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Where will each POV end in the next book?

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Just for kicks, here's what I hope happens in ADWD:

[b]At the Wall[/b]

Ultimately, the Wall will have to fall to plunge the rest of Westeros into the battle against the Others. Since the Others cannot cross the Wall due to its magics, they will enthrall one of the wildlings or use a mummer's trick to make a wight seem more alive, and this slave will end up stealing the Horn of Winter.

Jon's story will most likely revolve around the alliance he'll form between the NW and the wildlings; allowing Tormund Giantsbane to cross the wall only if he helps defend it; freeing Mance and pardoning his desertion if he rejoins the NW. Despite these efforts, there will be enemies who question his decisions and relationship with Melisandre and look to usurp him.

By the end, the Horn of Winter will be blown. The Horn doesn't actually destroy the Wall but dispels its magics. A legion of the Others will finally seige the wall, and Jon will lead his men to fight. However, without dragonglass or Valyrian steel, their efforts are hopeless, and most of his men die and become wights for the Others, adding to their army. Jon is injured, and saved from death only by Melisandre, and she, along with the help of his steward Dolorous Edd and a select few survivors will carry him south.

[b]Battle in the North[/b]

We learn in AFFC that the Manderlys have taken Davos captive and ask the Iron Throne what they should do with him. I believe this is all a ruse to fool the Lannisters and Boltons into thinking that White Harbor is theirs. In reality, the Manderlys are conspiring with Davos to overthrow the Boltons and...place Rickon as the King of the North, who was brought to White Harbor by Osha and kept hidden in safety.

Meanwhile, Asha allies with Stannis' cause, in hopes to both free Theon and win back the rights to the Iron Islands.

By the end, the combined efforts of the Karstarks, Manderlys, Greyjoys, and Stannis' army will lay seige upon the Boltons. However, in Martin's usual twist, Stannis will lose the battle, since he no longer has Melisandre by his side, and be killed. But in the chaos, Asha will free Theon. The Boltons will take White Harbor afterwards, capture Osha, and kill Rickon once and for all.

[b]In the east[/b]

Dany will increasingly realize that no matter what she does in Meereen, her freed slaves will follow her all the way to Westeros. Against Barristan's advice, she decides that she will take them there. To do so, she will need more ships, which is where Victarion, Quentyn, and Illyrio will fit in, who are all looking to curry favor with the dragon queen.

Tyrion joins Dany's company but she is mistrustful of him at the start, as is Barristan. Somehow, he'll gain her trust, and become second only to Barristan as an advisor/Hand.

By the end, she'll have set sail for Westeros. Quentyn wants her to sail for Dorne. Victarion for the western shores. Archmaester Marwyn will urge her to go North. In the end, as Dany has always followed her own path, she'll set sail for Dragonstone.


Awakes the Children of the North. Bran will ultimately die in Book V, as Jojen predicted, but will warg into Hodor's body. Hodor, under Bran, will learn to say more than Hodor.


Arya going blind is probably part of her training, to learn to use her other senses as keenly as her eyes.

In the end, however, she'll never completely become a Faceless Man, since the kindly old man will know that she still cannot put the old Arya Stark behind her.


Don't think he has a PoV in ADWD, but in the next book, I think we will learn of the prophecy, and its exact words, through his eyes, as he continues his studies in the Citadel. I feel he'll also be the one to travel to Starfall and learn of Jon's true parentage.

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By the end I think and hope that things will start happening. i think it will take Tyrion a while to reach Dany and then a while more to gain her trust. By the end of the book I think some characters may be riding dragons, and given Tyrion's knowldge on the subject he will have something to do with that. Maybe after a big battle there Dany will leave Meereen for Asshai or Westeros. I'm betting it's Asshai by shadow. Hopefully the invasion of Westeros is at least starting to be planned in this book, I think it will likely occur in the middle or end of The Winds of Winter.

Bran will learn about warging, Benjen, and maybe the origins and motives of the Others. I think he will either move north to the Land of Always Winter or south to help battle the Others invasion. BTW do you think the Great Other is an actual entity or some sort of leader of the Others? Is it an ice dragon? I remember reading a dream Bran had where he looked into the far north and was terrified by something he saw...

The North will be weakened by the fighting amongst the Iron Men, Boltons, and Stannis. This will make the Others invasion worse when it eventually comes, which I really hope is by the end of this book. It's book 5 of 7 and it's about time they finally did something big.

