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Hi folks, it's me, the Hoff.

As you might have noticed, my career has not developed in a positive way recently. But now the nice guys from FOX invited me to moderate a special edition of AMERICAN IDOL. I will present you the famous of the famous, the world's greatest living pop- and rockstars. At least those that we could get to sign our ridiculous contract.

So, if you ever dreamed of being a star, this is your chance!!!!! :thumbsup:

We need 12-15 stars to run the contest. If you wanna sing, please send me a PM.

Day 2 starts here :P

Day 3 starts here

Day 1 Voted off - Mick Jagger

SPOILER: faction
jr0x0r (innocent)

Night 1 Positive Drug Test - Christina Aguilera

SPOILER: faction
Demoniac J (innocent)

Modkill - Britney Spears

SPOILER: faction
BlueRose (innocent)

Day 2 Voted off - Mariah Carey

SPOILER: faction
TheMalcolm (innocent)

Night 2 Positive Drug Test - Jennifer Lopez

SPOILER: faction
Mexal (innocent)

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All players must ..

A1) Have an account on the mafia discussion board, with the same account name as on this board.

A2) Log in and view the thread and the discussion board anonymously at all times, unless they have informed the mods that this is not possible for technical reasons

A3) Post at least once every 24 hours. Any player who has not posted within the last 24 hours will be automatically modkilled, whether or not the mods announce this on the thread.

The mods may grant extensions to this limit in some cases (if so, they will give details in a later post). However, if they have not posted on the thread to announce an extension before the 24 hour limit is reached, no extension will be granted, whatever may have been said elsewhere. Please contact the mods as early as possible if you wish to request an extension.

A4) Send in role prescribed night actions (including the desire to take no action) within the time limit

A5) Treat everybody else playing with courtesy and respect

A6) Make any edits the mods request of them as soon as possible, whether or not they believe that the posts need to be edited.

A7) Contact the game mods as soon as possible if they feel you are at risk of breaking a rule or fear they or another person may have already done so.

Players must not ...

B1) Act in any way intended to reduce the chance of their faction achieving its win conditions. (However, should all surviving members of a faction agree that they wish to resign and end the game early, they may do so by PMing the mods privately, without stating their intentions on-thread until the mods post to announce that the game is over.)

B2) Discuss the game with any other living players outside this game thread except when told they may do so in their role PMs.

B3) Reveal any information about the game at all in any other thread than this one, or in any other forum (including message boards and chat rooms) where it may be seen by a living player.

B4) Give anybody access to any of their accounts (including game alts, if the game is using them), either here or on the mafia discussion board.

B5) Attempt to obtain advice about the game from anybody not currently playing.

B6) Post information on the thread relating to another player's past or current activity on (or absence from) the board that would not otherwise be available to anybody reading the thread.

B7) Quote, in whole or part, PMs from (or other private conversations with) the mods on the thread, or discuss the timing of any PMs sent to the mods.

B8) Post on the thread at any time after they are dead until the mods themselves post on the thread to announce that the game is over. Any posts accidently made after death should be immediately edited blank.

B9) Make any bets about the game.

B10) Offer to break any of these rules or any other rules the mods have set in place for the game, encourage others to do so or help to conceal the fact that rules have been broken.


C1) Failure to comply with the rules may result in any punishment the mods deem appropriate, including, but not limited to: a request to edit posts; formal warnings on thread; "modkilling", and ending the game prematurely in favor of one faction or none. The mods will also report rule infractions to the metamods after the game. Except where clearly stated in the rules, the mods are free to respond to any rules violation in whatever manner they wish. In all cases the mods' decision on these matters is final.

C2) Feel free to PM or IM your thoughts (or questions) to the mods. We love to hear them!

C3) The mods reserve the right to amend the rules during the game if we realize we've forgotten to cover something.


As well as running the game on this thread, the mods are also responsible for administering the spoiler thread on the discussion board. Anybody not actively involved in the game (whether spectators or dead players) can request access to this thread by PMing the mods. Please not that while in general the mods will be happy to let anybody have access to this thread, they do reserve the right to refuse access to anybody for any reason. Accordingly, please do not ask anybody other than the mods for access to the spoiler thread or give yourself access to it, even if you have the power to do so.

