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BwB Norcal


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I'll probably be in attendance. Sorry for not posting in a while, I just moved to SF - been very busy.

So Friday evening at 7/8pm?

Where the hell are we going BTW?

See this post for the location.

So where in the City did you end up moving to? I remember there was a lot of discussion in an older thread a few months ago.

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Primary Location: Toronado

Backup Location: Cafe International

Both are on Haight close to Fillmore; Toronado is on the south side of the street near Rosamunde Sausage Grill, and Cafe International is on the north side close to the corner at the bus stop.

By the way, those places are just two blocks from where my friend and fellow Illustrator engineer David Holloway lives. He is on the block of Laussat between Webster and Buchanan. We had coffee (and chocolate torte) at Cafe Internationale the last time I visited them. They have great desserts as well as coffee and beer.

But it is a pretty quiet place. A group as big as ours might be noisier than the other customers would appreciate. So I hope they let DVD ROTS in to Toronado.

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So is everyone who is coming capable of recognizing at least half of the crew in a bar? And as I said earlier, anyone is welcome to PM me for my cell number in case they think they'll need help that night.

(Almost) Certains:

Bronn Stone

Lord o' Bones

Kat (on the late side)

Arbor Gold





Eddard Stark

Dorkstar (on the late side)

Jon Targaryen

Friend of Jon Targaryen

Prince Lodengarl

The Spirit of Faceless Dude



boiled leather

Teri's daughter

On the outside looking in:

Faceless Dude

Whichever lozars haven't even posted here

Shit, I'm starting to wonder if we're too big a group for the Toronado.

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Hi everyone. I'm from Norcal as well, and have been a-lurkin' on these forums for a while now. I figure it's time for me to break out of my shell and *takes deep breath... and a shot* actually post. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Hello there! Hope you can make it out to SF Friday night!

Side note: Lann is iffy. Apparently she has "other friends" and plans that night. Oddly enough her other friends are my friends too, but I had not heard of plans. Looks like I'm getting phased out. :(

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