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BWB Scotland Christmas party reports


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Fun seemed to be had by all. :cheers:

having been at work until late, I'd missed much of the food and the beginings of the merriment. :huh:

By the time of my arrival the booze had been flowing and all seemed more or less sloshed, with certain individuals still trying to understand the rules for the GoT board game... :read:

once a touch more booze had flowed the idea for a game fell apart and most went for a wander on the fantastic beach next to Mormonts house... then back into the warmth for more booze... :cheers:

after drunken sleep we all wandered into snowey St Andrews for sightseeing and lard/breakfast. :drool:

sadly i had to get to work and thuslly am missing out on the great BWB trip to the local Ice-Cream parlour... real homemade ice-cream with a wonderful selection of flavours... envy... :mad:

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OK, here are a few pics for the curious.

Xmas party pics

Um, basically people started showing up late afternoon yesterday. At this stage it was tenalpia, myself, Sophelia, Derfel Cadarn, dajamieson, Ghost of Nymeria, john, Zakalwe7 and his undoubtedly better half, and the charming morair sneachd.

We headed for the pub, then the off-license: back to the house and ate (far too much in my case!), drank and made merry. :)

More guests showed up later, we drank more, we walked on the beach, we crashed out.

This morning after a hearty breakfast (when Zak could be persuaded to crawl out of bed) we wandered around St Andrews then back to my place for gluhwein and goodbyes.

Thanks all for a great party, and for all the spare drink you've left at my place :-p

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Thanks Mormont for a great party! BwB Scotland are the best for making us newbies feel welcome. St Andrews was beautiful - and the beaches in the snow - couldn't have been better...winter really has come! Here's a few more pictures of us all hanging out on the beach before running for the warmth of Mormont's flat!


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The Glaswegian group is home safe and sound. Morair, daj and I have had a lovely evening of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hellboy.

A great time was had by all. Mormont is a terrific host ( as is to be expected :D) BrantheBuilder spoiled us with a lovely veggie bread AND a lemon cake. Other than purchasing entirely too much alcohol and taking a starlit walk on the beach there isn't much to report. Much drinking, more swearing, and a cursory look at the rules of the GOT board game

We really will play it someday. *nods*

Sophelia, Ms Zak, Tanalpia, and the lovely not mad at all Morair were wonderfully awesome geek girls that made my geek girl heart overfill with happiness. I love them all.

Medieval John was awesomely Medieval, and Derfal does some kick ass Little Britain imitations after a few drinks.

Zak was an ugly minger with mingerigitis after about an hour. But we loved him anyway.

Will put pics up tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful time!

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I've just this minute arrived back in Sunderland, where the snow is 2-3 inches thick (not that I measure those things). The view from the trains was beautiful, with snow on the branches of the trees and iced fields with low glacial clouds. And stuff. No food on the train though so I am staaaarving and will go and make something to eat before I even think of adding a proper report (though most everybody has said everything already).


P.S. chuckling at the mod's revenge

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As always great to see everyone again, especially some new faces to break up the monotony :P

Me and Ms Zak had a lovely time and she really enjoyed seeing everyone (honestly!). Thanks Mormont for having us all to stay, that walk along the West Sands in the morning in the snow and that light was truely unforgetable. The walk in the night on the beach though was sadly pretty forgettable due to excess alcohol, although i remember something about standing with everyone out on the end of that stone walkway?

Great fun for all and looking forward to the next bwb scotland meet

Kuwaiti Ewok

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I popped up to St Andrews, a journey which seems quite short but actually takes 5.5 hours door-to-door. I’d only been there once before, in the dark, so hadn’t had a chance to appreciate what a beautiful place it is (not the arse end of nowhere). Mormont made sure we were all thoroughly smitten with the place, first by tempting us with talk of castles, pubs and ice-cream shops, then by cunningly taking us down the scenic routes, and of course he had arranged for the most exquisite dusting of snow to complete the look – the icing on the cake, so to speak. :)

Talking of cakes…Bran’s lemon-cake was indeed marvellous. Light, yet filling, and..er…very lemony. It was not eaten with Sansa-like delicacy; just scoffed. The Mediterranean bread/cake was also delicious. We also ate potato-skins, Linda McCartney made into small rolls (I think), lots of cheese and crackers, crisps (including the slightly creepy naked Tyrrells), tortilla chips with various dips, Tenalpia’s creamy chocolate trifle, and morair’s home-made cookies (thoughtfully sorted into nut-free and nutty ones). Alas I forgot to try the Athol brose, my memory being not good at the best of times, and somewhat worse when diluted with alcohol. daj really enjoyed the Vargo Hoat cheese (sorry Barry). Breaking the tradition, Zak was not hospitalised this time. However we did continue the tradition of going out to get our extremities frozen off (in Dublin this was achieved by an open-top bus and a prison, in St Andrews by two beach-walks).