Once given access to the thread, spoiled spectators should also take note of the following rules, and must not ...

D1) Share any information from the spoiler thread with living players, or post such in a forum where it may be seen by living players.

D2) Offer any advice, hints or strategy to living players.

D3) Make personal attacks on players in the game or on posters in the spoiler thread itself

D4) Post on the game thread before the mods announce that the game is over.

Spectators (of any sort) who ignore these rules are likely to have their access to the spoiler thread revoked and/or to be reported to the metamods.

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(If you've played before, you probably don't need to read this section. If you have any questions, PM me.)

Game Mechanics

1 - General Structure

Players may begin posting as soon as the mods announce that the game has started on the thread. The game begins during the day. The day ends when when a sufficient number of people have voted to lynch a player (remove that player from the game) or voted to end the day without a lynch. Many games also have time limits on the days, and if no consensus is reached when the time expires, the day ends with no lynch. When the day phase has ended, night begins. The mods will then post a scene reporting the outcome of the day. Players may continue posting in the thread but no voting is allowed. Night ends when the mods post the morning scene reporting the outcome of the night actions. Day and night phases continue to alternate until the game ends.

2 - Day Phase

During the day, players may post in the thread and vote. Some roles may have special powers which can be used during the day. See later posts for a list of roles.

2.1 - Voting Mechanics

See special rules.

2.5 - Ending the Day

The day ends as soon as the Clean star (Kingmaker) fells a decision (see special rules).

2.6 - Evening Scene

The mods will post a scene shortly after the day ends to report the results of the day actions. The mods might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player’s alt or alignment (see special rules). This is the mods’ choice, and they’ll explain what, if any, information will be revealed in the game rules. There are no hidden clues in the evening scenes.

3 - Night Phase

During the night, players may post in the thread. Some players will have the ability to perform special actions. Once again, the mods decide which roles will be included for their game, so be sure to fully read the game rules and any role descriptions which may be included.

3.1 - Performing a Night Action

If your role includes the ability to perform a special action at night, you need to PM the mods to indicate the action you wish to take. Most, if not all, roles have the ability to "withhold" their powers (i.e. take no action). This will be made clear to the roled players, and, usually, to all other players as well. If you chose to not perform your allowed action, you must PM "no action" to the mods. Most games have a time limit on nights. All players must PM their night actions to the mods within this timeframe. Players are strongly encouraged to send their night actions as soon as possible. You may also send in a PM for your special action during the day phase.

3.2 - Contingent PM

If you send in a PM during the day phase, you may choose to list alternative actions contingent on the manner in which the day ended. If none of the contingencies you list actually occur, your PM will be disregarded, and you must send a new PM to the mods.

3.3 - Provisional PM

You may choose to send a provisional PM if you want to further consider your night action but do not want to extend the night if all other roled players have decided upon their actions. Provisional PMs must be clearly marked as such. A provisional PM will not be acted upon by the mods until it becomes a 'definite PM.' A provisional PM becomes definite as soon as ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM, ( b ) all other roled players that need to send night actions have done so, or ( c ) the time limit for the night has expired.

As a courtesy to other players we ask that you confirm your provisional PM as soon as you are able.

3.4 - Last Resort PM

In extraordinary circumstances you may be allowed to send in a last resort PM. A last resort PM will not be acted upon by the mods until ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM or ( b ) the time limit for the night has expired. Should you need to send a last resort PM, you must first seek the mods approval by explaining the circumstances that necessitate such a PM. Last resort PMs are accepted only at the discretion of the mods.

3.5 - Failure to PM

If not all PMs are received within the time limit, everyone who has failed to send in a PM will be considered to have taken no action. In addition, those who failed to send in a PM will be warned by the mods or may risk further penalties.

3.6 - Changing a Night Action

PMs to the mod can be changed at any point before the new day is announced. A PM is considered to be changed only after the mod receives and has read the PM. The player bears the risk that the mod will post the morning scene after the player has sent in a new PM but before the mod has actually read it.

