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Any hint as to when Tommen's birthday is?

Sorry, I missed this post and am so late in responding. Tommen was born in 291 and his name day falls in the early part of the year. For instance, we know his seventh name day falls after Joffrey's twelfth in 298 and takes place before the news of Jon Arryn's death and Robert's impending arrival in Winterfell reaches Ned and Catelyn as they discuss Tommen's age before Winterfell's heart tree. Tommen's name day therefore falls in the year before his sister's, before Bran's, before Robb's and before Jon's. We don't know if it falls before Arya's. Hope that helps.

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I congradulate everyone here on the great work. People worked really hard on all this its obvious.

However, why do we assume months are 30 days long and years have 12 months and 365 days?

Could it be that Westeros is on a 28 day month, with 13 months to a year and 364 days to a year assuming no leap days etc? It seems like a more natural calander to follow for that type of society.

does this model change anything for people?

All the work you did was amazing. But I agree with dragginstoned. Also, I don't think your "beginning of the year" date is correct. Most likely, the year would begin on the winter solstice *or* the date when Aegon landed. I think it more likely that the year would begin when Aegon landed, rather than the solstice. So whenever Aegon landed...that would be the first month.

It might not matter, since I don't think we know what season Aegon landed and your time line seems to rely on events in relation to each other.

So interesting that Martin doesn't really make any reference to months or how many days are in a week. Because he doesn't, I would go with the default roughly 29/30 days in a month, 7 days in a week. Just a random guess, I would think the Westerosi calendar would be more like the Hebrew calendar than the Gregorian. From wikipedia: "Similarly, in the Hebrew calendar (a lunisolar calendar), a 13th lunar month is added seven times every 19 years to the twelve lunar months in its common years to keep its calendar year from drifting through the seasons too rapidly."

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It's a convention so the timeline is more readable. Besides, we know the months follow the moon, and from affc we know the moon cycle is 30 days. Add to that that GRRM was actually asked and said the year was the same as our, so, whatever.

I don't really care, but I was not about to invent a new calendar with fancy cycles and names for no reason. The events are timed against one another anyway, and all synced on what we know to be the first day of year 300.

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I have points about two of the discrepancies listed on the first page:

In AGOT, Tyrion comes back from the wall way too fast, and Catelyn moves up from KL way too slow, yet it is necessary for them to meet in in the crossroad inn

I also think Catelyn was moving around way too quick in AGoT. Of course she took a ship down there, but on the way back, there is no explanation. Since that was what I took to be the speed of travel in Westeros, for a long time subsequently I thought people were just moving way too slow, and it threw off my expactations.

Sam, due to the speed of ships, should arrive in Oldtown very late in year 300, yet by then, the captain of the huntress tells him that Cersei is still in command and the Redwyne fleet is still bogged down somewhere. I guess it could fit if Cersei were to somehow become free and reassign the fleet elsewhere, but it's a bit far fetched.

This could be due to the captain just not having the most up to date information, which I am sure you considered, so why is that not possible?

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This could be due to the captain just not having the most up to date information, which I am sure you considered, so why is that not possible?
Because The Huntress is an Oldtown ship, mostly.
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28/10/298 Ned 9 Jaime ambushes Ned

29/10/298 Robb prepares war after Cat's message

How do you know it's the very next day. Seems like it'd take a raven more than a day to travel like 75% of Westeros.

Because the two events are unrelated. Cat is sending a message from the Eyrie before Ned is attacked.
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Hi using Errant Bards timeline and http://asoiaf.wester...-affc-and-adwd/

I have started this. I am now certain that the first Davos chapter occurs after Lysa Tully's death (Lord Borrell mentions that Lysa was murdered by her singer) and possibly after the first Sansa chapter of AFFC (since that's when Lord Royce learnt that Lysa had been murdered by her singer).

The single Jaime chapter of ADWD had to have occured half a year after the Red Wedding.

It can't take all that long for Jaime to get from Riverrun (his final AFFC chapter) to Raventree hall.

Also in AFFC chapter 18: Cersei 4. Mentions the Lord’s Declarant of the Vale, so this chapter must occur after Sansa' first chapter in AFFC (05/04/300). Or as late as Sansa's 2nd chapter in AFFC. 17/04/300 AFFC. Also mentions that Ramsay Bolton not yet at Moat Cailin, so it occurs before the 2nd Reek chapter of ADWD). Cersei hears about Davos being captured by Wyman Manderly. So we must conclude that Davos chapter 3 in ADWD happens before Cersei's 4th chapter in AFFC/AFFC chapter 18... and definitly after Sansa's first chapter of AFFC.

