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Official Naked and Hatted Avatar week thread

Goddess Dictator

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I'm in :) Not as brave as some of you but I take a while to warm up ;)

btw Zak's away for the first half of this, think needle has promised to keep him informed :)

edit: just thought that I should point out that those are my thumbs you can see and not nipples... may have to go choose a different av :blush:

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Pictures of me will have to wait until I'm less sunburnt. Meanwhile, I have a shockingly nekkid friend.

nice pussy

what? someone had to say it!

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Honestly folks I don't think I will be bothering this year, no loss anyway :P

On the flip side you all look great and very HAT

*stamps foot and sulks ALOT* too many abstainers... maybe we'll suck you in by the end of the week - you know you want to really ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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