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Filming in Scotland

Black Wizard

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hey amsra,

that´s right - we were asked to make an adaption of the main theme of dragon age in our "cantus buranus" stile. you can download it for free next week at this website:

Hi Norri! I saw you guys in Philadelphia the other year, and I'm so glad you were involved in the shooting. I hope they ask you back!

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i´m still working on my report about the shooting in scottland - i hope i can finish it at the weekend :-)

something different - i hope it´s ok to post that here - we´ve recorded a song for the game "dragon age" - it´s now free to download at:


because it´s a german website, here a short (copied ;-)) information:

Dragon Age: Origins + Corvus Corax

The new fantasy Video/Roll Playing game meets the Masters of the sound of ancient times.

In a collaboration with the talents of the Passionata Choir Berlin, star soprano Ingeborg Schöpf, Conductor Bernard Fabuljan, and the Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra Prague, Corvus Corax present Dragon Age: Origins – Cantus Buranus version.

In the signature style of their epic orchestral project, Cantus Buranus, the 5.5 minute soundtrack is composed in Elvish, Dwarfish, German and English.

have fun - i´ll come back soon with my report :-)


norri - corvus corax

[Edited by Ran: Turned the site address into a clickable URL.]

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