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The Game of Thrones TV Adaptation FAQ


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CURRENT STATUS: Filming of Season 1 completed. HBO will begin transmission of the series on 17 April 2011.


Game of Thrones is a television adaptation of the Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin, being developed by the American cable network HBO. The current plan is to adapt each novel as one television season, with A Game of Thrones being adapted as the first season, A Clash of Kings as the second and so on. Game of Thrones is currently being adopted as the overall title for the series.

Filming on Season 1 has been completed. If renewed, filming of Season 2 is expected to begin in the Spring.


So far the following roles have been cast:

House Stark

Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell.

Michelle Fairley as Lady Catelyn Stark, originally of House Tully, Lady of Winterfell.

Richard Madden as Robb Stark.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark.

Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark.

Joseph Mawle as Benjen Stark, First Ranger of the Night's Watch.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow, Lord Eddard's bastard son.

Jennifer Ehle was cast as Catelyn Stark in the pilot episode but has since had to leave the series. She has been replaced with Michelle Fairley, who will reshoot the Catelyn scenes from the pilot during principal photography of the rest of the series.

Wards and Retainers of Winterfell

Alfie Owen-Allen as Theon Greyjoy, heir to the Iron Islands, ward of Lord Eddard Stark.

Ron Donachie as Ser Rodrik Cassel, master-of-arms at Winterfell.

Jamie Sives as Jory Cassel, the captain of Eddard's household guards.

Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin, a maester of the Citadel.

Kristian Nairn as Hodor, a simple stableboy at Winterfell.

Megan Jones as Old Nan, an elderly retainer who tells stories to Lord Eddard's children.

Susan Brown as Septa Mordane, responsible for the children's religious education and the daughters' comportment.

Clive Mantle as Lord Greatjon Umber, the head of House Umber, a loyal vassal of the Starks.

David Bradley as Lord Walder Frey, the head of House Frey, a vassal of the Tullys, Catelyn Stark's family.

Rhodri Hawkings as Mycah, a butcher's son who befriends Arya Stark on their journey south.

Lalor Roddy as an assassin.

House Lannister

Charles Dance as Lord Tywin Lannister, the head of the house, Lord of Casterly Rock.

Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ser Jaime Lannister, a knight of the Kingsguard.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, the Imp.

Eugene Simon as Lancel Lannister, Tyrion, Jaime and Cersei's cousin and King Rober's squire.

Ian Gelder as Kevan Lannister, Tywin's younger brother, Lancel's father.

House Baratheon & Sworn Swords

Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon, King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Jack Gleeson as Prince Joffrey Baratheon, heir to the Iron Throne.

Aimee Richardson as Princess Myrcella Baratheon, Robert's daughter.

Callum Wharry as Prince Tommen Baratheon, Robert's youngest son.

Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane, Prince Joffrey's sworn sword.

Gethin Anthony as Renly Baratheon, King Robert's brother, Lord of Storm's End and Master of Laws on the King's small council.

House Arryn, Retainers and Sworn Swords

Sir John Standing as Lord Jon Arryn, the deceased Hand of the King (flashback only).

Kate Dickie as Lady Lysa Arryn, Catelyn Stark's sister and de facto ruler of the Vale of Arryn in her son's name.

Lino Facioli as Lord Robin Arryn, Lysa's young son and titular Lord of the Vale. Renamed from 'Robert Arryn' in the books.

Ciaran Birmingham as Mord, the chief jailor at the Eyrie.

Brendan McCormack as Ser Vardis Egen, the captain of the household guards at the Eyrie.

Jefferson Hall as Ser Hugh of the Vale, Lord Jon's former squire, now knighted for his leal service.

At the Crossroads Inn and nearby

Jerome Flynn as Bronn, a sellsword of dubious loyalty

Emun Elliott as Marillion, a minstrel and singer.

Susie Kelley as Masha Heddle, the innkeeper of the Crossroads Inn.

Sibel Kekilli as Shae, a camp-follower.

Mark Lewis Jones as Shagga, a leader of the mountain clans.

In the Free City of Pentos and in Vaes Dothrak

Emilia Clarke as Princess Daenerys Targaryen, the Stormborn.

Harry Lloyd as Prince Viserys Targaryen, the exiled 'beggar king' of the Seven Kingdoms.

Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont, an exiled knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Ian McNeice as Illyrio Mopatis, Magister of Pentos.

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo, a Dothraki warlord.

Dar Salim as Qotho, one of Drogo's bloodriders.

Elyes Gabel as Jhogo, a Dothraki warrior and Daenerys's bodyguard.

Roxanne McKee as Doreah, a Lyseni slave.

Amrita Acharia as Irri, a Dothraki slave.

Mia Soteriou as Mirri Maz Duur, a healer and wise woman.

Simon Lowe as a wineseller in Vaes Dothrak.

Tamzin Merchant was cast as Daenerys in the pilot, but has since left the project and been replaced with Emilia Clarke.

At the Royal Court in King's Landing and in the City

Aidan Gillen as Lord Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish, the King's Master of Coin and a member of the small council.

Conleth Hill as Varys, the King's Master of Whispers and a member of the small council.

Julian Glover as Grand Maester Pycelle, a member of the King's small council and a trusted advisor.

Ian McElhinney as Ser Barristan Selmy, the Lord Commander of the Kinsguard and a member of the small council.

Finn Jones as Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, a famous tourney knight and warrior, beloved by the commons.