As for Asha, Theon and Davos, I'm not sure what they will do. Hopefully someone in this book learns about Jon's parents.

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Arya: I'm going against the trend, here, but I'm guessing Arya will be the stereotypically "boring" yet enlightening POV. She will probably spend much or all of her time sitting in Braavos, learning more about the Faceless Men, but will ultimately get very important information - about Valyria, about the R'hllor/Great Other duality, anything. Since to me, there are 3 separate ideological factions, transcending even the religions - the forces of life and death, light and dark, ice and fire in coexistence (Seven, Old Gods, God of Many Faces), and the two bitterly opposed factions of light, fire (R'hllor), death/undeath and cold/winter (Other), but we know precious little of the first. The Faceless Men seem to represent that, in some way. Or it's just my imagination ;)

Sansa: She will likely be one of the more interesting/action-filled POVs, we'll likely get some insight into Littlefinger and she will also finally have sex, something she has been threatening since... what? ACoK? No one else is like that, which means that her loss of virginity/marriage must be very important for GRRM to have "preserved" her. Also, the Vale might actually have fighting (likely infighting, or perhaps the arrival of the Vale knights into the mosh pit once known as the North).

Dany/Tyrion: From ASoS and what I've read of the spoiler chapters, Dany is in for a bit of a fight - threats from the Free Cities, Qarth, Astapor, Yunkai, and even from within Meereen. I've thought that Dany seems to be surrounded by enemies, and have no source of relief other than the Unsullied. They are great, sure, but still only a small army, and she couldn't conquer Westeros with them. I know that Barristan is training knights, but that would take years, and from the sound of it she needs an army NOW - which is why, I think, either Victarion or Quentyn Martell will appear, or perhaps both. I'm guessing the sequence of events will go:

1. Tyrion arrives, settles in, trains dragons and organizes the civilian aspects of her very tiny empire, something she desperately needs.

2. Quentyn arrives with sellswords, as well as perhaps "real" knights and men-at-arms from Dorne, to augment her army.

3. After the conflict with Slaver's Bay and Qarth is resolved, Victarion will arrive, and give her basically a get-out-jail-free card for Meereen - transport, although I couldn't guess where. Asshai, the Free Cities, who knows?

Bran: Will be a clone of Arya, providing valuable information for the reader but comparatively little enjoyment - which is why he will get so few chapters. Jojen will die (Jojen HAS to die, just so that he can finally say "Now is the time I die."), possibly defending/protecting Bran.

Davos: Will provide a much-needed look at what the hell is going on in the North.

Theon: Will provide another look at the North from the "other side", emphasizing that the majority of the action will be happening there in ADwD (like King's Landing in AGoT, and the Riverlands in ASoS).

Asha: I foresee her fighting Euron or trying to split up the Iron Islands, carving out her own kingdom ruled from Deepwood Motte. Another North POV.

Jon: Important stuff will happen here. I'm guessing the North will be torn apart with fighting much like the Riverlands, and with so many POVs there, it must be a real crossroads in ADwD. Just about anything could happen, but I'm guessing the NW will be dealt its "final" blow - either Stannis forcibly disbanding them or one of the other remaining kings. We know that Stannis has a few thousand, whereas at final count the NW has 700-800 men, enough for just about anyone to roll over them with comparative ease, especially from the south. I doubt the Others will show themselves - they always struck me as being a sort of natural predator for humans - toying with Waymar Royce, for instance, as well as hunting down the NW during the retreat from the Fist of the First Men. Likely they will wait for the 6th book - they seem to come when humanity, or Westeros, is at its weakest - like a lion taking down the slowest gazelle. There were always elaborate fallback measures - first the Wall and NW, then the Starks, to keep things out. However, if the NW is broken/driven into hiding and the Starks supposedly all dead, with the North broken, who would defend against them? My hypothetical scenario: The NW will be attacked, either by Northern lords (Boltons, cowing the Manderlys and such) or betrayed by Stannis, from the south, and will realize that their fortresses are indefensible from the south. They will be forced to go north of the Wall, will find common cause with the wildlings (both Jon and Bran noted that the Gift was abandoned and Ned planned to settle it) against the Others. Alternate scenario: Stannis will allow Tormund and the other wildlings to settle the Gift, which will inflame the Northmen and cause fighting that way. Either way, the end of the book will have the true onset of Winter (with the capital 'W' emphasized).