3.7 - Abusing the Time Limit

If the mods have included a night time limit, it begins as soon as the previous day ended, regardless of when the mods posted the evening scene. However, this time limit is a maximum limit, and all players should send in PMs as soon as they feel comfortable doing so. Players (and mods) prefer shorter nights, as people are anxious to see who may have died and to begin voting again. If the mods feel that a player is abusing the time limit by unreasonably stalling, they may force the player to take no night action or take other appropriate action.

3.8 Preventing Night Actions

Except where expressly noted, no night actions prevent any other night actions sent in from taking effect.

3.9 - Morning Scene

The night phase ends when the mods post the morning scene. The mods will post the scene shortly after all night action PMs have been received. The scene will report any player deaths that occurred during the night, and might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player’s alt or alignment. There are no hidden clues in the morning scenes. As soon as the scene is posted any players who have been killed at night will no longer be active players and can no longer post in the thread. The time limit for the new day will begin with the morning scene.

Section 4 - Endgame

The game will continue to alternate between day and night phases until the game ends. The game can end after either a day or night phase.

4.1 - Winning Conditions

The game ends once one faction has reached its winning conditions, which the mods will state in a later post.

Mafia is a team game. Once one faction achieves its winning conditions, all members of that faction have won whether or not they are active players when the winning conditions are achieved.

4.2 - Ending Scene

The mods will post an ending scene and declare the game over shortly after one faction achieves its winning conditions. If for any reason it becomes impossible for either faction to achieve its winning conditions, the mods will declare the game a draw.

The game is only over when a mod posts the ending scene. Even if you know (or believe you know) the result of the game before then, you may not post in the thread unless you are an active player.

4.3 - Calling the Game Early

The mods reserve the right to end the game at any time before a faction achieves its winning conditions provided there are compelling reasons to do so. In general, the mods will end the game early as soon as one faction's victory becomes inevitable.

4.4 - Spoilers

When the game is over, the mods will reveal the alts and roles of everybody who played and also give everyone access to the spoiled spectator threads on the discussion board.

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Good roles:

Desperate star without drugs (roleless innocent)

Usually you enjoy the whole sex, drugs and rock’n role program, but now some assholes have stolen all of the drugs available. How shall you make an adequate performance without being intoxicated? You don’t want to disappoint your fans, and even more you want to get rid of those traitors, who have taken away your precious little friends! You have nothing but your anger and an unusually sharp mind. You don’t like thinking on your own at all, but this time you will use your wits to bring those down who have forced you to use them.

There will be 7 desperate stars without drugs.

Clean star (kingmaker)

After your visit to the Betty Ford Center, you feel like a reborn, and you swore never to take drugs again. Your singing performance might have become lousy, but you have recognized that life is more than music alone, and so you have decided to become a famous mathematician after the show is over.

The producers informed you of their problems, and they gave you the authority to hand over the 'Vote Manipulator' to someone else each day, so that this person is able to decide the results of that special day.

Since there was no time for this ceremony on the first day, the producers already have given the ‘Vote manipulator’ to a randomly chosen star. All the other days, you decide who is going to get it though. That is, if you are still in the show then. Should you be forced to leave the show for some reason, the producers have hopefully figured out another star they can trust to become their new informant.

There will be 1 clean star.

Spiritual star (one-time finder)

You are a very spiritual person after you have been travelling to India, Tibet and Neuschwanstein. Now you are able to feel a person’s karma, which allows you to judge if they are a friend or a foe. Unfortunatly, you need some….medical help to use your power, but since you are forced to be clean for a while, you will only be able to use your power once in the game during the night.

If you decide to use your power, PM the name of the person you would like to investigate to the Hoff, and the next morning you will know if he is a friend or a foe (FM + symp!!!!!).

There will be 1 spiritual star.

Star without self-confidence (martyr)

You think that you don’t deserve to be here with all those famous and talented people. You certainly don’t feel you deserve to win either, so you have decided to sacrifice yourself for one of the better singers. Each night you may steal the drug test of another star and use it as yours. If that star was drugged, you will be thrown out of the show instead of him/her.

There will be 1 star without self-confidence.

