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This is my first post (and sorry for any mistake – English is not my first language).

I could not resist sharing with you my non-book-reader husband’s take on GoT.

Before season 3, I suggested a game. I read him a list of some 40-50 character names (with many that I had to help him remember who they were), and told him that 7 of these die in book 3 (hence seasons 3 and 4 of the TV series). Here are his answers, in the order he gave them to me :

  • Catelyn
  • Robb
  • Shae (Tyrion has told her so many times that she needed to be careful, that her death must surely follow)
  • Brienne
  • Margery’s brother (he can never remember the name and calls Margery Ann Boylen from the Tudors)
  • Theon (he says that Theon is already dead but doesn’t know it – he is kind of trapped in a nightmare)
  • Jeor Mormont

I cannot wait for him to see which ones really do die!

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