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Arya - Not blind for long. I agree with the hightening of the other senses. This is interesting when coupled with Syrio's "true sight" teaching. She will learn the "true sight" with all of her senses. I do see her being a information providing POV at this point as stated by some others. I fully anticipate the 1st non-killed prologue (not in aDwD) to be her on a mission where (as stated before I think) we will only discover it is actually her at the end. Or.... she will show up and kill a prologue chapter (non in aDwD because that one is taken). I do not see her being used to kill a super important individual, as stated before with her lack of experience. Unless, her unthreatening nature (to those who do not know better) would allow her to get close to someone that is typically heavily guarded.

Bran - I see ending up far to the North. I see his arc being a "road trip" type play out with lots of discussion during the journey. Hopefully we will have the Others illuminated a bit. I would like for it to turn out they are not just the ultimate evil. I do not see us sympathizing with them, but the Rh'llor faction could be knocked down to their level (bad guy-wise) providing a similar effect.

Jon - Will end the chapter on the wall in serious trouble from the North and his non-fan brothers in black. I see Jon's arc being having more focus on the trouble in the North (south of the wall) while the pressure builds through Bran's POV North of the wall.

Brienne - Will probably get a 1 or 2 chapter run late in the book laying out the framework for where she goes next. I think it will be after Jaime though.

Asha - I cannot imagine why so many of you hate this character. I am one of the few people (at least that I know) that really love the Ironborn and I think Asha is a blast. We got a taste in the spoiler POV and I think that will happen late in the book. I see her in Stannis' hands being drug around by him in aDwD.

Tyrion - I am looking sooooo forward to Tyrion's chapters. I see him also being a "road trip" type arc introducing more players from the East (Golden Company, etc.) I see him possibly meeting Dany late in the book. He will not be the first and I can see him likely being amongst the later visitors if not the last. She will get word of him killing his Father and Joffrey and be more inclined to trust him. He will offer strong incite into the other "visitors" she will see and have a dramatic effect on who she chooses to trust.

Dany - Developing her leadership style in the East and receiving a stream of visitors. I can see her having a lot of chapters early on in the book and then more sparse towards the end when we see people arriving to meet her from their own POVs. She will NOT head to Assai and not yet be ready to head to Westeros but will be closer to leaving.

Davos - Unfortunately will die. We will find out that he was not killed as reported in aFfC but get bitchslapped by a worse fate. After we see Rickon possibly.

Samwell - Faceless fodder maybe? Naw, he'll end the book in Oldtown alive, well and still fat... only with a few notches on his bedpost.

Jaime - I see his arc from aFfC being fairly complete with his refusal to run back to Cercei and seeing the snow falling. I do not see us getting much more Jaime in aDwD.

Cercei - See Jaime. I would like to see her trial play out but think we're a book away from that. If we do get Cercei it will be in captivity getting information from someone about what is going on in KL and the realm. We can watch her squirm as things stack up against her.

That was fun!

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Incidentally, has there ever been confirmation whether the last POV for Dance is Loras or Melisandre?

Arya -

"'A cabin girl?" The dwarf stared at her strangely, his mismatched eyes glimmering in the red light of the brazier. "We are traveling as a fleet of war, child. It will not be easy for you to return home once we sail."

If only you knew, she thought. "Does that mean I can't go? Milord?"

The dwarf ran one hand through his grizzled white-blond beard. "As it happens, Her Grace needs a cabin-girl with wits enough to keep away from the dragons. We sail tomorrow morning, so I will allow you to stay on board, provided you remember your courtesies and stay below decks. Go on home, now, get whatever you need. Be here by dawn tomorrow or we'll leave you in Braavos. Her Grace has had enough of waiting."

She was almost to the door when she heard the dwarf again. "By the by, I think I've seen you before, child, not that I can recall where. Who are you?"

Arya turned. "No one, my Lord. Truly."

Daenerys, Quentyn, Tyrion - Tyrion will end as the Iron Fleet leaves Meereen, Quentyn as they leave Braavos, Daenerys as they draw near Dragonstone.

Jon - Melisandre stands next to Jon, who is chained and held by several of Stannis' men. On a hilltop before them, Stannis blows the Horn of Winter, bringing the Wall down.

Davos - Captured by Euron, who decides on a whim to keep him around.

Bran -

He tried to reach out for Summer, for Hodor, for Meera, for anybody, but all he could think of was the far-off look in Jojen's eyes, the sorrow in his voice as his shallow breaths misted the cold air.