Drug veteran (one-time bullet proof)

You have taken more drugs in your life than all the rest of these stars together. As a result of this, your whole body has become a drug-cleaning machine. You are able to reduce the amount of drugs in your blood two times faster than others, which means that you can avoid a positive result of a drug test, even if you have been drugged once. If you have been drugged twice, however, your result will be positive.

There will be 1 drug veteran.

Evil roles:

Stars on drugs (FM)

Hahaha, you have stolen all the drugs from these intoxicated fools! You knew that those amateurs would not be able to perform without their little friends, so you or one of your friends would win the show.

Unfortunatly you had to change your plans. You heard about that ominous ‘Vote manipulator’ and the Hoff also told you about the drug test each morning. That’s why you decided to outplay the rest by secretly drugging one of the other singers each night.

There will be 2 stars on drugs.

Groupie star (symp) + Lullaby singer (guard)

You know who has taken all the drugs, but you’re a big fan of them yourself. That’s why you won’t tattle this secret to the producers, because you want them to win the show. Maybe they will share their new fame with you by singing a duet?

You also have a special ability that nobody knows about: you sing the best lullabies of the whole world. Everyone who hears a song from you at night is not going to awake before the sun rises.

This ability has helped you to escape your groupies more than once, and now you have found a new purpose for it. You may sing a lullaby to one person each night. That person won’t be able to perform any night action. If this person is partnered with another player, you won’t be able to stop the action from happening though.

There will be 1 symp-guard.

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Special Rules


Only one vote counts. The appointed King for the day will announce who will be voted off.

The appointed King has to choose someone to vote off. He may not choose no one.

The Vote should be bolded, and in the form of 'Vote off: Hasselhoff'

This vote will be final. End of story. Do not edit out a vote. Don't do it.

And please wait for a mod confirmation that it is indeed night.

The King and the Kingmaker:

The King will be the player that is in control of the "Vote Manipulator". The King will be chosen by the Kingmaker (clean star).

Each night the Kingmaker PMs in the name of a player to make 'King' for the next day. That player cannot be the current day's King. If the player named is killed that night, the old King stays in office - otherwise, the named player becomes the new King at the start of the following day.

If the Kingmaker should die, a new Kingmaker will be chosen randomly. The Kingmaker is not allowed to name his successor in the event he was killed.

Days and nights:

Days will last until the Kingmaker makes his decision.

Nights will last 8 hours.

Provisional actions are a players best friend!

Coroner Finder:

There will be a weak Coroner Finder in this game. This means you will get the alignement and the alt of a dead player. The symp will be found guilty.

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And here is the list of players, which has been kept secret for such a long time:

Britney Spears

Bruce Springsteen


Christina Aguilera

Elton John


Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Lopez

Jon Bon Jovi


Michael Jackson

Michael Stipe

Mick Jagger

Mariah Carey

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Good news:

We are up to 15 players.

Bad news:

I have no only one co-mod.

Everyone who is able to count the votes is invited to cover the American timezone.

Another bad news:

We have lost one player, and I am without internet access for nearly the whole day (have to play Santa Claus for the old members of the party that I am working for).

I should be back at around 8 pm CET, so I hope we can start the game around this time.

I will send the alts out in the next couple of hours, but please don't post until the game has been officially started!


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Casting shows have become popular in the last few years – but those who have become an "American Idol" are long forgotten and performing only in hypermarkets nowadays. That’s why NBC decided to bring a new form of "American Idol" to your screen. The contesters are – more or less – already idols of their generation, and now they battle to be "America’s Idol of the Idols". It was a difficult task for NBC to cast the stars, but now we are proud to present you the best of the best in pop and rock music. But who will be the best of THEM? Well, it’s you, the viewers, who will choose the winner!!!!!!!


"Under no circumstances are the viewers going to decide this contest!" Piper of Chaos, the new producer of "America’s Idol of the Idols" states with a firm voice to the silent agreement of his co-producerFreudas. "We cannot afford to have a winner who is only loved by a small minority of 13-year-old teenies, who like to spend 100 dollars to vote for their favourite the whole fucking evening! No, this time we are going to elect our own winner!"

