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Official Testing Thread


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<spoiler>How do we post spoilers?</spoiler>

Not like that, I guess. :p

When you hit reply there's a drop menu on the top left that says "other styles". In there you'll find the Spoiler one. Just type what you want and hit Ok.

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Just want to test the new posting options, such as

what happens when you change font colour or size or type

and also test the new spoiler text:

I'm sad that some people are not coming to the board any more because it hurts their eyes

Now to see these other options...

I've always liked horizontal rules, so let's have a couple of them


See if I can insert html:


The other things were either baffling or scary (also seemed to invite you to type in a box which then tried to list it on the menu - a bug there).

[acronym=Your mileage may vary]YMMV[/acronym]

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The other thing I wanted to test was the option Click to configure post options, which I keep forgetting to click in case it mucks up my already-written post...



Oh OK, that wasn't too exciting after all (thought I might be able to set default font and so on), but it's just enable emoticons, sig, notification of replies, and the post icons.

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