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Bakker and Women

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[quote name='Pierce Inverarity' post='1683731' date='Feb 11 2009, 19.39']I know not to long after I finished TTT I saw this documentary on prostitution in Thailand that literally floored me, it was so powerful. Ever since then, I've pretty much reconciled myself to the fact that as 'gritty' or 'realistic' as I was trying to be, I had in fact [i]romanticized[/i] Esmenet... and that this could very well be chalked up to incipient sexism.


Exactely. Just from traveling in regions like SE Asia - where the saying 'life is cheap' has a much more realistic connetation than here in the pampered west - one can see how entrenched certain mindsets are. In Thailand, to use a common example, it is a cultural facet of the male psyche to have as sex with as many women as possible - a symbol of one's 'manliness' - hence the prostitution for the natives [i]dwarfs [/i]the oh-so-sensationalized western sex tourists, which only accounts for 5%. Until fairly recently, it was not unusual to find child prostitutes in places like Soi Cowboy. Be white and male and walk down the streets of Phnom Penh - odds are you'll be propositioned, and if you refuse, odds are you'll be offered a child. It's happened to me and to other friends I've met on the road. Some of the 'graphic' images 'exaggerated' in TWP are really just a depiction of what goes on now - and most probably 1000 years ago.

the armchair feminists work for a good cause - but that doesn't disguise the fact that the world can be a [i]very [/i]brutal place, and PoN is, as far as I'm concerned, more a mirror than an exaggeration.

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[quote name='TheValyrianDragonlord' post='1683813' date='Feb 11 2009, 21.19']Everyone should check out the CS friedman interview that Pat posted on his site. Her comments on sexism are interesting.[/quote]

She sums it up better than I ever could. I don't know where this rosy-glasses portrait of the middle ages comes from, given that a common subjegation meme from Jerome onward blamed women for the Fall and generally classed them as beneath men in virtually every aspect (unless they gave their chastity for Christ). Sure there were exceptions, but that is exactely what they were, exceptions.

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