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Stumbled onto this in the HBO auditioning thread. We should post pictures of ourselves here in this thread and allow other members to discuss and pick which ASOIAF character they'd be best to play.

Just to get the ball rolling:

Me Drinking

minus pint glass :P

Try and keep the pictures within normal resolution and whatnot.

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sorry,but for some reason I think the Maid of Tarth here

For some reason I think I hate you. I kid, I kid. But seriously: She has large, blue eyes, straw-colored hair, broad, coarse features, and a flat face. Her teeth are prominent and crooked, her mouth is too wide, her lips are swollen, her nose is battered and has been broken more than once, and her face is covered in freckles. She is tall and ungainly, thick for a woman.

The fact that you see me in that makes me cry inside. A tip however, if you ever want to make anyone like you, try not to compare them to the ugliest person in a book series. One, not good for their self esteem. Two, it's just cruel.

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