Today is the day I die.

Asha - Meets some character who is important, but she does not realize their importance. Leading candidates would be Rickon, Howland Reed or Jeyne Westerling (if Jeyne has actually escaped with Robb's child, as the conspiracy theory goes).

Theon - Sent by Ramsay to kill Asha. Left ambiguous whether he succeeds or not.

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Arya - Given a mission to go to Westeros as part of her continued training, possibly to murder Lady Stoneheart.

Mereen - Daenerys suffers her next betrayal. Euron uses the Dragon Horn to enslave her dragons and takes them back to Westeros. Allies abandon her, and her control of Mereen is on the verge of collapse. Quaithe appears to her in a vision, and she gathers what allies she has left to head for Asshai.

Bran - Heading north to the Heart of Winter. Parallels Frodo's journey to Mount Doom in LotR.

The North - After Stannis takes Deepwood Motte, the Iron Men in the North swear fealty to Stannis in exchange for helping free Theon to claim the Seastone Chair. The "death" of Davos is a ruse and the Manderlys send him to the Neck to find Howland Reed and rally the Crannogmen. Stannis lays siege to the Dreadfort, and the battle is won when Davos arrives with reinforcements. The Boltons are defeated, and the North is united in support for Stannis. For a moment it looks like the good guys won. Until...

The Wall - Enemies of Jon in the Night's Watch plot a coup. Jon narrowly survives thanks to Melisandre's magic. Jon retreats to the Nightfort, and in a moment of weakness, Melisandre seduces him. Melisandre, who is the Night's Queen in disguise, steals his soul and transforms him into the Night's King. The Horn of Winter is blown, the Wall falls, and the Others begin their assault on Westeros.

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By the end of DwtD:

Jon is disgraced.

The Wall has fallen (possibly because of something Jon did).

Mel has died in a heroic stand against the Others, her sacrifice giving time for remaining NW/Jon and his few loyal men/ordinary folk to flee.

Dany has lost her dragons (they're not dead, but stolen).

Tyrion is Dany's new fool and seriously pissed off (there has been so much foreshadowing that it can't not happen, you know).

The rest - I have no idea.

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Melisandre - I get the feeling that she is going to be an epilogue PoV, revealing the full extent of how dangerous the Others are - before dying a truly heroic death. I think we'll be set up to believe that Mel is a bad guy but the tables will finally turn when we see her from inside her head. The truth is all down to perspective.

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Like a couple of other posts, I still feel Jon's fate lies at Winterfell and with the Stark house. He's the only one that'll be able to raise the family, currently, from the ashes.

Of course, this would lead to him vacating the NW post, which isn't really possible, aside from Stannis intervening. However, I feel it will happen at some point in the series. Perhaps not in aDwD, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. I'm expecting big happenings! :)

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I feel that Jon will definitely stay alive for the rest of the series, because of the significance of his parentage. And that, he will be one of the dragons' heads. I don't think Quentyn has gone to marry Dany though, but just give her the offer of Dorne's swords (or spears).

I think that it's quite possible that the others invade in ADwD since there's been a trend of something significant happening in every book which has Jon's PoV in it. And besides, Jon, will eventually go from the Wall either willingly or forcefully. And from there, he could eventually marry Dany and become the king. This way, he won't be usurping in anyone's eyes, Bran and Rickon's heritage (Winterfell and the North).

Or, at the end of the series, Dany conquers Westeros...but doesn't actually like ruling :P. Meaning the end of Targaryen rule forever, and the return of the Seven Kingdoms.

P.S: We still have 3 books left, for the moment anyway, so it would be just really stupid for Jon to be stuck on the Wall for all that time. Oh and I think Coldhands is likely to be Benjen Stark, what with all the significance about him.

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/off topic

On a side note, could someone with the ability to do so please post a new topic for the Quentyn spoiler chapter? It has been in the open for over a month now and still no thread.

http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/36573-fargo-valleycon/page__view__findpost__p__1969894 here's the nice summary Jughead of the Round has composed. I'm sorry if I'm nagging, but we have a topic for every ADWD chapter ever read anywhere but this one. Why?

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I really don't know with most of these but I do have a few guesses-

Dany- Dany will spend most of the book dealing with attacks (from Yunkai, the enemy Khalasar, and the Iron Fleet- remember, Victarion wants her as a wife, and the Iron Way is to TAKE her, not gain her consensually), dealing with her dragons (I think Drogon will go wild in battle and roast a bunch of her Unsullied), and slowly getting to trust Tyrion. At some point near the end, Quentyn will arrive and the two of them will work out an alliance, and Dany will be preparing to go to Dorne and start her invasion. Instead, she'll be captured by Victarion and be on her way to Westeros at last, but in chains, not as an invader.

