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Fargo ValleyCon

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I can see it now. He comes out in his court best, fancy basket strapped to his back drinking a martini and he introduces himself.

" The name's Hodor, Hodor Hodor."

I can confirm this rumor. GRRM did say it. And then said something about busting the budget and that all of the characters in Dany's chapters would be played by sock puppets to make up the difference.

He did say something else interesting about the casting for the HBO series. Probably doesn't need spoilers, but to be safe.


He mentioned that there are a lot of people in the pilot that have not been cast, and won't be cast for the pilot. The example he gave was Tommen. Tommen is in the Pilot, but doesn't have any lines. So he is played by an extra. If the show gets picked up, he will need to be cast and played by a "real" actor. So the Tommen in the pilot will not be the Tommen in the series. They might go back and reshoot the Tommen scene, or they might not. But the same thing applies to a lot of the Winterfell minor characters that we see but don't hear. And with so many, it will not be possible to reshoot all of the scenes. Sharp eyes might catch this. Most people won't.

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As do you, punk. Preferably one I'm also attending. We can wear matching corpsepaint.

For sure. I've already told myself I need to make a Worldcon, asap, although I'll probably wait until after Melbourne, as that's a bit of a swing.

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Hmm, I just wanted to add that, being a huge Martell fan, I would really appreciate if you lucky people were to start the "Quentyn I" thread someone mentioned earlier. That would make my day. One truly wonderful thread to lurk in;)

Oh, btw, did GRRM mention how many chapters Q has? At the beginning it was said he was supposed to have 1, but looking at it's contents I honestly hope it's not so... I mean... if he was to have only this one chapter... or were to be killed of... than what's the point of making him a POV so late in the series, especially since GRRM already has so many other POV characters to deal with (kill off ;>)?

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I'm just now catching up on this thread and I just wanted to thank Kasteen and everyone else who was involved with this ValleyCon! It was awesome! This was my first Con and I went into it thinking that I just had to take advantage of George being so close to where I live but that it would probably be the only Con I will ever attend. After experincing it I no longer think that will be the case ;) I know George is booked for a Con in 2012 in Missoula, MT and I'm eyeing that one because my best friend lives there and is also a huge fan. We discovered the series together so it would sort of be fun to see George together as well.

Like others, I'm still sort of trying to process everyhting that I heard, etc. but I do have one thing to add now. On the speculation about the cliff-hanger ending to the reading:

SPOILER: spoiler

As others have said, I immediately thought the plan the Big Man was talking about was to join a mercenary company. I think another good clue for this is that the Big Man said it would get them to Dany but that it wasn't very "honorable". I think he was talking about the fact that it wouldn't be very honorable of them to join a company and then ditch/betray that company when they reach Dany.

I also want to say how great it was meeting everyone from the board. This is such a great community and you all make it so. Oh, and Ro, no I'm not a 16 year old kid (although many's the time when I've wished I still were ;) ).

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Now that I have rested and almost caught up my sleep, I wanted to add my thanks to the people who helped us out with the room. Kim, Mike, Cassie, and Greg were all awesome and helped set the room up, repair the walls, spot us bartending and keeping Kas from going completely nuts. Cassie and Kas also did work on the shields you might have seen on the walls which everyone loved. Chataya was very helpful in dealing with the more interesting con goers. The gents from Dark Sword Miniatures were very fun to hang out with as well.

Was glad to meet and talk with some of you. My only regret is that I was so busy helping Kas out or making sure everything was going ok for George that I didn’t have time to meet all of you or chat with everyone who was able to show up. With luck I will make it to the Chicago WorldCon. ValleyCon was by far the best con I have ever been to and that was in large part due to George and you guys.

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@ Ro, Ran, Tsavong Lah, and Ser Michael John Snow:

I did not attend the con. However, I have written a summary of the information about the Quentyn chapter based on your reports in this thread. Would it be ok to post the summary in the spoiler-dicussion-thread for ADWD? I thought it might be helpful and encourage further discussion of the chapter?

If you are not ok with this, I can understand that as well.



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Compilation of the the various posts on the new chapter: (If there's any new details to add, you can definitely share)



Quentyn Martell is stranded in Volantis, trying to find a ship to Daenerys Targaryen in Slaver’s Bay. He has been sent by his father to make her his bride. The party has undergone much trouble and strife; Maester Kedry, and two of the guards that were sent with Quentyn were killed when the ship they were being transported on was beset by pirates. Quentyn reflects that not only was this a great tragedy for them, but that the loss of Kedry was most acute because he had spent half his life studying the languages and cultures of the free cities and the slave cities. So the difficulty of their task, which was already high, was just made more so.

They have tried 20 - 100 ships and can't find anyone willing to take them to Meereen, since Daenerys has closed the fighting pits and slavery isn't allowed - there is no reason for any ship to put into port there. Quentyn is very concerned that Tywin's assassins will find Daenerys before he can get to her and protect her.

Quentyn is a solemn young man of 18, who is not prone to laughter or jests. He is dedicated to fulfilling his duty. Quentyn is also somewhat dreamy and awkward. In his mind, he thinks of Daenerys as the most beautiful woman in the world. He thinks how she will need him because she needs Dorne, but she will not love him, and he is distraught by this. He is not a man who has had much of any success with women aside from a kiss from one of Lord Fowler’s twin daughters.

Quentyn had been called by his father Prince Doran Martell to the water garden, where the children are, and his father gave him his directions. Quentyn has rejected suggestions from his companions to return to Dorne because he refused to fail his Father, Dorne, and the most beautiful woman in the world.

The harbor of Volantis is huge and is said to be able to swallow all the islands of Braavos within it, and Quentyn doesn't doubt that after seeing it, although he has never seen Braavos. Volantis still speaks Valarian, but a corrupted version of it. The city has five slaves for every free man and the slaves are marked with a variety of signs by a tattoo on their cheek. Also, in Volantis, common modes of transportation are small carts that are pulled by miniature elephants.The innkeeper convinced Quentyn that they must use the dwarf elephant carts to travel, as a man can lose social standing by walking. Coincidentally, the innkeep also had a cousin who just happened to have an elephant stable.

Quentyn’s group is pretending to be wine merchants; they all take a turn being the master merchant, and the others his servants. They finally find a captain who will take them to Meereen but his ship reeks of filthy slaves and the captain is very shady. On the way back to their lodgings they pass by companies of sellswords looking for recruits and Quentyn is upset, thinking that every sword they find is one more threatening his bride. The recruiters try to recruit Quentyn and his men, using some amazingly foul language while mocking the party. The Golden Company, a famous sellsword company, is also mentioned as being known far and wide to have broken their contract.

On the way back to the inn, Quentyn’s companions try to get Quentyn to stop and watch a comedy show, but he won't have any of it. He doesn't want laughter, he wants to serve Dorne and get to his bride. The comedy show consisted of two dwarves dressed in tin armour, one mounted on a pig and one on a dog.

They return to their lodgings and the one they have nicknamed "the big man" says he has an idea on how to get to Dany that doesn't include The Demon Road (the other Valyrian roads are known as The Dragon Roads, but there is something darker about the demon road). He says it’s not honorable but it will be faster than travelling the Demon Road.

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