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This is incredibly done, but I do have a few questions.

I was wondering how you determined Joffrey's birthday, since that's the date that can be used to place a lot of events, and I was also wondering how you determined the date of Catelyns wedding?

And also, you made one little mistake. You stated Joffrey's birthday as 13/02 in 286 AL, but almost directly under that you say he turns 12 on 10/02 in 298 AL. Of course, these two dates are very closely together, so you paint a beautiful picture here. But I figured I'd tell you all the same, since my eye fell on it. :)

But if you could explain how you determined those two dates (Joff's birthday and Cat's wedding), that'd be nice. I am very curious.

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Has anyone ever taken into consideration that Westerosi year is not the same as an Earth year....as an example from AGOT Daeneys 2 it states Dany was a quickening to her mother upon fleeing Kings Landing and born 9 months later at Dragonstone....now consider "quickening" for an experienced mother is 13 weeks and birth is 40 weeks on Earth, I think we have a problem...It seems to me that pregnancy on Westeros is 1.33X longer than Earth so were are looking at a pregnancy of 53 weeks on Westeros...taking that a linear progression a year would be 69 weeks.

Now of course someone can come back and say AGOT Catelyn 10 the moon waxed and waned 9 times and Robb was born...she also thinks haw small he was....Premature? Just could be considering its was her first pregnancy and the difficulties her sister Lysa in procreating (4 miscarriages and 2 stillbirths)

****Ignore the above I just read an old post from Ran suggesting GRRM wanted to keep things simple by using Earth as a basis for the physical, so, I guess I can chalk it up to "unreliable writer"

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