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Kay has the right of it. Smoking bans are passed based on a health and safety issue for the workers. The customers choice to drink or dine at a particular establishment is not a consideration.

I am for the smoking ban because as a non-smoker I hate the smelly clothes and hair, burning eyes, hoarse throat etc mentioned above. But I do worry about the erosion of rights that it does present.

I also work in the health and safety field and have dealt with industrial workers exposed to all sorts of chemicals and other by-products. The government doesn't ban industries from using other cancer causing agents. They set exposure limits and best working practices for the employer to follow. From this perspective, I think that some regulatory agancy should set a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for second-hand smoke. Restaraunts and bars that can provide adequate ventilation to not exceed those limits can allow smoking.

Smoking bans can also have unintended consequences. After the NYC ban took place, smokers on the sidewalk in front of the bar would throw their butts in the gutter. This caused a great amount of ciggarette butts into the sewer system which led to the Hudson and East Rivers. This caused environmental as well as wildlife problems.

The city quickly had to pass an ordinance that required bars and restaraunts to provide ash trays out front and ensure that their gutters are clean.

Edited to add: The preceding was a post made by Plunja in the Facists/Smoking ban thread. On the old board with the default settings it filled fourteen lines of text and half my screen in 1024 x 768 mode. Here it is nineteen lines and fills the whole screen. I hate this place. It makes reading the boards SO much less fun.

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