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I think clubbing has been getting too much to my head lately but right now I wouldn't mind some nice Euro electronica for the show's soundtrack. Or some stuff by "DJ Champion and his G Strings". Dammit, i NEED to layoff the energy drinks.

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It's a shame that Basil Poledouris passed away. Especially his work on Conan was *really* great. Conan is a nice cult movie, but that music deserves something better.

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I listen to a lot film scores while I write. The other day, the soundtrack for Brotherhood of the Wolf came up on my playlist. For those of you who haven't seen the movie (shame on you) or just don't remember the music, it's a very unique blend of historical sounds with the mysterious. Joseph LoDuca was the composer and he utilyzed everything from Spanish guitar to flutes to vocals (male and female) to new and old world percussion.

Here's a


And no, I wasn't influenced by the credit song which has the line, "I will follow you. Even though winter is coming...." ;)

The thing I like the most about the music is it's unique, not something I immediately equate back to another movie or composer. Whatever they do for GoT, I hope it has it's own character.

ETA: heh In looking over DoLuca's website, I see he scored Legends of the Seeker and Spartacus.

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Beloved brothers and sisters from Westeros,

I’ve just finished to read the 12 books (yes… it’s 12 cause I’m French and for some strange reasons the 4 original books are divided in 2, 3 or 4 smaller books) of GRRM’s ASOIAF… and ,God…I loved it !!!

Anyway, I begin to read them listening to music (which I usually never do), and I thought it could interest some of you to discuss the music they listen while reading asoiaf.

So here's my first message on the forum, featuring my own asoiaf playlist.

(I reply to the series' thread because I don’t find anything like “music I hear reading martin’s books…”. anyway imo it's also related to the tv series, there are themes in these songs which could fit for them too)

The lyrics are often not directly related to epic fantasy, but as I’m French I focused more on the melody/instruments/feelings than on the real meaning of the songs. I tried to find non-metal music because I think it’s much of a cliché – metal + fantasy, seriously ? come on … – which is bad with such an eccentric saga.

As much as possible I will provide a short explanation about the choice of the song, a link to hear it and -for some of them- a legal and free way to download it.

(YT = youtube)

- “Born on a day the sun didn’t rise” by Black Moth Super Rainbow


Quite a strange song but the psychedelic feeling and the autotuned voice suggest a strange and dark world where the “sun didn’t rise”. I think it’s something that could have been strongly suggestive to the common people of Westeros during the war.

- « I wanna be adored » by the Stone Roses

song via YT

Definitly Renly’s or Robert’s tune. Atmospheric song about someone who wants to be loved by his people.

- « Mountain Song » by Treetop Flyers

song via myspace


- « Our weight in oil » by Matt Elliott

song via YT

Lyrics not related with ASOIAF, but the peaceful voice and classical guitar playing reminds me of what an old song by bards could have been like, in this way it fits perfectly with Westeros poetry.

- « Time has told me » by Nick Drake

song via YT

The lyrics speak for themselves. Looks like an old lament from a medieval world (who says Westeros ? ^^)

- « Saltarello » by Dead Can Dance

A good attempt to revive medieval music. More genuine than Corvus Corax’ one.

- « Wayfaring Stranger » by 16 horsepower

The slow pace reminds of a lonely knight journey.

- « The Lifeboat Mona » by The Dubliners

The song is quite far from our topic, but the irish feeling and the sea related lyrics made it a song we could hear in Pyke.

- « Weapon of choice » by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

song via YT

To be honest I don’t really understand the lyrics. But the distorted sound, the chaos, the word weapon, and the words about the afterlife, factions… evokes me the thoughts and feelings of an infantrymen stuck in the middle of a battle.

- « Feel the spirit » by Heaven & Earth

song via YT

Definitely a song from the North, maybe about the Old Gods because of the awkward and psychedelic feelings which are given off it.

- « Gallop » By Jeremy Jay

- « Three Hours » by Nick Drake

song via YT

Another song by Nick Drake, but a darker one.

- « The Corner Zombies » by Ekranoplan


- « Canter Canter » by Jeremy Jay

song via YT

- « The Messenger » by Blackmore’s Night

song via YT

A great medieval-like tune.

- « Mykonos » by Fleet Foxes


- « Crosseyed » by Brendan Benson

Reminds me of Brienne or Arya, never described as “pretty”, but maybe one day they will ?

- « The Ardent Awaited Land » by Falkenbach

Once again here’s a strong medieval feeling that fits with Westeros. I always thought the religious song of Westeros would look like that monotonous chant.

- « White Chalk » by PJ Harvey

- « Cello Song » by Nick Drake

song via YT

A last Nick Drake song. It drives the feeling of a coming winter which fits with asoiaf…

- « History » by Lightning Dust


- “How Soon is Now” by The Smiths

hsong via YT

A claustrophobic song which evokes me a man singing, locked in a castle. The lyrics “I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does” reminds me of Tyrion too. I find it to be a phrase that sums him up quite well !

- “Falling Down” by Oasis

- « Guns & Dogs » by Portugal. The Man

song via YT


- « Nightingale / December Song » by Sunset Rubdown

My favorite tune of this list, definitely a thrilly one! A shame the lyrics are not really compatible with ASOIAF but the epic pace and the passionate voice of the singer speaks in its favor.

- « Busy Little Bee » by Oneida


I think it could be a metaphor for all the people of Westeros we’ve met reading ASOIAF, building a world without knowing it.

- « Waiting on the Sun to Rise » by Lightning Dust


A morning in Westeros ?

- « Waiting for the Rapture [Alternate Version #2]” by Oasis

- « August Morning Haze » by Oneida

- “Queen Mab” by Werkraum

A more poetic version of Donovan’s song. The medieval feeling is also stronger. I think it’s a good rendition of what a lullaby to Ned’s children, back in Winterfell, could look like.

(bonus track : “Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe” featured on their myspace http://www.myspace.com/werkraum )

- « M-a-l (an-dro) » by Ar Re Yaouank


An orchestral song that sums up the Celtic roots of Westeros.

- « Y Drôr Sy'n Dal Y Sanau » by Huw M



Another tune that fits quite well with a melancholic northern spirit. The language is Welsh, a dialect of England. It reinforces the medieval soul of the song.

I hope that some of you will enjoy to read again the saga trying those song !

PS : pardon my English, I did my best.

PPS : a bit off topic but d't u think josh Holloway would have been great for Jaime ?

(I still hope James Callis for Littlefinger.)

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Dead Can Dance is definitely up there as a popular choice by the boarders. My favorite is

(may be too known a song) and
, and Chant of the Paladin (only a bit of this song as background atmosphere), all by DCD. Nick Drake I like, but something seems wrong with having music on the show that uses guitars (accustic or electric), don't know why I feel that. :dunno: Maybe because it's not an old enough instrument to my ears.

Sinead O'Connor's Troy is a great one...

Oh, James Callis will unfortunately not be Littlefinger, he's on a show called Eureka in the U.S. (SyFy channel).

Your English is excellent! :thumbsup:

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