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What does Hodor mean?

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Walder (Hodor) suffers from a form of autism known as 'echolalia' which, on the spectrum of autism, ranges from only one word being repeated over and over e.g. 'Hodor' or the last words spoken are repeated (e.g. Brick Heck from 'The Middle') or the phrase last heard is repeated in full. It absolutely does NOT imply defective intelligence or simple mindedness. On the contrary, sufferers are normally of 'above average' intelligence. There are strategies which could alleviate the repeating of the one word but these are not known in Westeros. There is a contoversial theory that hypnotism may help. Certainly Robb Stark entrusts Bran to Hodor's care. Such trust would not be given to a half-wit who could forget Bran or drop him off a battlement by accident (leaving the odd door collisions to one side). Hodor carries out all functions (apart from speaking) in the same way as 'normal' people. Hodor's reaction at being warged into by Bran is the same as Thistle's reaction to being warged into by Varamyr. Hodor eventually 'accepts' being warged by Bran because (a) he trusts and b ] he loves Bran; but Bran should not be warging another human - although he is acting out of ignorance of this warging 'rule'. These are my deductions based on some of the evidence to hand. Of course, Ser Martin is the one true God of Westeros, so anything can and does happen and there are always consequences to every act, ignorant or otherwise (which is why we are all hooked).

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