A Dance with Dragons

Possible date (using Errant Bard’s timeline)

AFFC 02: The Prophet


ADWD 01: Prologue

Occurs after Stannis victory and arrival at wall. Mother mole travels east

AFFC 01: Prologue


AFFC 12: The Kraken's Daughter


ADWD 03: Daenerys 1

AFFC 19: The Iron Captain Has left Moat Cailin


AFFC 20: The Drowned Man

Ralf Kenning supports Victarion so Ironborn aren’t starving yet


ADWD 04: Jon 1

Between 24/03/300 ASOS Jon 12 elected LC- 08/04/300 in which Sam is sent away with Gilly

AFFC 04: Cersei 1


AFFC 08: Cersei 2


AFFC 09: Jaime 1


ADWD 05: Bran 1

Sometime after:

29/12/299 ASOS Bran 3 Queenscrown. Synchro with Jon ASOS Jon 5.

AFFC 03: The Captain Of Guards


AFFC 05: Brienne 1


ADWD 13: Reek 1

Sometime after 28/12/299 as the Ironborn at Moat Cailin are starving.

AFFC 10: Brienne 2


AFFC 14: The Soiled Knight


ADWD 10: Davos 1

must occur after 30/03/300 (ASOS Sansa 7) as Lord Borrel mentions Lysa’s death and that she was murdered by singer so perhaps even after 05/04/300 AFFC Sansa 1

AFFC 22: The Queenmaker


AFFC 15: Brienne 3


ADWD 16: Davos 2

Arrives at White Harbour

AFFC 13: Cersei 3


ADWD 20: Davos 3

Before 08/03/300 as Cersei finds out about his capture then.

AFFC 17: Jaime 2


The books converge when Cersei finds out Davos has been captured and Ramsay Bolton moves to capture Moat Cailin

The books converge when Cersei finds out Davos has been captured and Ramsay Bolton moves to capture Moat Cailin

A Feast for Crows

Timeline of AFFC according to Errant Bard

A Dance with Dragons

Possible date (using Errant Bard’s timeline)

AFFC 18: Cersei 4 (mentions Lord’s Declarant, so it must occur after 05/04/300 AFFC Sansa 1. Probably before 17/04/300 AFFC Sansa 2 (Alayne 1). Ramsay Bolton not yet at Moat Cailin. Hears about Davos being captured


ADWD 02: Tyrion 1

AFFC 07: Arya 1


ADWD 21: Reek 2

A little while after 08/03/300 since Ramsay had not yet hit Moat Cailin in Cersei 4

AFFC 21: Brienne 4


ADWD 06: Tyrion 2

AFFC 25: Cersei 5 Cersei learns that Davos has been beheaded


ADWD 09: Tyrion 3

AFFC 41: The Princess In The Tower


ADWD 07: The Merchant's Man

AFFC 29: Cersei 6


ADWD 12: Daenerys 2

AFFC 30: The Reaver


ADWD 14: Bran 2

AFFC 28: Jaime 3. Wylis released when Jaime returned to Harrenhal


Wylis to be escorted by Red Ronnet Connington to Maidenpool

and then put on a boat to White Harbour.

AFFC 33: Cersei 7

ADWD 15: Tyrion 4

AFFC 26: Brienne 5


AFFC 11: Sansa 1 Royce learns that Lysa murdered by Singer


ADWD 17: Daenerys 3

AFFC 31: Jaime 4


ADWD 19: Tyrion 5

AFFC 32: Brienne 6


The books converge when Jon sends Sam away from Castle Black

A Feast for Crows

Timeline of AFFC according to Errant Bard

A Dance with Dragons

Possible date (using Errant Bard’s timeline)

AFFC 06: Samwell 1


ADWD 08: Jon 2


AFFC 38: Brienne 7


ADWD 11: Jon 3

Has heard of Tywin’s death

ADWD 18: Jon 4

Treats with Stannis, Sends Stannis out to Deepwood Motte

AFFC 34: Jaime 5


ADWD 22: Jon 5

Recruits wildlings

AFFC 39: Jaime 6


ADWD 23: Tyrion 6

AFFC 16: Samwell 2


ADWD 24: Daenerys 4

AFFC 43: Brienne 8


ADWD 25: The Lost Lord

Occurs on the same day as Tyrion 6

AFFC 24: Alayne 1 Lords Declarant give . Petyr 1 year to fix Vale. Petyr mentions Cersei’s self-destructive behaviour


ADWD 26: The Windblown

AFFC 37: Cersei 8


ADWD 27: The Wayward Bride

Learns that Moat Cailin has fallen to Boltons. Stannis takes Deepwood Motte

ADWD 28: Tyrion 7

AFFC 40: Cersei 9


ADWD 29: Jon 6

Bulwer sent out, hears about ‘Arya”.

