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Official Naked and Hatted Avatar week thread

Goddess Dictator

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Ps. Lany, you look GREAT.

lany, you do look great! good job! now, can you teach me how you did it? plz?

Thanks ladies :kiss:

GD, I started with LA Weight loss, then joined Curves, but the biggest change was in how I feel about myself, mostly thanks to the help of a dear friend.

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I'm in too. After seeing my pic I think I'll start a diet tomorrow.

Don't worry VB, I am winner and still champ33n on the fat ass scale :P

I like it though, so *shrugs*

And to all the ladies - :drool:

We really need a nosebleed emoticon :unsure:

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Okay, this picture was actually not made for NHAW, but was made much earlier this year in February, so feel compelled to the story. One of my friends found a joke Valentine's Day card about how scientifically humans were made to be able to breathe out of their mouths and noses in order to be able to better "make out," and like all scientific hypotheses, numerous scientific testing must be done. It was a pretty hokey card, but my friend did not plan on giving the card to anyone - she just wanted to buy it - so she gave it to me to give to someone else. So I eventually decided to give the card to a mutual friend to my roommate and me, but I did not want to put only my own name on this card as it would have been kind of creepy as I only knew the mutal friend for about a month and a half. So I got my roommate involved on the card. We both signed our names and then noticed a vacant space to the side that was ideally suited for a picture. While we talked about just having a regular picture of the two of us, we decided that for best effect we would have to go Nigh Full Monty. We stripped down (I am pictured hands-free with the hat, but my roommate was holding a frisbee covering his bits and a bronze medal around his neck) and took the picture in one shot. Then put in the card and gave it to her for Valentine's Day; she was quite speechless, but she did love it. But for NHAW, my roommate was cropped-out of the photo. Now, fellow boarders, you shall partake of what is truly a worthy Valentine's Day gift.

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