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Scheduled Downtime

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Due to reports of some slowness in forum response time, the first step I'm going to take to try and resolve it is to finally purge the forum of a lot of accumulated old posts and topics. This is a process that takes a very long time, unfortunately, and having the forum active during it increases the chances of DB crashes or lockups.

So, on April 26th at 0900 Greenwich Mean Time, I'll be closing the forum for however hours it takes to at least make a serious dent in the forum's post count, and to optimize the database when I'm done. It will hopefully improve forum response time. If not, next step will be to bring the issue to the server admin Sparks, to see if she can find anything that needs fixing.

It's entirely possible the forum will be closed for most of the day, so don't sit around constantly checking. We will post at http://www.westeros.org/Updates/ when the forum is back up, so just keep an eye on that instead.

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