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Onion Knight

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With me iit looks normal. Which browser do you use? And do you have a particular skin (see preferences)?

I don't have a particualr skin, just whatever the default skin is. My browser is Firefox 14.0.1 and it appears the same way for me in IE9.

EDIT: Things display as they should when I switch to the "Temp" skin.

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I'd like to edit a protected page http://awoiaf.wester...ords-Chapter_70

There are two typos that I can see:

1. she instist that the judges

2. the reference at the bottom of page mis-spells Twyin, thus not linking correctly.

Do I need to "prove" myself before being allowed to edit the wiki?


You need three posts on the forum to edit the wiki

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That is probably because there is no clear explanation in the books. Knighthood is linked to the Faith of the Seven. However in the North the faith in the Old Gods is still strong. Because of this there are not a lot of knights in the North but they do have the title "master" for vassals that have land but do not have the title "lord". So it seems to be the equivalent of the landed knight.

Take note that the explanation above is based on logical (I hope) reasoning. I don't remember the books explaining the word "master".

Maybe the World of Ice and Fire will have some info about this.

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Question: How long is too long? How detailed is too detailed?

I would argue that the profile's of Green Grace, Alliser Thorne, Big Walder, Moqorro, Dusky Woman, Renak, Mormont's frickin raven, Lady Ryswell, Gilly, Shahaz, Strong Belwas, and all others edited several times each by the user "Dimadick" all pass the threshold of reasonable length and then smash it at least fivefold.

Please look at Alliser's entry. It is ridiculous. Every scene Alliser is in has at least two paragraphs, and there are paragraphs about events that Alliser was not even present for, that barely have any baring on him. Here are the EIGHT PARAGRAPHS describing Alliser's meeting with the council in ACOK:

Tyrion holds court at the Throne Room of the Red Keep, seated on the Iron Throne. He first handles negotiations with House Stark, using Cleos Frey as an intermediary. A herald then calls for petitioners to present themselves. In response, Alliser pushes his way between the Redwyne twins (Hobber and Horas) and demands to be heard. [2] Tyrion feigns surprise at the presence of Alliser at court, claiming that he was not informed of the matter. Alliser is not convinced, pointing out that he had already send word to the Hand. He vocally complains about being shunned, ignored, and left waiting for quite some time. As if he was a baseborn servant, not a knight. Tyrion again feigns surprise, and (mockingly) chastises Bronn for treating Alliser in this way. Tyrion publicly claims that he and Alliser are old friends, who used to walk the Wall together. [2]

Varys personally addresses "sweet Ser Alliser", asking the knight to not think too harshly of the Small council. He claims that the court is crowded with petitioners seeking the grace of Joffrey, a consequence of their troubled and tumultuous times. Alliser responds that the times are still more troubled than they know, certain that there are troubles which escaped the attention of the Master of Whisperers. While speaking to Varys, Alliser fails to call him by name, simply calling him "eunuch". Petyr Baelish jokingly points that they use the term "Lord Eunuch" for Varys, at least to his face. Alliser does not respond to the joke. Pycelle then gets to the point, asking the "good brother" to name how they could help him. Pycelle seems to have noticed the irritable manner of Alliser, since he uses soothing tones when speaking to him. [2]

Alliser states that Lord Commander Jeor Mormont tasked him with personally petitioning Joffrey, for a matter too grave to be left to "servants". An answer which collectively insults all members of the Small Council. Tyrion replies that the young king is preoccupied, playing with his new crossbow. He does not meet petiotioners. Consequently, Alliser has a choice between speaking to servants and staying silent. Alliser narrates the recent encounter of the Watch with two wights, his voice colored with displeasure. Tyrion can not believe his own ears while listening to this "folly" (nonsense, madness). He first wonders whether Alliser is mocking him. Then suspects that a member of the Council (Varys, Petyr, or Pycelle) arranged the scene to undermine his own dignity at court. He remembers shivering while gazing at the Haunted Forest, feeling a sense of dread coming from Beyond the Wall. He still doubts, however, that there is truth in Alliser's story. [2]

