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Mafia Game 63

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The sign up thread for Mafia Game 63 is open.

It will be a Kingmaker game set in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

I'd like to have at least 12 players, so sign up if you're interested by sending a PM to this Alt.

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Kesuke Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso, who looks like he recently suffered a severe beating, walk into the Cobra Kai karate dojo, where sensei John Kreese is drilling his students in Choku-zuki kihon. As Kreese shouts "Ai!" his students shout "Kill!", and discharge the straight punch into the air.

Miyagi and Daniel make their stand before the entrance of the tatami. Over their heads is a poster which Miyagi notices. It reads: UNDER 18 ALL VALLEY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, DECEMBER 19th ENTER NOW!

Kreese approaches the far end of the class where Miyagi and Daniel await. Sensei Kreese, clad in his black dogi with a black belt around his waist, and built athletically like the former marine he is, is a menacing figure. When he notices one of his students in the back rank breaks form for a second to glance back in the visitors' direction he sweeps him to the ground and mock-punches his face.
"You lose concentration in a fight and you're dead meat!"
"Yes, sensei" acknowledges the frightened student.
"What?" growls Kreese.
"Yes, sensei!" he shouts.
"Get up! Give me 60 pushups on your knuckles". The student bows to the master and hurries to comply.

Kreese addresses the rest of the class "Combat! Ai!". The students quickly form in a square. Johnny Lawrence and Dutch pick up the red and white flags which are used to signal a point and stand on opposing corners. Kreese shouts "Ai!" a second time, and the students sit in seiza.

"Brown. Robertson" instructs Kreese, and two of his students rise. One of them is Bobby Brown, his most accomplished student after Johnny Lawrence. The two students stand before the black lines in the centre of the tatami, facing sensei Kreese. Kreese takes a second to adjust Brown's belt and then takes a step back. Kreese nods his head slightly, and his students perform a low bow in his direction. Then they turn to face each other and bow again.

"En garde. Fight!" orders Kreese. Brown takes the offensive immediately, his first straight kick is blocked by Robertson, who step backwards, but he then catches him off-guard with a strong round kick to his stomach. Robertson doubles down in pain and falls to the ground. Lawrence and Dutch lift their red flags and Kreese acknowledges the point "Point! Round kick!". Brown retreats to his corner, but Kreese looks at him with thinly masked contempt: "What are you waiting for? Finish him!". Brown advances towards the ailing Robertson and hits him with a karate chop on the 3rd vertebra as he's trying to rise, which makes him collapse once more. "Return" instructs Kreese, and Brown bows and returns to the border of the tatami, while Robertson dolefully crawls back. "Prepare!" he commands, and all stand to attention.

Kreese then harangues them: "We do not train to be merciful, here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, on the street, in competition, a man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy. What is the problem, Mr. Lawrence?". Johnny Lawrence is looking in Miyagi's direction. He's remembering how Miyagi alone took on him and four of his Cobra Kai friends the other night, on Halloween, while they were beating up Daniel for pulling a prank on them. He whispers something to Kreese.

"Come on, let's forget this" says Daniel, considerably intimidated by Kreese. "Wait, not yet" says Miyagi. Kreese looks in their direction and smiles "Class, we have visitors. Fall in behind me. Ai!".
Reese approaches Miyagi as his students form in military style. Johnny Lawrence stands to his side.
Kreese looks down on Miyagi "I hear you jumped some of my students last night".
"Afraid the facts mixed up" answers Miyagi.
"Are you calling Mr. Lawrence a liar?"
"No call no one nothing"
"What are you here for, old man?"
"Come ask leave boy alone" says Miyagi, nodding his head towards Daniel.
Kreese sizes up Daniel, and says in mockery "What's the matter? The boy can't take care of his own problems?".
"One-to-one problem, yes. Five-to-one problem, too much ask anyone".
"Is that what's bothering you?" snarls Kreese "The odds? Well, we can fix that. Feel like matching, Mr. Lawrence?" he asks, turning towards Johnny "Yes, sensei!" replies his student eagerly.