AFFC 44: Cersei 10

Cersei thrown in jail


ADWD 30: Davos 4

Theon known to be alive. Is Wylis still a hostage?

AFFC 42: Alayne 2. Petyr plans Sansa’s betrothal.


ADWD 31: Daenerys 5

AFFC 45: Jaime 7

Departs to end siege of Raventree Hall. Burns Cersei’s letter


ADWD 32: Melisandre

Jack Bulwer dead. Mance sent out to rescue Arya.

ADWD 33: Reek 3

Search for missing Freys, Wyman Manderly has left White Harbour

AFFC 23: Arya 2


ADWD 34: Tyrion 8

AFFC 27: Samwell 3


ADWD 35: Bran 3

AFFC 36: Samwell 4


ADWD 36: Jon 7

New recruits make vows

AFFC 46: Samwell 5


ADWD 37: Daenerys 6

AFFC 35: Cat Of The Canals

ADWD 38: The Prince of Winterfell

“Bael”arrives at Winterfell. Ramsay marries Jeyne/’Arya”

The books converge when ADWD chapters all begin continuing storylines which ended in AFFC

A Feast for Crows

A Dance with Dragons

Possible date

ADWD 39: The Watcher

ADWD 40: Jon 8

Sends Val out

ADWD 41: Tyrion 9

ADWD 42: The Turncloak

ADWD 43: The King's Prize

30 days since she left Deepwood Motte. Arrive at village

ADWD 44: Daenerys 7

ADWD 45: Jon 9

Selyse arrives at Castle Black. Tycho Nahaaris mentions Lannister failure to pay debts. Alys Karstark arrives, warns of Karstark uncle’s betrayal

ADWD 46: The Blind Girl

ADWD 47: A Ghost In Winterfell

Final scene within a day of chapter 52.

ADWD 48: Tyrion 10

ADWD 62: The Griffin Reborn

ADWD 49: Jaime

Roslin’s child not born. Learns that the siege of Raventree Hall has gone on for half a year. It must have begun by ASOS 72: Jaime 9 12/01/300. Since that’s when Lord Bracken was pardoned.

ADWD 50: Jon 10

Alys marries Sigorn. Tormund and Val return

ADWD 51: Daenerys 8

ADWD 52: Theon

Perhaps 3 days before chapter 63/last Asha chapter

ADWD 53: Daenerys 9

ADWD 54: Jon 11

Flints and Norrey’s arrive

ADWD 55: Cersei 1

Rumours of Jon Connington

ADWD 56: The Queensguard

ADWD 57: The Iron Suitor

ADWD 58: Tyrion 11

ADWD 59: Jon 12

Wildling hostages, Cotter Pyke stranded at Hardhome

ADWD 60: The Discarded Knight

ADWD 61: The Spurned Suitor

ADWD 63: The Sacrifice

Stranded for 19 days at village. Approximately 3 days since chapter 52

ADWD 64: Victarion

ADWD 65: The Ugly Little Girl

ADWD 66: Cersei 2

ADWD 67: Tyrion 12

ADWD 69: The Dragontamer

ADWD 68: The Kingbreaker

ADWD 70: Jon 13

Receives Pink letter

ADWD 71: The Queen's Hand

ADWD 72: Daenerys 10

ADWD 73: Epilogue


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Hey I was just wondering about the Lollys query. The timeline is confusing as Lollys was raped when Myrcella went to Dorne (19th September) according to the timeline. So couldn't feasibley have had her baby before the middle of May the following year at the very earliest. In fact a nine month gestation would put the birth into the middle of June 300.

Doesn't that mean that Cersei being thrown in Jail etc, happens a lot later, like July or August? And all the subsequent events being later?

And then Jaime would have gone missing in July / August or so and the Epilogue is nearer the end to mid September? Which would fit with the Appendix which says Roslin "is great with child" which I took as just about to give birth.