Tyrion- I think Tyrion will show up in Meereen, spend some time in the dungeon, and slowly gain Dany's trust. She will not be ready to trust him for quite awhile though, seeing as how 1) he's a Lannister, and 2) she's dealing with trust issues from Jorah and Barristan, and is well aware of the prophecy that she'll be betrayed again. Near the end though, she'll start to trust him, maybe even considering him as her Hand. However, with her captured, someone will have to take over her army and keep order- and that role will go to Tyrion, as Barristan and her Bloodriders try to rescue Dany.

Theon- Just a wild guess, but if he doesnt die I'd like to see him end up with Rickon, protecting him as sort of penance for his crimes. Likely he'll be trying to somehow use him for his own profit, but at the same time may consider switching back to the Stark side to make up for what he's done. I don't really know though, I never would have expected George would bring back Theon.

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Dany: IIRC Martin wanted to parallel Dany and Cercei. So I see it as Dany gaining more and more knowledge, but at the same time losing more control, Tyrion, Quentyn and Illyrio will arrive. And the book will end with Dany getting betrayed and about to die (or Victarion capturing her).

Arya: More than likely a chapter of her being a blind beggar in the streets, or as Arya Stark she's being shipped to either the Lannisters, Littlefinger, Dorne, or Mereen. The other option is this being the final chapter of "Arya" with her discarding the remains of her identity and becoming a faceless assasin. Then we may not see her until she kills Jon at the end, (and it may be ambiguous).

Asha: More than likely dies.

Reek: I think he'll primariy be there to witness the wedding, and the bloody aftermath.

Jon Snow: Bears witness to Stannis' failure and possible death. Will more than likely end with the actual coming of winter and the Others, maybe even the wall being breached.

Bran: I remember in the mabiongi Bran ends up as a head in the tower of london. People seem to think Jon Snow is the "Ice" in Ice and Fire... I think Bran is.

Davos: This book will not let us know if he survives.

Granted, while I think ADWD will come out eventually, the other two I'm doubtful.

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I haven't yet read aFfC, but I'll post my thoughts though, as aDwD is in large part independent from aFfC. My most funny thought is about Arya, who I believe will head to Westeros again and say hi to Ramsay from Bran and Rickon (by requesting duel). More on that below.

Jon will be a capable Commander of the Night’s Watch but in the end he faces betrayal by people who appeared to be on his side. He might survive - if not, he’ll be thrown in jail but Melisandre will rescue him. His authority will be in question because of unresolved issues with the NW.

Joramun's horn was destroyed by Stannis so the Wall will stand. The Others will see ships landing on the shore as a wildling witch is drawing the captains towards The Haunted Forest. The Others become pirates, take the ships and sail south to Westeros. Their invasion happens either in the very end of aDwD or in the prologue of The Winds of Winter.

Melisandre will survive for now. We don't like a witch who kills people by dark magic, but a story needs some villains to keep up the excitement and mystery. At the end of aDwD she'll either be at the Wall or going to meet The Others in battle. Stannis will be absent though, trying to win the North.

Bran will be with the Children of the Forest. Possible we’ll get some hints for where his path goes next. Maybe he’ll be sent to the Isle of Faces as it was very important place for the Children. If so he might find Arya’s direwolf. He might then have the mission to meet Dany and convince her that it's more urgent now to win the Others than to win the throne. (Wherever that meeting would be.)

Has nobody really thought of the possibility that Bran will become a dragon-rider? He wants to ride horse into battle, but he can't. In his dreams the crow told him that he must learn to fly. Of course that could just mean that as warg he'll learn to connect to birds. But for him it would be most exciting to ride a flying thing big enough to carry a man. Like a dragon. And a warg's talent might become handy in riding one.

Dany stays in Meereen until close to the book’s end. The other POVs who are on way to her will find her there; each one will need to convince her of their loyalty to her. There are three things I'd like to remind us of that GRRM has said:

Will we see Asshai?

Only in flashback and memory, if at all.