"No more fighting" says Miyagi, in a calm tone.
"This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class!" Kreese shouts at him "You don't come in here, drop a challenge and leave, old man. Now you put your boy on the mat or you and I are going to have a major problem".
"Too much advantage, your dojo" stalls Miyagi.
"Name a place"
Miyagi nods his head backwards, towards the poster they saw at the entrance "Tournament".
Kreese laughs "You've got real nerve, old man. But I think we can accommodate you. Can't we Mr. Lawrence?". "Yes, sensei" smirks Johnny. "Fall in" instructs Kreese, and Johnny bows and returns to the students' ranks.
"Ask one more small request" says Miyagi, as Kreese returns to the tatami.
"Make it fast"
"Ask leave boy alone to train"
Kreese turns towards Miyagi with a wide grin "You're a pushy little bastard, ain't you? But I like that"
The sensei circles his students and says "All right. No one touches the Prima Donna until the tournament. Is that understood?".
"Yes, sensei!"
He then raises a finger, and slowly returns to where Miyagi stands, whilst saying "But if you don't show then it's open season, on him" pointing his finger at Daniel "and on you" pointing at Miyagi. Miyagi looks at Kreese with stern disapproval. Not backing down an inch. They both nod their heads slightly. Miyagi grabs Daniel and retreats, never losing sight of Kreese until they're out of the dojo.

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This mafia game will follow the standard rules and game mechanics of mafia ([url="http://mafia.perendination.com/board/index.php?showtopic=263"]see here[/url]) except as follows:

This is a king maker game, which means the lynch of a player that ends the day won't be decided by voting, but by a single player named King (in this setting [b]referee[/b]).

The referee for the next day will be chosen by an innocent player who will receive the "championship committee" role, and who must send a night PM to the mods indicating his choice. No player may be chosen to be the referee two days in a row. On day one the referee will be the first player to post on the thread after the "Go!" post. On days other than the first, if the person chosen to referee by the player with the "championship committee" role is night killed by the FM (in this setting, the [b]Cobra Kai[/b]) or has his leg swept during the night then the mods will make known that the referee will be the first player to post after the mods' dawn post (except if they were the previous day referee, in which case it will be the next player to post after them).

The day phase will be up to 36 hours long, with a modkill limit of 24 hours in which you must make at least one post. The night phase will be up to 8 hours long.

The referee may end the day phase at any point before the 36 hours deadline by bolding the sentence [b]Name of player loses the match and is eliminated from the tournament[/b]. If the referee fails to eliminate a player before the deadline he will be eliminated himself. If for some reason the referee is modkilled the day phase will end.

Players may vote to indicate preference or opinion, but these votes will have no direct effect in the game and will not be counted by the mods.

The alts and avatars for this game will be characters from the movie "The Karate Kid", as will the roles. Roles and alts will be assigned randomly and independently, so the person with the Daniel LaRusso alt has as many chances of receiving the Daniel LaRusso role as any other player.

We have currently 6 sign ups for this game, I'll post a role list as soon as we have enough sign ups to start the game.

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We have reached 12 players and will be starting the game on Sunday evening (GMT).
Thanks to everyone who signed up! :)

This game will have a weak Coroner Finder which will reveal the faction (innocent or Cobra Kai) of any person who dies.

All of the following roles will be used:

Roles aligned with the innocent faction:

Karateka: You're a contestant at the 1984 ALL VALLEY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP. You believe in honor, fair play and luck. Your goal is to defeat the Cobra Kai, who have won the championship for the last two years using their thuggish and dishonorable karate. You have no special abilities apart from your skill and determination.

Daniel LaRusso: A meager little weakling in a quest to become a Karate champ, win the girl and stop getting your ass kicked. Sensei Miyagi has taught you enough Karate to get along by making you wax cars, sand floors and paint fences. He's also taught you an ultimate finishing move called "The Crane Kick". To quote the man, "If well done, no can defense", which is specially true if your opponent obliviously walks right into it with his guard down. You may use the Crane Kick when the day's referee decrees you lose the match and are therefore disqualified. While you'd normally be dead, you may post once to bold the following (and only the following): [b]I am Daniel LaRusso and I use the Crane Kick on player's name[/b]. If the player you name is a member of the Cobra Kai he will die in your stead. If the player you name is not a Cobra Kai then both you and him must retire from the championship and are eliminated. You don't have to use the Crane Kick if you don't want to, and may not use it once the night phase ends (though the mods will wait for its use or lack of as if it were a night action).