Mormont’s flat has a brilliant location, just yards from the sea (his road ends in a slipway), so you can hear the crashing of the waves from indoors. We went for a walk in the dark, but the stars were very bright and close, and the waves were dancing and frothing, so the white crests of the incoming waves were easy to see. Well, only Zak got wet, I think (er, did we have a thread on that? Oh, that was GoN). It was difficult to see who was who on the beach. Most of us walked down the stone pier thingy right out into the sea. There were discussions about whether lifeguards could be persuaded to convert to the Drowned God and push down spluttering hapless swimmers with “What is dead can never die". I seem to remember rushing along the beach and colliding with Zak and spilling his whisky (I didn’t realise he was walking down the beach still clutching his precious drink). Sorry Zak. He got me back later by treading on me by mistake.

Back at the flat we thawed out and continued drinking. Unfortunately, as Bran mentions, we were too befuddled by then to make any sense of the aGoT rules – in fact it took me three attempts to read half way through the booklet (the word ‘mustering’ struck me as hilarious, for some reason). At this point medieval John (who is still pretending to be baroque, though he rejected the epithet of ‘rococo John’, and was resistant to the suggestion of having an alt which would proceed one a month with name-changes reflecting the progression of Johns through time. Jurassic-John, stone-age John, bronze-age John…or ‘bronze Yohn’…) was making mischief on the board. Meanwhile I had a good chat with morair snaicht who (uncannily) is obsessed with the same ASOIAF characters as me. I also had fun talking to Duncan (a friend of Phil’s who may join the board soon – we hope so) and showing him the catapult gun I got for Christmas which fires small hand-painted cats across the room. Duncan and daj kindly helped me to find lost cats among the furniture.

After everyone had finally pulled the hundreds of Christmas crackers I brought (I think I overdid it a bit), Mormont’s flat was knee deep in tacky jokes, small plastic puzzles, bits of ribbon and silver paper, and crunchy with crisps, as the lack of Sansa-like elegance meant that there was a lot of spilt food and regular disembowellings (er, whatever the word is) of glasses of liquor.

There were lots of conversations which involved everybody in the room (I think we must have scared off Mormie’s neighbours, who did put in an appearance early on, but had vanished by the time GoN was egging everybody on with ideas for breaking taboos) – and Ms Zak showed her mischievous side. Her mischievous side also came out the next day when we were walking though the streets of St Andrews and Zak started playing with snow. Without any hesitation Ms Zak shoved a snowball under his clothing, which somewhat dampened Zak’s enthusiasm, though his emo-shrieks were impressive. :P

The walk along West Sands has already been mentioned (and you can see the pics) – it was most beautiful with snow over the sand, the sea still frothy, and the sun low and lazy, casting long shadows in front of us. We considered various things we could write in the snow “Winter is comingâ€; “Winter has comeâ€, and on cue, two crows turned up. :D No direwolves though. Mormont also took us through an extensive ruined cathedral and priory, which setting perfectly complemented Medieval John’s fine bone-structure. There were plenty of open coffins too, always a bonus for fantasy fans (though with an observation about the coffins GoN managed to get us speculating about medieval erections :rolleyes: ).

Oh, I forgot to mention that Mormont managed to fit 10 of us into his flat satisfactorily and provide places to sleep for all of us, the only mishap being Derfel mistaking a pillow for a quilt and spending two hours trying to fit himself beneath the pillow and shivering, until it finally dawned on him that something was wrong and he found the quilt lying a few yards away. Earlier Derfel had entertained us with his impression of a Welsh accent, and then wandered around looking for a missing shirt (nobody lost their pants this time :P ). Zak was the last person to emerge from his bedroom. His arrival was awaited with some (wicked) anticipation, as he had been somewhat the worse for whisky by the time he had gone to join Ms Zak. However with some disbelief the Zak who walked through the door was fresh-faced and cheerful, which is more than could be said for most of us. We had wandered around subdued and silently drinking glasses of water in the frosty morning. This was before Mormont led us on our morning constitutional, and revived us by taking us to somewhere where we could eat, and drink hot chocolate (we never made it to the ice-cream parlour – we were cold enough on the outside).

We talked of playing the Game of Thrones board game (again), but somehow after the walks and mulled wine the time passed again, and sadly people had to depart, in fear of the weather or losing jobs and generally the return of real-life after what had been a wonderfully fantastical 24-hours of fun. *sigh*

I love you all :grouphug:

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