2. He's only recently resolved the Meereeneese knot, which puzzled him for long time.

3. I think he's also said that multiple POVs will be present in Meereen.

The Meereeneese knot would be the problem of how Dany can leave Meereen, as she wants to leave this city in better condition than the other slave cities, which are in worse state than before her invasion.

If she'd get news of the Others invading Westeros in the end of aDwD then it would be an easy decision - go to Westeros now or else you'll only find wights there, no living subjects. Too easy - wouldn't have puzzled Martin all these years.

Tyrion will come to Meereen, although he’ll be puzzled on the way if this is the right thing for him to do. He will tell Dany his story and be frank about killing his father. Telling her the real reason - Tysha - will be difficult as it is too personal. If he can’t, he might be thrown in the dungeon until someone realizes that this is the man who knows all about dragons. I think Dany's options for Tyrion if she distrusts him would be the dungeon or sending him away like Jorah. Tywin's murder wouldn't concern her in the way that she'd use death sentence for killing her own enemy.

Theon: He will be our eyes for Ramsay and the war at the Neck. I don't know how that battle will end but I think the Boltons will not loose as then Stannis would have a too easy job winning the North as the only possible rescuer against the Ironmen.

I like the idea of Theon making amends for his crimes against the Starks by saving Rickon. He's learnt some important lessons about stupid vanity.

Arya: I have some cool ideas, maybe just wishful thinking. Only a part of this plot fits in the timespan of aDwD as she gets at the most three chapters.

1. I feel like it's been hinted at for long time she'll reconnect with Nymeria, by her wolf dreams in the Riverlands. So she'll come back to Westeros.

2. After this, she'll meet Ramsay and Roose Bolton; catch them by surprise when they can't use their weapons, aided by Nymeria and her wolf pack, and perhaps some small armed group that trusts Arya. Just a funny thought. Part of that story:

Roose: "What are you doing here, Nymeria? Swords are not children's toys."

Arya: "Hey, Nymeria, he's talking of you!"

Nymeria goes to Arya and bares her teeth. Everybody is stunned and trying to understand the meaning of the direwolf there.

Arya: "Hey, you there Reek who likes to slay little boys in Winterfell - I'm going to say hi for Bran and Rickon. Or maybe you're too afraid to fight little girls?" Drawing her sword and asking for a duel.

3. If we assume Arya going back to Westeros, I think in aDwD her time with the Faceless Men will end, maybe after she's a master at swordplaying blind.

4. And she needs someone to take her along, as she can't just hire a ship for Eastwatch! Perhaps Varys shows up in Braavos, recognizes her and sends her to Dany.

5. I think Arya will want to revenge for her family but at some point in the story she needs someone (one or more people) who can help her heal from her poisonous bitterness. That will take a while though.

Davos and Quentyn Martell: No comment.

Sansa will not have a POV in aDwD. See here (at the bottom of that page).

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by the end of ADWD;

Jon- will be retreating south because the Wall has been breached and he only survived thanks to Mel. Probably with a small band of friends from the NW and former Wildlings. With the wall destroyed and the NW broken/disbanded it's his job to try and get whomever is in control of Westeros ready for the on coming Other invasion.

Stannis- will fall trying to defend the Wall from the wights and others.

Mel- will realize that she has been mislead by her visions after Stannis's death, she will rescue Jon. I see her having the Prologue chapter in the 6th book as she dies to the others in a blaze of glory.

Bran- heading to or finally meeting the 3 eyed crow after losing Jojen in an attack on their journey (also like the idea of the warging into Hodor but think that would probably happen in the 6th book).

Asha- she's trying to gain power to retake the Iron Isles from her brother and will need help, I see her hooking up with Davos and the Manderly's and helping to find Reek AKA Theon who will give them the 411 on the issues of Bran and Rickon not being dead and that Ramsay's wife is not Arya Stark.

Theon- needs to die period, hopefully he will be close enough to death when Asha finds him to spill the beans with his last and final breath (I hate that SOB).

Davos- surprise not dead! yes I agree the Manderly's will join forces with him (maybe because Rickon is there thanks to Osha) they will head for a fight and defeat Ramsey at the Dreadfort find that Rickon is whom they were told.

Sam- all hell is going to bust out once news that the wall has fallen, with no one in power to protect the realm and Old Town getting attacked by Ironborn, Sam heads to Dorne with Sarella and friends(after finding out a lot of hidden secrets). The new Jaquen will help in this matter and then go back to Bravos.