Miyagi: You're an elderly Japanese handyman who also happens to be a Karate master. You've landed Daniel in a fine mess by signing him up for a Karate championship. You've tried to teach him all you could in two months, but you're afraid it won't be enough. You can aid other karate fighters by using a special pain suppression technique consisting in rubbing your hands together (don't ask how it works). Every night you may PM the mods the name of a player (other than yourself) whom you protect from injury. If that player is targeted by the Cobra Kai, he won't be eliminated. Once you have used this power once successfully (by preventing an elimination) you may not use it again.

Ali Mills: You're a gorgeous teenage blond who dates Daniel LaRusso despite being so far out of his league it makes suspension of disbelief a serious problem. Though you don't know Karate yourself you're very good at fooling referees (stealing black belts under their noses, convincing them you're a Japanese translator, etc.). Once in the game you may take over from whoever is referee by posting the following bold sentence: [b]I am Ali Mills, and I will be today's referee[/b]. You may only do this during the day phase, and when you do you effectively take over from whoever was the previous referee. After you use your power you become ineligible to be a referee ever again, but you are not barred from using it if you were the previous day referee. The person who has been taken over is eligible to become the referee the following day.

Championship Committee: This role will be assigned randomly amongst all the people with the Karateka role. The person with this role must PM the mod every night indicating who will be the referee the following day. The person who was the referee on that day is ineligible and the player with this role can never choose himself. If the player with this role dies it will be randomly reassigned to another player with the Karateka role. Players with any other role are ineligible. Note that there's no rule against the player with the Championship Committee role being the referee any given day, he just can't choose himself as his night action.

Roles aligned with the Cobra Kai faction:

Johnny Lawrence: You're an evil athletic blond bully who likes to pick on and beat up scrawny dark haired kids half his size. You've also won this championship two times in a row and are aiming for the third. Once in the game you may Sweep the Leg of any player by PMing his name to the mods. This player will not be eligible to become referee the following day. As a member of the Cobra Kai you may confer with the other members in a private forum and jointly choose one player to eliminate from the tournament every night by PMing his name to the mod.

Bobby Brown: You're one of Johnny's cronies, but also a great karateka in your own right. Once in the game you may put another player Out of Commission. To do so you must bold the following sentence during a day phase: [b]I am Bobby Brown, and I'm putting player's name Out of Commission[/b]. The player in question will be eliminated from the championship, unable to continue due to injury, but you will be disqualified too. If you happen to target a player who was unsuccessfully healed the previous night your power won't work. You'll be disqualified but your target won't die, as he's brought back to health by Miyagi as in the movie (even if the player with the Miyagi role is no longer active). This is considered a successful heal. Your Out of Commission ability ends the day phase. As a member of the Cobra Kai you may confer with the other members in a private forum and jointly choose one player to eliminate from the tournament every night by PMing his name to the mod.

John Kreese: You're the Cobra Kai sensei. You advocate a merciless form of Karate that turns your students into bullies and dicks. You act as symp to your two students who participate in the championship. You'll be aware of their identities, but they won't know yours. If you die the CF will have you come up as innocent rather than as Cobra Kai. If your two students are eliminated from the championship you will lose the game and be beat up by Miyagi in the parking lot.

Special victory conditions:

- If no player is eligible by the player with the Championship Committee role for being the referee then the Cobra Kai wins the game. If a single player is eligible and he has his leg swept that night they will also win the game.
- If the player with the Championship Committee role is eliminated by a referee or put Out of Commission and no other player is eligible for it then the Cobra Kai wins the game. If the player with the Championship Committee role is eliminated during the night and no other player is eligible for it then the next day will be declared the final round, and the Cobra Kai will win unless they last of them is vanquished by the referee or the player with the Daniel LaRusso role.
- Otherwise a faction may only win by eliminating all the members of the opposing faction.

