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Your war council


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Assuming we can choose people dead or alive.

Joffrey Baratheon because he's the king and, well, he's the king.
Rickon Stark because I can use him to rally the North to my cause.
Robert Arryn to gain all the power of the Vale.
Arya Stark because if any of the above give me any trouble she can kill and replace them.
Tyrion Lannister because before we go to extremes and have Arya replace anyone, Tyrion has no problems, kid or king, to smack the sass out of any of the little buggers. He's my enforcer.
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Roose Bolton - Possibly as cold blooded as Tywin, and more likely to offer council, from what I recall.
Jason Mallister - Brings an important amount of bad "assitude"
Mathis Rowan - Straight to the point, and supposedly experienced.
Stannis Baratheon - What he did at Storm's End means I want him on my side.
Yohn Royce - See Mallister, Jason. Plus, I just think "Bronze" Yohn Royce is an awesome name.

I would also want Jory Cassel as my bodyguard, just because the Cassels are awesome :).
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I can't believe none of you have mentioned Robb or Ned yet. Crazy!

[s]Eddard[/s] Robb Stark -- [s]I'm assuming he's like Robb, but older and wiser. He and Robb are interchangable, but I don't want both of them here, so I picked Ned.[/s] Nevermind, Robb comes with Grey Wind. Robb it is.
Randyll Tarly -- He's great warrior, and very practical. He would lead the van.
Stannis Baretheon -- Very experienced. This guy would bring the discipline that I need. He's not very creative, but we have Ned/Robb and Tyrion for that.
Tyrion Lannister -- This guy is incredibly cunning and creative...just look at how he defended King's Landing!
Davos Seaworth -- He'll in charge of the navy. He's a level-headed guy, and if he had been in charge on the Blackwater that battle might have gone differently.
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Ned: He's suckass at politics, but he knows soldiering
Tyrion: His cunning is sick and he's good for levity
Ser Kevan: Hanging around Tywin, he's had to have learned politics but he doesn't come across as a hard-core asshole
Randyll Tarly: A vote for an all-out assault to help keep things in perspective
Maester Aemon: The guy shits wisdom and will be sure to keep me from doing something subtly but totally stupid
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Tarly (Called the best soldier in the realm I believe. Let's see how he handles)
Tywin (Every group needs to have the asshole who's willing to do anything for victory)
Ned (Maybe Robb, the kid showed talent)
Drogo (assuming I could get him to take orders from me)
Stannis (Buggers a defensive genius. Should have one)
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definitely ned stark

Tywin lannister

gerold hightower former head of the kings guard

Danerys targyen

cersei lannister so she can learn from the rest what its like to rule.

the last two would give me something to look at while the others i would learn from
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[quote name='dancer' post='1727647' date='Mar 20 2009, 16.16']Title says it all really. I would probably have...

Tywin Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Brynden Tully
Mance Rayder
Qhorin Halfhand[/quote]
I have to say, I think that you've put together about the best war council imaginable. :cheers:
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Oh sure, I COULD have all the badasses of the world on my side, but Tywin is a douche and Petyr is a backstabbing little bitch, so lets go with those who I think would actually be trustworthy and not kill babies.

Ned Stark - Honor
Tyrion - Brains
Maester Aemon - Wisdom
Robert Baratheon - Bravado
Randyll Tarly - Discipline (though bordering on too douchey)
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In no particular order...

1. Tyrion. He's better than Tywin IMHO.
2. The Blackfish. What can I say? He does what he does better than most.
3. Davos. I need at least one man who won't bullshit me on the council.
4. Stannis. For the same reasons everyone has mentioned.
5. Maester Aemon. His wisdom and experience are unparalleled.
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On my war council I want people who know how to fight battles as well as advise on broader strategy.

1. Robb Stark
2. Brynden the Blackfish
3. Tywin Lannister
4. Tyrion Lannister
5. Daenerys Targaryen

Robb, Brynden, and Tywin are all expert at keeping an army in good order, finding out one's enemy's movements, choosing ground, and planning battles. All, including Daenerys and Tyrion, know the best use to which to put any type of troops. All bar Dany have shown they know the importance of living off enemy ground, forcing a reaction out of one's enemies, never doing what the enemy expects, and of moving quickly and secretly to turn up unexpectedly at the right moment. Tywin, Tyrion, and Daenerys are also experts at betrayal and sowing dissension among one's enemies' ranks and allies. Together they ought to be a mean war council.
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Kevan Lannister-He is indeed no slouch. He earned a name for himself as intelligent and capable and did it without making any of the enemies Tywin did.

Davos Seaworth-Not only a capable sailor, but level-headed and able to speak up without commanding.

Ned Stark-All around good guy, could be placed in charge of any task reasonably well.

Maester Aemon-Years of wisdom PLUS his experience on the wall.

And for a more unexpected twist

Lady Olenna-Cunning and subtle.

There are some fine names missing from this list, but more than individual merit went into it. NONE of the above names are the type that expect to be listened to (Sorry Stannis. You're a great king but a shitty councilor). None of the characters have any alliance to each other, and they are all from different parts of Westeros. Furthermore, ALL have the respect of their own people (sorry Tyrion), giving me ambassadors to most of Westeros. And lastly, none of the chars would cause particular heartburn with the rest, limiting drama and in-fighting. All in all, I'm quite pleased with myself.
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Good question, but hard to choose! In the end I went with:

Randyl Tarly
post-amputation Jaime
Grey Wind - he knows when bad stuff's about to go down!

Alternates (people who almost made the cut, and might be called in to help out if someone's indisposed):
-Tywin - mainly because I feel like having Tywin and Tyrion together would be counter-productive.
-Roose - lost out to Grey Wind at the last minute. I figured Roose and Randyl together would just be too brutal.
-Stannis - I'd actually be willing to have pre-Melisandre Stannis on there, but he can't accept the idea that he may on occasion be wrong about something.
-Barristan - gives great advice, and kinda has that kindly old uncle + Merlin/Gandalf feel to him, but in the end seems like he's unwilling to just come out and say "Your Grace, that plan sucks."
-Davos - great guy, good world experience, but seems too uncertain at times.
-Howland - I'm convinced he's got mad ninja/CotF skills, but until we actually meet the guy, he doesn't actually get a seat on the war council. :smug:
-Littlefinger - mad props to the scheming genious, but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him (and I could probably thow him further than anyone but Tyrion...). Actually, he doesn't even get to be an alternate, but I may pay him an honorarium just keep him from screwing with my plans. ;)
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Just wondering.

Where did the idea come that LF would be good for a war council? An Economic council, sure. Even a political council or spy council. But I don't remember any reference to him knowing anything of military tactics or strategy. Of course please feel free to prove me wrong in this.
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