Arya- with her training now almost complete she will have a run in with Jaquen who has returned from his last mission. After he tells her of Jon and the Wall, plus Rickons possible rising under Davos- she will be forced to leave not being able to put the past behind her. Agreed she will be an enlightening POV with us learning much about other story points.

Tyrion- will NOT be a dragon rider, by the end of the book he may have gotten Dany to trust him and will be traveling with her to Asshai and advising her of the latest events in Westeros.

Dany- like Jon she is going to have a hell of a time, betrayal, loss and a close get away. She will lose Meereen and most of her people cutting all ties she has in the east leaving her finally able to travel and having to travel to save her neck. Somehow I think this is the "Knot", Victorian will have to turn the fleet over to her- my guess it will be by force (this is probably where Quentyn and the Golden Company come in saving the day with Tyrion maybe???)....I also like the idea of having a dragon/dragons stolen that might be the betrayal???? it's been a 5 year knot for a reason. In the end Quithe's (can't remember the spelling) message will come true and she will be forced to go to Asshai so she can find out how to control her dragons and train them for battle before going home.

NO Sansa, Littlefinger, Tyrells, Jaime or Cersei in the 5th book is my guess- maybe 1 chapter with Brienne. I see Brienne doing 1 of 2 things- hearing about Sansa's wedding in the Vale (not sure how that could happen) and going there instead of to Jaime or running into Davos/Asha and finding out that the other Stark children are alive possibly joining them because of Rickon and the Manderly's wanting to restore house Stark. Either way I don't see her going after Jaime like she will have promised Stoneheart in order to continue living- hence making her an actual Oathbreaker too.

I'll also add I don't think GRRM will be able to wrap everything up in 7 books- expect an 8th.

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The North:

Bran: suffers a loss or two in his party, but does find the 3 eyed crow and discovers who or what Coldhands is but what is Brans relevance to whole story will remain uncertian till book 6.

Jon: The wall is hanging together barely, the mistrust of the NW and the wildlings/queensmen grows deeper everyday. The nightfort is being repaired/investigated by Mel and is further fueling the mistrust Jon is forced with decisions that lead to his downfall. The wall is breached at the end this book by both the wildlings near Eastwatch and the Others near Castle Black.

Mel: Her POV shows what she found about the nightfort/others and who Jon is or isn't also maybe sees Bran in her fire but screws up the meaning of him.

Reek: Gives us the events of the recapture of Moat Coatlin along with the fate of Roose and also the wedding between Ramsay and fake Arya, Somehow it is leaked that Bran and Rickon aren't dead and the girl isn't Arya Stark.

Davos: Locks up key allies in the North for Stannis by stumbling across the truth about Bran and Rickon along with the arrival of the ransomed remaining Northern Lords.

Asha: renewing her quest for the seastone chair which leads to her death.

The South:

Sam: interesting info about the citadel/masters and the reaving taking place along the Mander. Sam ends the book fleeing Oldtown for Horn Hill as Jacquan has framed him or is blackmailing Sam over something, or Oldtown is under seige.

Dorne: don't expect much

The West/Riverlands:

Jamie: won't get much info book 6 will deal with Jamie's struggles between restoring honor, Cersie, Brienne, and Kevan's bid to become Lord of the Rock.

Brienne: will get her one word said and will begin her next wandering adventure will also see Riverun being held by the BwB.

The Eyrie:

Alayne: nothing till book 6

Kings Landing:

Cersie/Margary: will set the stage for book 6 and the trial of these two also KL will begin seeing the effects of plague.

The East:

Tyrion: on his way to see Dany will not be greeted by her counsel as a friend will have to prove his worth same of same old for the dwarf but in conversations with Selmy the truth of the targ regime might get told ie the tower of joy

Dany: is failing as a queen tyrion tries to guide her through it but doesn't trust his advice. the prophecies are coming true as plague is ravishing her ranks and her cities decides to leave Mereen is forced to dock on the cedar islands

Quentyn: Meets Dany on the cedar islands but is too late accomplishing his mission most of his force destroyed and Quentyn is captured by Dany's force.

Victarion: Meets Dany and wins her heart through lies and deception. make a stop on the cedar islands to resupply and try and get a handle on the plague problem encounters Quentyn and his force make quick work of him

Arya: continues her training but cant seperate her wolf from her FM

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Cedar Islands? WTF??? you mean Summer Isles? and if so VERY doubtful.

Isle of Cedars in the area where the Gulf of Grief and Slaver's Bay meet.

Referenced in George's blog.

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