Freudas has his doubts: “I agree with you wholeheartedly, but how are we going to do this?â€

Piper just smiles, then he presses a button on his desk and says, “You may enter now, Plessiez.â€

A small sad British robot enters the room carring a machine with complicated-looking wheels, wires and stuff. “May I introduce to you Plessiez, our chief engineer. Pless, would be so kind to tell them about your little wonder?†The small little robot nods and explains with a metallic voice: “May I present you the Pless-proofed ‘Vote Manipulator’. This machine is designed for collecting all the votes and transforming them to a result that pleases the management.†It then follows with an overwhelming explanation of technical issues, including triple codes and quantum logic, before concluding that the owner of the Vote Manipulator only has to press a button to eliminate an idol of their choice.

"Okay, so one person is able to decide who wins and who's got to go?" Freudas attempts to summarize.

"Rightily right," the robot confirms, "but that’s not how I would formulate this."

"Could you please stop rolling your eyes?" Piper asks politely, but Plessiez only frowns and – for apparently no good reason – commits suicide.

Just as the two producers are staring in surprise, a young assistant enters the room and cries breathlessly: “We have a big problem! Remember when we put those idols into the Betty Ford Center to get them clean for the show? Well it looks that at least some of them have already forgotten their lesson.†He points at a crying David Hasselhoff, who's depseratly trying to open the door of a fridge with a shortened broom.

“Damn, we can't have a winner that's on drugs! That’s not good for our business!†Freudas exclaims.

“Has the Hoff told you if there are other traitors?†questiones Piper.

The assistant shakes his head. “If I interpreted him right – which was a difficult task – there are some other drugged people. Fortunately he did know one person amongst the stars who is still clean, but I fear all the rest have taken drugs again!â€

"All of them?" Piper asks, shocked.

"Well, they did at one point, and that’s the good news," the assitant says. "It looks like someone has stolen all of the drugs, and now most of them are clean again. They don’t know who took them, but I can tell you that they are not too happy about the traitors. They want them out of the show.â€

"Me too," Piper says. "I have an idea. We give this little machine here to the star who we know not to be drugged. He shall decide who of the others should get the machine. Every day someone else gets the ‘Vote manipulator’ to determine the loser of the day. This way we can keep the identity of our informant secret and we have a good chance to get rid of those drug’n roll stars."

Freudas agrees, “Yes, and each morning we let them do a drug test to sort out those who could not resist sniffing away reality during the night.â€

"Great idea!" Piper states happily, "and the Hoff is going to moderate the show to punish them all. After he's finished vomiting his name on the floor, that is."

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Hi folks, my name is David Hasselhoff, and I am proud to present you "America's Idol of the Idols". Unfortunatly you cannot vote for me, but there are some other hot singers out there who beg your attention.

Because the crowd is already trying to storm the building, the management has decided to start the show now.



You may start to post when you have finished to read this post. If anyone wants to perform a song in the night scene, please PM the mods.

Please have a look at the rules, because we made some additions in the 'Special Rules' section. Furthermore, the setup has been made public, so you basically know what's going on out there.


Meanwhile backstage:

Piper makes an announcement: "Ok, as all of you know, one of you is going to decide who will be voted off today. The lucky King is you Michael!"

"Wooo-ooooh! Doob-cha!" Jacko cries and performs his famous moonwalk.

"Ehm, sorry, I meant the other Michael. Mr Stipe, please don't loose your religion on your way to Reno, otherwise it's not the end of the world as we know it, bit it could be a bad day for all of us. Everybody hurts, but you hurt the most now, as I give the Vote Manipulator in your hands."


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I'm feeling so good

I knew that I would

Been taking care of myself

Like I should

Cause not one thing

Can bring me down

Nothing in this world gonna turn me around...

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Very nice, JLo!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

I forgot to say: if you don't like the picture of your avatar, you may look for another one out there (except for you, Elton John! :P) ;)

*edit* And if you do change it, make sure wherever you're hosting the new one doesn't have your name in it :rolleyes:

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I forgot to say: if you don't like the picture of your avatar, you may look for another one out there (except for you, Elton John! :P) ;)

I can bitch the best at your social dos

I get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue

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