twice as big as a large hound. They have not been seen south of the Wall in more than 200 years". The fact your general has one may be an omen from the Old Gods

Ghost: Ghost is a albino direwolf. He is completely silent and extremely intelligent (for a wolf!). He is Jon Snow's direwolf.

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Update on Ancs:

After realizing it's impossible to implement heraldry through traits, (there are no conditions limiting traits, ie. you'll end up with numerous Lords of Winterfell) I decided to face the facts and deal with the picture problem. Stealing the idea from BBB, basically we're linking the settlement to the family sign, so the anc Lord of Dreadfort for example will have the famous horrid pink man as his coat-of-arm. I realize it might be bit weird if say Robb takes Casterly Rock and gets himself the lion sigil, but that's as close as we can get to making heraldry and titles atm.

So I was seeking out suitable pics for these coat-of-arms. Citadel's are too decorated to fit on the small pic, and the original books' sigils are of course off-limits. Then I found Tower of Hand, and alas they've quite a complete collection of almost every house and their banners.

:edit: Request for permission sent, waiting for reply...

:edit2: It appears Tower of Hand people no longer were in touch with the artist Stig Greve, but I found some traces of him on the internet and his mail address, which I emailed several days ago. No response has come as of yet...

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I don't know if this has been covered or anything, but are there any plans to include the Targaryen under Dany, and the Others? Even though I realize this mod is mostly involving the War of Five Kings, people could possibly want to redo history further by launching the reconquering of Westeros, or a second Long Night war.

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Nope, we're concentrating on a Westeros-only release. We do plan on including Eastern artifacts and mercenaries, so look for them instead.

Probably high time to write up a complete project description...maybe after the exams are over for me :(

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A short update before diving back into exams and papers...

I got Stig's approval for the banners!!! :cheers:

He asked for the credit due, but otherwise we're free to use them. Once I'm done with school I'll get the heraldry done right away.

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Nope, we're concentrating on a Westeros-only release. We do plan on including Eastern artifacts and mercenaries, so look for them instead.

Probably high time to write up a complete project description...maybe after the exams are over for me :(

You could always have a mongol/timurid type invasion if you want.. Unless it is hard-coded :/

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Dany wouldn't be a good idea now. Maybe later, as a expansion for the mod, but not right now. They have enough just getting everything working. They aren't into even beta yet, give them time. If you want to see this stuff, just help out. Do things like lists of ancillaries, troop descriptions, character descriptions..

My 0.02GBP

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Yeah i understand, I sat through months of waiting for the new BBB to come out, and I understand patience. But yeah sure, anything... I was hoping this was in development, and saw it and got excited. Whenever the beta comes out, i'd love to test it :)

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Sorry, it seems i have posted in the wrong topic.

Just a comment. For Dark Sister, i would have added that it's a woman's sword which was wielded by Visenya, Aegon's sister and wife.

Hope it's the right place here.

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