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EHK for Darwin


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Mmn... Not much can bring me out of retirement to post.

Tom was a mad bastard. Respect grew to the point where I wasn't surprised by the hammer-blow of his death. A tragedy which highlighted [for me anyway] the likelihood of how often such a loss plays out every day, generally unremarked, so I count it a privilege of mine then to have actually known him. Maybe, maybe even grown with him.

Rest in peace, you loquacious mother fucker.


This is pretty much the only thing that brings me out of retirement to post, J. Nice to see you. :kiss:

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I wonder what he'd make of the whole Greece thing. No matter which side he came down on, whatever he said would be the truth.

God damn right. EHK hated bullshit and did not suffer fools. Those were some of his most magnificent traits.

Man, some of the ignoramuses that have shown up over the years; how EHK would have put them in their places.

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Y'know, every year when I see a reminder of EHK's death, I'm saddened, as you all are, by the thought of such a spirit being silenced so young. But I can't stand the thought that he should be remembered in sadness. I'd much rather remember him by quoting some of his zingers that made me laugh or shake my head in disbelief or move me in some other way. Maybe **he'd** rather be remembered that way too - that way he still lives among us.

In that vein, EHK on smokers:

(Snipping some prize gems to get to the part that made me laugh out loud, namely:)

Enough with the rhetoric, lets get to the other shit. As a hospital worker, people are gonna be wheezing and puking on you at some point whether they're a smoker or not. We just have the decency to do it at 65 or so rather than 80-90 when all we can do is smile toothlessly and shit ourselves. You should be thanking us.

We subsidize every state, local, and federal budget with the ridiculous taxes on every pack of cigarettes. We pay higher for insurance, die before we collect Social Security or Medicaid. We contribute more and get less - once more, you should be thanking us.

:) for EHK.

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