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A question came up in another thread.

When was the sack of Winterfell by Ramsay relative to Battle of Blackwater? This timeline has them happening on the same day. The debate is essentially whether Roose Bolton knew the results of Blackwater in time to order Ramsay to sack Winterfell. In ACOK, we get Sansa's account of the knightings after the battle, then Arya in Harrenhal w/ Roose speaking w/ Freys about Robb's marraige. And then we get the Theon chapter re: the sack. So I would think that was several days later.

Is there any reason the sack of Winterfell couldn't be a week after Blackwater?

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Not really, Martin is not good with synchronizing timelines, but in this case, after recalculating the stuff, the different events leading to the Blackwater and the burning of Winterfell, plus travel speed make it so the burning of Winterfell must happen before the Blackwater if he wants to be consistent... which he could not want that much.

The main thing is that Bran's group will not actually survive that long in the crypts, and considering he escaped at the very max on 21/09/299, it's already 16 days in there with just some hastily stolen food and water... I think it's already pushing credibility. Note Tyrion gets news of Bran's demise well before the Blackwater, and that birds/messengers don't actually teleport, so for Roose to have ordered the burning of Winterfell, he would have needed to respond right when he got the news, and even then when he got the news was barely enough for the bird to come back to the dreadfort, nevermind marshalling men and marshing them to Winterfell

I have this, the timing is especially tight at this point of time:

15/09/0299-21/09/0299 ACOK THEON 4 - Bran escapes - time enough for Stygg to reach deepwood motte - Bran and Rickon's death
16/09/0299-05/10/0299 ACOK JON 7 - talks to Bran - reaches milkwater
18/09/0299-01/10/0299 ACOK TYRION 12 - News of Bran's death
22/09/0299-25/09/0299 AGOT ---- ---- Robb is 16
23/09/0299-24/09/0299 ACOK CATELYN 6 . News Penrose dies. Robb marching toward Crag. Roose marching on Harrenhal
23/09/0299-15/10/0299 ACOK ARYA 9 - Weasel soup - day before Roose taking the castle 
26/09/0299-28/09/0299 AGOT ---- ---- Battle of the Red Fork.
28/09/0299-29/09/0299 ACOK CATELYN 6 B. News Red Fork
29/09/0299-10/10/0299 ACOK SANSA 5 - Sails on Blackwater - battle of Blackwater
29/09/0299-10/10/0299 ACOK DAVOS 3 - Battle of Blackwater
29/09/0299-10/10/0299 ACOK TYRION 13 - Battle of Blackwater
29/09/0299-10/10/0299 ACOK SANSA 6 - Battle of Blackwater
29/09/0299-10/10/0299 ACOK TYRION 14 - Battle of Blackwater
30/09/0299-11/10/0299 ACOK SANSA 8 - day after Blackwater - rumors Renly's ghost
01/10/0299-21/10/0299 ACOK SANSA 9 - Tywin savior of the city - wedding in 30 days - gets hairnet
02/10/0299-03/10/0299 ACOK THEON 5 - Asha passing by - deaths - dream of Robb dead
06/10/0299-05/11/0299 ACOK TYRION 15 - wakes up
06/10/0299-25/10/0299 ACOK JON 8 - Kills Qhorin
06/10/0299-25/10/0299 ASOS DAVOS 1 - On a rock at sea 
07/10/0299-08/10/0299 ACOK CATELYN 7 - News of Bran. News Robb taking the Crag. Edmure soon comes back. Freeing Jaime
07/10/0299-08/10/0299 ACOK THEON 6 - WF burned to the ground
07/10/0299-08/10/0299 ACOK BRAN 7 - I'm not dead either
07/10/0299-26/10/0299 ASOS SANSA 1 - Margaery in KL - wedding soon
08/10/0299-09/10/0299 ASOS JAIME 1 - going downriver 
08/10/0299-12/11/0299 ASOS DAVOS 2 - Arrives on Dragonstone 
10/10/0299-11/10/0299 ASOS CATELYN 1 - Edmure comes back - news of Robb taking a wound 
10/10/0299-11/10/0299 ASOS CATELYN 2 - Robb comes back, news of Rodrick, Freys leaving 
10/10/0299-20/11/0299 ASOS CATELYN 3 - Kastark kills hostages - no news from anywhere 
13/10/0299-24/11/0299 ASOS JON 1 - Meets Mance
14/10/0299-15/10/0299 ACOK ARYA 10 - Leaving Harrenhal - everything known: blackwater, Robb+Jeyne, Bran dead

I want to reiterate that a lot is possible, as Martin doesn't really care about tightness of timeline.

