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FAQ Update (PM System Usage)

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The board FAQ has been updated to discuss appropriate usage of the private message system. Just because it's private does not mean there are not rules that apply. Please read the FAQ if you haven't done so previously, and if you have, please look at the update. I will quote it here:

Q. Can I send whatever I want to other people using the private messaging system?

A. The software that runs this board provides the ability to send private messages between users. This is a feature intended to foster a sense of community and also to serve as a channel for communication that would otherwise be inappropriate in the public forum. It is not to be used to deliver messages to harass others, to intimidate others, or to offer sexually lewd or otherwise offensive material without the explicit consent of the recipient.

Users who abuse the private message system here will face consequences, up to and including being banned from this board. We will not hesitate to report the abuse to appropriate law enforcement authorities either, should the situation warrants it.

We depend entirely on users to report abuses of the PM system: unlike on the 'open board', we cannot observe abuse. Users who receive harassing messages, threatening messages, or unrequested sexually explicit materials should contact the administrators or moderators with the problem so that we can put a stop to it. Users should please bear in mind when receiving inappropriate unsolicited material that, even if they are not offended by it, such material may be distributed to other users (including minors) and that tolerating abuse of the PM system may encourage further incidents.

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