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The History of the Board

Jon Targaryen

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One of the threads that I remember is when somebody posted about what characters would be good football players. The original poster meant American football but some pf the other posters thought that it was the football the rest of the world plays. If I remember right, most poeple had some very good teams going against each other.

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I'm such a n00b; the most significant piece of board history I was part of was "News From the Insane World of Terry Goodkind," and that was only a year ago. I usually restrict myself to the Literature forums, but rarely does something noteworthy happen there.

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Other notable events, in no particular order:

1. The size of the Ottoman Empire

2. Sluttoo

3. Seaturltecow with laser eye beams

4. The GUTS

5. The various charity contributions that board members have made for different occassions, like x'mas and for GRRM's birthday.

6. Be a different boarder for a day event

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A dozen people (including two mods who really should have known better) standing around *name redacted* as he impersonated *name redacted* on the board only for Ran to rumble him and deliver some deadpan discipline ("You seem to have accidentally chosen the same user name, avatar and signature as *name redacted*; I have now fixed this obviously unintentional mistake," or something to that effect).

I was scratching my head at this for a moment, but then it came to me.

Damn, that was hilarious. When *name redacted* got all wound up about it, it was hilarious.

Then I remembered I wasn't there. Ran rumbled *name redacted*, after *name redacted* shopped him. Therefore, *name redacted* will forever be known as a grass.

THAT's why *name redacted* is a grass? I never knew. :stunned::lol:

My first big board/BwB meet-up was London '06. Met Isis at Liverpool Street and then we met an absolute ton of people in a museum, including Barry, Williamjm, Sean, Pod, Mo, Lady of Waset, Mormont, Zak and about a dozen others I'm forgetting. Various others turned up later for karaoke and then the big 'Ten Years of ASoIaF Party' in the George Inn the next night. Awesome :cheers:

I still remember being present for the beginning of a bona fide board legend: a terrified-looking, relatively 'normal' looking young guy trying to get into the party and saying he hadn't said he was coming on the board but had just decided to turn up. I'm pretty sure I head GoN's voice drifting across the party, "You're a n00b?" :lol: Six months later I had the pleasure of seeing him lock himself in a cupboard in Amsterdam for absolutely no logical reason.

That kind of thing is why I hang out here so much :thumbsup:


Yeah, Sean, Silanah and Barry did some awesome organising to pull that off. I also remember the scale model of the Zollock; Vestrit's legendary "Hi! I'm from the Internet" walking into the party; the n00b making an impression ;):P ; The big sing-a-long, which was the first time I ever played guitar in front of a bunch of people and was really scary, but I was dead chuffed at; Falling asleep in the "Crimes against Humanity" section of the Imperial War Museum; the big walk along the Thames; Zakalwe bribing the guy in a 24hour cornershop to sell him some wine at 5am and coming back to find only me still up; clearing the hostel's bar of shots.

My first internet-fantasy interaction was as a reader of alt.fan.robert-jordan and rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan. I posted there once or twice (I remember suggesting Andrew G. Robinson, who played Garak in DS9 as someone who should play Asmodean), but never got that into it.

A friend introduced me to aSoIaF and I started reading it in Feb. 2005. I soon found the EZBoard site with Google (managing to spoil a few things for myself, like the Red Wedding) and one day, I just so happened to come across a post from Parris in the Brotherhood without Banners forum (I say happened, because I never checked it much back then) where she was letting any Irish Bros know that she and George would be in Dublin the week before Glascon, in case anyone wanted to meet for a pint.

I was stunned. The chance to meet my favourite author. I couldn't wait. It was around about this time that I also discovered Oschat, which sort of introduced me to a lot of the people I know best from here.

I went along on a miserable day to the pub just off of Grafton Street to find George in a grey Stark "Winter Is Coming" tshirt and Pod standing outside, under an umbrella. I soon met Aoife and Parris when we went inside (along with another young woman, who's name I cant recall, but she said she was mostly a lurker).

It was a great evening (though we had a hard time finding a place to eat, exhaustingly walking all over the place) and there was much talk of Glascon and George asked me how come I wasn't coming. I had thought the idea of going to a con to be quite weird, but the evening was so enjoyable that I wished I could have gone, but I thought it was too late to arrange flights, getting off work and accommodation (esp. given that I knew none of the group then).

So I got to hear about the exploits and shenanigans second hand in Oschat and cursed all that I'd missed.

Then quite a few of the Euros had such a great time that they just had to meet up again for the launch of A Feast for Crows and luckily for me they chose to do it in Dublin, so I couldn't not come along.

Aoife found and organised the renting of this cool house in Temple Bar, and seeing as I worked nearby, I agreed to collect the keys and meet up with the first arrivals, Zakalwe and Barry in a nearby pub. We had an early pint and a bit of a chat about Monarchy and stuff, and I left them to their own devices while I went back to work.

I joined up with the group the next day at a pub, watching a football match and a rugby test, both featuring Ireland. There was a memorable moment when Zakalwe told some randomer that he'd just taken one of our seats only to discover that it was Bronn Stone, who he hadn't recognised for some reason :P

We spent that day getting pissed, tried a few bars. Tried to go to Karaoke only to be told that it had to be booked 3 weeks in advance and finally went back to the house. Filippa made us all Bigos. Zak played some "Good King Wenceslas" on the piano and I had brought along my guitar to have my first BwB sing-a-long (I dont know whether or not it was THE first). Starting with "Kama Police" because we'd been singing songs with "Karma" in the title all day long at Kama and continuing with "Hello Kitten" because Cerys (Lyanna Stark) had it in her sig.

Also memorable was Iceman's claim that "Panthro speaks Norwegian" and Zak's LEGENDARY reading of the "Fat Pink Mast" scene from Feast for Crows. I have no idea how long it took, with all the breaks and restarts that were required but it was one of the funniest things of all time.

After that was London in May and the rest is history... :)

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Hey, a good a thread as any. Where are-

i. Corvid

ii. Camaris

iii. GVico and Dalla

iv. Spake

v. sologdin


Cam posted a while ago. (Months ago?) Sort of dropped in and then dropped out.

Did Relic tell me that Corvid was in grad school somewhere?

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Oh geez! What about the "Snogged a Married Man" and the subsequent "nOOb" thread...?

I think the subsequent n00b thread was in no small way influenced by me, needle, Lyanna and GoN getting together one weekend and getting drunk. IIRC. Good. Times.


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