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Year 298


10/02/298 Joffrey's name day

24/02/298 Jon Arryn Dies


02/03/298 Prologue Waymar Royce dies

22/03/298 Bran 1 Gared caught

22/03/298 Cat 1 message from KL


01/04/298 Arya turns 9

10/04/298 Vyserys humiliated, Dany becomes pregnant


20/05/298 Ned 1 Robert arrives in WinterFell

20/05/298 Jon 1 Welcoming feast

25/05/298 Dany 3 Dany's Birthday (14) â€" other side of Dothraki sea

25/05/298 Arya 1 Crooked stiches

26/05/298 Cat 2 Decision to go South, Jon to NW


09/06/298 Dany 4 Vyserys mounted again â€" arrives in Vaes Dothrak

09/06/298 Bran 2 Things I do for love

14/06/298 Tyrion 1 Slaps Joffrey, wolves howling

22/06/298 Jon 2 Ned leaving WinterFell, « should have been you »

30/06/298 Cat 3 Assassin to kill Bran


02/07/298 Ned 2 News of Dany's wedding, Barrowlands

04/07/298 Cat 3 Cat leaving Winterfell

10/07/298 Tyrion 2 camp, not yet at the wall

21/07/298 Benjen leaving

23/07/298 Sam is 15 and kicked out of Horn Hill


15/08/298 Sansa 1 Ruby ford, Nymeria attacks Joff

19/08/298 Ned 3 Darry â€" Lady killed

24/08/298 Jon's birthday

28/08/298 Cat 4 Arrives in KL


02/09/298 Ned 4 Arrives in KL, talks to Cat

02/09/298 Bran 3 Waking up

07/09/298 Jon 3 News from Bran

is the julian calendar even followed in game of thrones? (chances are its not)

the month and day thing messes with my head ... anyway.

i like that you left 20 days between the prologue and the death of gared. however, gared was an eight days hard ride to the wall, which he must have crossed (somehow) and then it would have been another few weeks to get down around winterfell. he never checked in at castle black on his way south, as benjen knows nothing of what happened to royce. this must mean he went a different way, which would have taken much longer. i would say it could have been quite a bit more than a month from prologue to gared being caught.


according to your timeline, it took robert about a month and a half to reach winterfell, and over two months to get back to kings landing. also, the raven bringing the news of robert's impending arrival seems to have beaten robert by less than two weeks (what a slow bird, or a fast caravan!). It seems to me Robert would be a bit slow in making it to Winterfell, stopping at many castles along the way to feast and hunt. The way back was probably much swifter, especially given the tension between the families after the Green Fork. I'm guessing the ride to Kings Landing was around two months, probably slightly more, considering they must have been at least three almost four weeks by the time they reached the Green Fork on the way back.

in chapter 7, catelyn II, ned says it will be a fortnight until they go south.

but two chapters later, bran says the king & co. went hunting for the feast that night, because they were to go south the next day.

this should imply that there was about two weeks between the two chapters.

until you get to the next chapter, tyrion I, where tyrion goes to breakfast four days after bran has fallen.

moreover, one chapter later - jon II - it is the morning they leave for the wall (the same day ned leaves to go south) and it has been about two weeks since bran's fall.


with these details in mind, if you set robert's arrival at winterfell at 1, the dates would look like:

EDDARD I : Day 1 King arrives with his caravan.

JON I : Day 1 (night) Feast for the King's arrival

CATELYN II : Day 5 Cat convinces Ned to go south with Luwin's support, who reveals Jon's desire to take the black. (its been "a few days" since at least the day after JON 1 according to Maester Luwin, and two weeks before the king leaves according to Ned)

ARYA I : Day 5-6 Arya's crooked stitches (this could have been happening concurrently to CATELYN II or after. The date is largely unimportant.)

BRAN II : Day 7 - Bran's fall.

