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White Lion

Ferris Bueller's Sixteen Candle Breakfast Club

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Talbard Storm

He's that short, skinny, geeky kid always reading a book (with his hand wrapped all awkwardly around the cover so no one will see it's a science fiction novel). You want him as your lab partner because he'll do all the work himself "so it gets done right", but he's also the one who messes up the grading curve and is a little too excited about frog dissection day. He likes to talk about stuff no one else cares about, but guys, it's cool.

His brother the redneck guy with the big junky ford gives him rides home from school because he hasn't got a drivers' licence yet. Little bro doesn't have a John Deere cap, but he does have a mullet, and he'll get a PhD before he gets a girlfriend. He's just that smooth.

I'd add some songs, but I came up dry tryin' to think of any. :P

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Love this thread. Had TONS of fun doing it. Of course, most of this stuff hasn't happened InGame as of yet, but I can dream can't I? Bumping this up for all us new folks.

Ammena Piper


A senior transfer student from the heartland to BoD High in the big city. She is living with her wealthy Great Aunt who's a local political advisor and on all the right social committees. She's an over-scheduled high-achiever with sights set on joining a prestigious ballet troupe after graduation. Her day starts at 5am with a morning jog, half hour early to school, advanced courses throughout the day, teaches beginning ballet for two hours after school, then does her own ballet training, gets picked up by her Aunt's driver, dinner, homework, sleep and repeat. Little does she suspect that this semester will be SOOOOO totally unexpectedly awesome...

The Movie and accompanying soundtrack:

Opening credits: Waking up and shrugging on: an off the shoulder oversized grey sweatshirt with the logo -Septa made me do it-, blue short shorts with white trim, white leg warmers, white sneakers, hair in a ponytail with a white headband for a morning jog around her Great Aunt's neighborhood:

First day of the semester:

--stepping out of the backseat of her Great Aunt's Black Cadillac in front of the school, slow mo cam starting from pristine white sneakers's with a cobalt blue swoosh, rolled pink socks rising up to an acid bleached denim mini skirt and big white cowl necked mohair sweater, arms cradling a small pile of books and a florescent pink Trapper Keeper, auburn hair hanging over her shoulders. Freshmen boys crashing on their bikes, some skanky girls giving her the evil eye, a couple of guys hitting each other on the shoulder and pointing their chins in her direction.

--Cut to the Main Office and she's registering for her classes. A tubby Jousting Coach (whose shorts are a wee bit too snug) eyes her up and down.

--Cut to walking in the halls towards her first class. A REALLY BIG jock is pushing a skinny guy into a locker; a couple is making out between classes; a girl hands out fliers saying -Don't Forget to Vote-; some girls slowly lick watermelon Tootsie-Pops as they flip open their lockers; a few exotic looking students open their lockers, stare into them, and then close them without taking out anything; some crunchy granola kids are putting up a banner for -White Tree Day-; the Tiles Team plans their next strategy.

--Cut to looking at a piece of paper with the room number of the class and she looks up at the door...

--Cut to walking into Intermediate Herblore. Camera swoop-and-bobble to nerdy guys staring at her. Bunsen burner's flaring at full blast, chemicals bubbling, tubes rushing with fluid. A cute nerd falls off his stool to offer it to her. Maybe they'll be lab partners for the semester.

--Cut to cheerleader tryouts. Girls making pyramids and doing the Hustle... transition to Ammena pirouetting across the gym, tour jete, to arabesque finishing in free leg traveling pirouettes and this new thing called 'popping'.

--Cut to Cheerleaders shaking their heads -no- and eyeing her up and down.

--Cut to Ammena in Advanced Placement Common Tongue. She raises her hand and rises to answer a question about the irony in "Symeon Star Eyes."

--Cut to Ammena in Valaryian 101. She says, "See Dragon. See Dragon fly. Good Dragon good." but is puzzled by something in the textbook.

--Finish at the bell signaling lunchtime. :

As she scans the cafeteria: some cool kids in awesome clothes who are smoking and making out and throwing fries at each other, some nerds telling math jokes to each other, some stoners who aren't even awake, some goths with heavy eyeliner who aren't eating at all, those exotic looking kids again (foreign exchange students?) who are eating pizza with a spork and chopsticks: Whitelines--Grandmaster Flash

As she sits alone at an empty table in the cafeteria continuing into a montage of the rest of her first weeks at BoD High:

Cut to dance studio and rehearsal:

transition to Maniac--Michael Sembello

As a freaky kid next door watches her through her bedroom window: Somebody's Watching Me--Rockwell

After finding out that someone is spreading rumors about her, transition to cat-fight in the halls:

After being grounded for fighting and life is SO UNFAIR!: Woman in Chains--Tears for Fears

Jogging one morning, Ammena is run off the road when an empty keg bounces out of the back of a junky Ford pickup. After falling into a ditch in the middle of nowhere, she limps back to her Great Aunt's estate. Her Great Aunt rushes her to a Maester. The Maester informs, "Bad news. You will NEVER dance again!" Ammena screams in anguish and collapses to the floor. She has an ankle injury that threatens to destroy her dance dreams: Out Here On My Own--Irene Cara

Transition to a montage of physical therapy exercises with tears, sweat and gritted teeth. Will she ever dance again? Ending in a morning jog with a brilliant sunrise as she grand jetes over a Fleabottom orphan: Never Surrender--Corey Hart

While watching the big homecoming football game: Heat of the Moment--Asia

A first date (no crutches, just an ankle wrap, but still tender and limping) at a local carnival; hot dogs, cotton candy, big stuffed yellow Raven that says "I tot I taw a Diyawof" when you squeeze it; ending in first kiss while circling round and round on a ferris wheel:

During a slow dance (beautiful dress, but ankle brace and sneakers) at the Senior Prom: Crazy for you--Madonna

At her auditions to enter a prestigious ballet troupe. She refuses to wear her ankle brace even though the Maester warns, "If your ankle blows, then that's IT! You DIE!": Final Countdown--Europe

End credits after finding unexpected true love: For your eyes only--Sheena Easton

note to self: Cheese is fun. Cheese is good.

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Bryon Waynwood


The nerdy nice guy who has gone his whole high school career without getting a date (though not for lack of trying). He is the ultimate clutz; trays loaded with pudding and sloppy joes fall in his lap, he trips on his tied-together laces right in front of the Homecoming Queen, he gets stuffed inside a locker by the big bad jock, etc. His best friend is a guy even nerdier than him who is always trying to give him advice on girls, but hasn't had any more luck with them than he has. He's in Science Club, Math Club, Nature Club...you get the picture. In one moment of revelation he falls head-over-heels in love with a freshman vision of beauty who he doesn't even know, cooking up a grand scheme just to win her affections. He learns Valaryian just so he can tutor her and runs for class treasurer, thinking that might win her over. He even concocts a crazy scheme with a cool jock in order to get the girl of his dreams. In the end, he confesses his love in an angsty monologue, though is ready to write the whole thing off when she falls for him. He takes her to the dance in spite of all the social pressure and nerds his way into her heart.

Theme Music

Intro/Theme Song: Loser - Beck

Clutzy Montage: Waste My Time - Sum 41

Love at First Sight: There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer

Laying it on the Line: She's So High Above Me - Everclear

At the Dance: True - Spandau Ballet

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