Tyrion asks whether Jeor survived the attack on his person, and Alliser confirms the survival of the "Old Bear". Tyrion asked whether Alliser's brothers manage to kill the "dead men", and Alliser confirms that they did. Tyrion then asks if they are certain that this time the dead men will stay dead. Bronn laughs at this comment, and Alliser snaps. He vocally insists that they were dead the first time, pale and cold. He also mentions bringing proof, the severed hand of Jafer Flowers, torn away by the "bastard's wolf" (Ghost). Petyr asks for the whereabouts of this charming token. Alliser frowns in discomfort, having to explain that during his long wait for an audience the hand kept rotting. There is no flesh left in it, just bones. Bystanders at court giggle because there is nothing left of his so-called evidence. [2]

Tyrion decides to go with the general mood and treat the matter in a snidely manner. He instructs Petyr to provide supplies for "brave Ser Alliser", a hundred spades to take back to the Wall. Alliser narrows his eyes in suspicion and questioningly repeats: "Spades?". Tyrion responds that the spades will solve their problems with the walking dead. If the Watch buries its dead, they would not return to walking. A remark that has the court openly laughing at Alliser and the Watch. Tyrion softens the blow somewhat, promising that there should be strong backs to wield the spates. He instructs Jacelyn Bywater to allow Alliser free pick of the city dungeons. Effectively a permission to claim any available prisoner for the Watch. [2] Jacelyn informs Tyrion that the dungeons are nearly empty. All the prisoners deemed fit for service had left the city with Yoren. Unconcerned, Tyrion instructs him to arrest more men. And to also spread the word around the starving city that the Watch needs volunteers. Tyrion hopes that some of the hungry population might be tempted by the offer of bread and turnips on the Wall, simultaneously helping reduce the number of mouths to feed in King's Landing and addressing the need of the Watch for reinforcements. [2]

When the herald calls for an end to the day's court session, Alliser refuses to leave the Throne Room. Instead he waits at the foot of the Iron Throne and confronts a descending Tyrion. He blocks the path of the Hand, and asks him whether he sailed all the way from Eastwatch-by-the-Sea just to be mocked by the likes of Tyrion. He is fuming with anger yet still attempts to convince Tyrion that wights are no laughing matter. He claims to have seen dead men walking with his own eyes. [2] Tyrion pushes past the knight, simply responding that the Watch should try to kill them more thoroughly. Alliser attempts to grab Tyrion by the sleeve, and Preston Greenfield intervenes to stop him. He thrusts back Alliser and warns against approaching Tyrion. Alliser backs away, unwilling to challenge a member of the Kingsguard. [2]

Tyrion turns his back at Alliser and starts walking away. Alliser shouts that the "Imp" (Tyrion) is a fool. Tyrion turns to confront him, pointing that the people were laughing at Alliser. Making him wonder which of them is the fool. He then manages a wane smile and asks Alliser to confirm the purpose of his mission. Which is that the Watch needs men. Alliser insists that there is more to it than that. The cold winds are rising, and the Wall must be held. Tyrion points that to hold the Wall, the Watch needs men. He has already offered men to Alliser. If the knight had managed to register the offer, and not just the insults, he would have realized that Tyrion has already helped him fulfill his task. The correct response would be to take whatever available men there are, thank Tyrion and begone. Tyrion warns Alliser to do so before forcing him once again to take a crab fork against the knight.[2] As a parting gesture, Tyrion asks Alliser to give his warm regards to Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow. Bronn then takes the initiative to end the confrontation. The sellsword seizes Alliser by the elbow and marches him forcefully out of the throne room. [2]

Varys and Petyr witness the private confrontation between Tyrion and Alliser, while Pycelle had already left the room. Varys expresses admiration for the decision making of Tyrion. Mentioning among other decisions that Tyrion offered Alliser the needed men, rid the city of some hungry mouths, and still convinced the court that everything was done in mockery. Nobody could now claim that the dwarf fears snarks and grumkins. Petyr makes no mention of the Watch, more interested in other recent decisions of Tyrion.

Note that his sentence structuring is pretty bad too (eg. "He then manages a wane smile and asks Alliser to confirm the purpose of his mission. Which is that the Watch needs men.")

I have little to no experience editing Wikis. Is there something that can be done about this guy?

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