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Daniel rushes into the grand hall where the All Valley Championship is being held and spots Miyagi and Ali waiting for him at the door.

“Hey! Mr. Miyagi!” he calls.
“Hurry up. Come. Tournament starting” Miyagi beckons.

Ali takes the black belt she and Miyagi stole from one of the referee’s sports bag and quickly knots it around Daniel’s waist.

“Where’d we get this?” he says, surprised.
“Buddha provide” answers Miyagi, while Ali grins.

A referee’s voice is heard through the loud-speakers “Daniel LaRusso. Please report to ring 3 immediately”.

“Where’s ring 3?” inquires Daniel.
“Over there” points Miyagi.

One of the championship officials waylays the trio while Ali is finishing with Daniel’s belt.
“Hold it! Hold it! Only teachers and students in the competition floor, sorry” he says, looking at Ali.
“Oh… well he can’t speak English” Daniel improvises gesturing towards Miyagi “and I can’t understand his instructions without her. She’s ah… she’s his translator”. Miyagi catches on and mumbles something in Japanese. “What did he say?” the official asks. “He says you remind him of an uncle he has back in Tokyo” ‘translates’ Ali. The official laughs. “I guess it’s okay”.
Miyagi mumbles something else “What?” asks the official. “He says you’re very kind” says Ali. The official smiles and bows to Miyagi “Thank you!” he says. “Welcome” answers Miyagi, and briskly walks away and Daniel and Ali follow suit.

“All right. What are the rules here?” asks Daniel.
“Don’t know” answers Miyagi “First time you. First time me”.
“What?” cries Daniel “I figured you knew about this stuff. I figured you went to these before. Oh great… I’m dead. You told me you fought a lot!”.
Miyagi lets out a hearty “Hah!”. “For life! Not for points”.
Ali addresses her slightly whiny boyfriend and explains “Daniel, look. Everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the head, the ribs, sternum and kidneys. Got it?”.
“I hope so” sighs Daniel, not very reassuringly.
“Come on. You can do it” Ali prompts him, and starts massaging his back to assuage him.

A bunch of Cobra Kai students jog past doing some warming-up while chanting “Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!” and bump into Daniel, pushing him aside.
Ali scowls at them “When are you jerks going to grow up?”.

Finally the group reaches their destination. There are six red square tatami placed around the sides of a white hexagon in the centre of the hall where the trophies are kept.
“Where am I? Here?” asks Daniel.
“Hai, number 3” confirms Miyagi.
“Well what’s that guy kneeling for that for?” he asks, pointing at his first opponent, who awaits in seiza.
“Don’t know” shrugs Miyagi.
“Well don’t you know anything you can tell me?” whines Daniel.
“Hai. Don’t get hit!”.

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The game will be starting shortly. At the end there will be 13 players. Also note that due to balance issues the Kreese role has become a symp rather than a full-fledged FM.

I will start sending out PMs now. You may [b]NOT[/b] post yet.

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You should all have received your PM with your login information.

There are 13 players:

Karl Smith


Johnny Lawrence



Bobby Brown

Daniel LaRusso


Ali Mills





You have 36 hours. This is post number 7, whichever player gets to make post number 8 becomes the referee for day one. I'm modding solo, so please be patient if you require mod intervention during euro night-time.

You may start posting [b]NOW!!![/b]

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The mod confirms Espinoza as the referee for Day one.

Remember: alts and roles are [b]INDEPENDENT[/b] from each other. The person with the Daniel LaRusso alt, for example, has as many chances of getting the Daniel LaRusso role (1/13) as any other of the players.

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[quote name='Vidal' post='1720187' date='Mar 15 2009, 19.51']Bobby Brown's av looks bit dorky ;)

Not that mine is much better.[/quote]
Honestly, I think my hair makes my av the dorkiest by a long shot.

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:stunned: ME? the Referee?

Well I am going to say that we should vote like we would in a normal game and I will make the decision before the day ends.

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