(It is not the same day as ARYA I. If the king was truly to leave south the day after Bran's fall, then it would be about Day 19. This would mean ARYA I could have happened any time in between. HOWEVER - A few chapters ahead, in CATELYN III, they say the catspaw sent to kill Bran had been seen around the castle for the past "few weeks" since the king's arrival. Should Bran have fallen on day 19, by CATELYN III it would have been almost two months this man had been lurking about. So I am erring on the side of a shorter timeline, suggesting that it was only a week since the king's arrival before Bran fell. If you disagree, just add 14 days to the count from here out)

TYRION I : Day 11 Tyrion slaps Joffrey before going to break his fast with his siblings.

JON II : Day 20 Jon leaves to the Wall. ("almost a fortnight" has passed since BRAN II.)

EDDARD II : Day 20 (same day) The king's caravan leaves to Kings Landing. Ned and Robert talk Dany's wedding.

TYRION II : Day 23 (Three days to get to the Wolfswood)

By 18 days into their journey they have just come out on the northern side,

so the chapter ends at Day 38

CATELYN III : Day 28 A fire is lit in the Winterfell library and a catspaw comes to Bran's room to try and kill him. Luckily Catelyn is there.

This chapter takes place while Tyrion is in the Wolfswood.

It has been eight days since Ned left when Bran is attacked.

CATELYN III : Day 32 Four days later, Catelyn awakes and has a meeting. Decides to go to Kings Landing.

Considering how land locked Winterfell is, I would doubt she would leave before first light of the next day. This means she left at least 34 days after Robert's caravan arrived and surely 13 days after they left.

According to the OP timeline, Robert arrived May 20th and Catelyn leaves July 4th (45 Days). This loosely fits my timeline IF the king's return south was, in fact, delayed two weeks after Bran's fall.

Mistakenly, the OP timeline lists Ned II as taking place only a couple days before Catelyn leaves, when it must have taken place at least 13 days prior.

SANSA I : the OP timeline lists this chapter as occurring almost two months after they have left Winterfell. However, the chapter says they were 12 days in the Neck, and had arrived near at the Green Fork. The distance from Moat Cailin to where the Green Fork borders the Kings Road seems to be almost the same distance as Moat Cailin to Winterfell, perhaps even longer. If they were 12 days in the Neck (where the going must be slow!), they couldn't have been more than 12 days from Winterfell to Moat Cailin. I'm calling this chapter as Day 45 at the most.

After this event, timelines sort of get fuzzy until they reach King's Landing.

According to Bran's crow dream, by Day 45 Catelyn is on a ship in the Bite.

Before King Robert's caravan can reach King's Landing, Jon has had a name day. He's now 15. By JON III, they have been at the Wall for about 25 days (Benjen left four days after they arrived at the Wall, and it has been three weeks since by the time we get to this chapter).

In the OP timeline, it has been almost two months since they arrived at the Wall. If it took them 18 days to reach the north side of the Wolfswood, I'm willing to bet they arrived at the Wall sometime around when Ned kills Lady.

So JON III : 25 days after reaching the Wall. About 14 days after Jon's name day If it took them another week from the Wolfswood to reach Castle Black, they would have arrived at or around day 45.

Considering Bran's dream coincides with Lady's death, which I have above shown to be day 45, this fits Jon's storyline as well, since Bran sees Jon sleeping at Castle Black.

This would mean JON III takes place at or about day 70.

And that is what I've figured out of the first 45 days of the first book of the series.


I think the raven would have brought news of Arryn's death about a month before Robert arrived, maybe even more. Thus Arryn would have died approximately three to four months prior to Robert's arrival in Winterfell.

Fun thing to note on the reread : Lysa's note to Catelyn about Cersei killing Arryn was hidden in a spy glass and sealed with a BLOB of blue ink. Note that Lysa did not use her seal. I think Littlefinger sent this note to her, as he would have definitely had bits of Lysa's sealing wax and he is in a perfect position to have it sent with the King's caravan.

This message is probably why Catelyn tells Littlefinger she suspects Cersei tried to have Bran murdered, but Littlefinger immediately leads her away from that conclusion (and rightly so). Instead he points her towards Tyrion.

In AGOT, Tyrion comes back from the wall way too fast, and Catelyn moves up from KL way too slow, yet it is necessary for them to meet in in the crossroad inn

I haven't covered this much of the time line I've figured out so far, but I think its the opposite. Tyrion is too slow and Catelyn is too fast. Tyrion must have taken at least three weeks just to get to Winterfell from the wall, while Catelyn had only left Kings Landing for about two weeks by Catelyn V (when she captures Tyrion).

This would imply Tyrion had left the wall almost two months before arriving at the Inn.

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