Conan Stevens as Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain That Rides, the most feared knight and largest man in all of Westeros.

Wilko Johnson as Ser Ilyn Payne, the king's headsman.

David Michael Scott as Lord Beric Dondarrion, a young lord and popular tourney knight.

Dominic Carter as Janos Slynt, Commander of the King's Landing City Guard, the goldcloaks.

Miltos Yerelomou as Syrio Forel, the former First Sword of Braavos, living in King's Landing as a swordmaster and teacher.

Andrew Wilde as Tobho Mott, a master blacksmith.

Joe Dempsie as Gendry, Mott's apprentice.

Eros Vlahos as Lommy Greenhands, a dyer's apprentice.

Ben Hawkey as Hot Pie, a baker's apprentice.

Antonia Christophers as Mhaegen, the mother of one of King Robert's bastards.

Esme Bianco as Ros, a lady of negotiable affection known to Tyrion Lannister.

Sahara Knite as Armeca, a prostitute in King's Landing working for Littlefinger.

Roy Dotrice was originally cast in the role of Grand Maester Pycelle but had to withdraw from the production shortly before filming began due to illness. He has been replaced by Julian Glover.

Members of the Night's Watch and Wildlings

James Cosmo as Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, the 'Old Bear', commander of the Night's Watch and father to the disgraced Ser Jorah Mormont.

Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon, Lord Mormont's closest advisor and maester at Castle Black.

Owen Teale as Ser Alliser Thorne, in charge of training new recruits.

Brian Fortune as Bowen Marsh, the First Steward of the Watch.

Francis Magee as Yoren, a recruiter for the Watch.

John Bradley-West as Samwell Tarly, a fresh recruit for the Watch, of House Tarly of the Reach..

Josef Altin as Pyp, a fresh recruit for the Watch, a former mummer.

Mark Stanley as Grenn, a fresh recruit for the Watch.

Luke McEwan as Rast, a fresh recruit for the Watch, a rapist.

Rob Ostlere as Ser Waymar Royce, a newcomer to the Watch, a knight and warrior.

Dermot Keaney as Gared, a veteran of the Watch.

Bronson Webb as Will, an experienced scout of the Watch.

Stephen Don as Stiv, a wildling.

Natalia Tena as Osha, a wildling warrior-woman.

Derek Halligan was originally cast as Alliser Thorne but withdrew from the production shortly before filming of Season 1. He was replaced by Owen Teale.

This website has an excellent collection of photos of the actors.

Additional characters such as Stannis Baratheon, Davos Seaworth, Melisandre of Asshai and Brienne of Tarth will not be cast until/unless a second season is commissioned, following the structure of the books. In a change to the structure, the characters of Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully, Edmure Tully and Lord Hoster Tully have been moved back to Season 2 for budgetary reasons.

Credits & Production

The series is being executive-produced and developed for the screen by David Benioff (the scriptwriter of The 25th Hour, Troy and The Kite Runner and the author of the novels The 25th Hour and City of Thieves) and Dan Weiss (author of the novel Lucky Wonder Boy and a scriptwriter on the aborted Halo and Ender's Game movies). They are also the showrunners and will be writing episodes 1-3, 5, 7 and 9-10.

George R.R. Martin is serving as a consulting producer and plans to script one episode per season, but he said he will mostly take a hands-off role to focus on completing the final two novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Martin has also filmed a small cameo appearance for the pilot episode and has already completed his script for the series, which will air as Episode 8.

Bryan Cogman worked on the pilot as a script assistant and will be writing Episode 4 of Season 1.

Jane Espenson, a genre fan-favourite writer for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, will be scripting Episode 6 of Season 1.

The pilot episode has been directed by Thomas McCarthy, the award-winning director of small, independent movies such as The Station Agent and The Visitor and an experienced actor (appearing in the movies The Lovely Bones and 2012 and several TV series, including a recurring role as Scott Templeton in the final season of The Wire). Brian Kirk, Tim Van Patten, Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan are the directors of the series itself, including reshoots on the pilot.

Music for the series will be composed by Stephen Warbeck, an Oscar Award-winning composer best known for his work on Shakespeare in Love. The German band Corvus Corax played a troupe of musicians who played at the Winterfell feast scene and two of their songs will apparently be used in this sequence.

Modern VideoFilm is handling post-production requirements. The amount of effects and CGI requirements for the pilot are known to include a CGI wheelhouse (for Cersei's travelling party), digital extensions to the real castle locations, scenes and panoramas outside of set windows and possible crowd extension work. It is assumed that CGI will also be used to depict the Others in the prologue sequence. Effects personnel known to be working on the pilot include Julia Frey, who has worked on projects including Alien 3 and John Adams, and Robert Stromberg, who came to the project fresh from his work on the movies Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Frey has confirmed that she will not be working on the series itself.

Filming of the pilot episode was divided into two shoots, with the scenes in King's Landing, Winterfell and beyond the Wall being filmed in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Doune Castle in Scotland and Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland stood in in for Winterfell, with Tollymore Forest Park in County Antrim serving for the scenes in the haunted forest. Cairncastle in Antrim was also used for the execution scene and where the Stark children find the direwolves in the snow. For the series itself filming mostly took place in Northern Ireland with no return to Scotland. The Paint Hall Studios in Belfast were used for several interior sequences.

Scenes set in Pentos were filmed in Morocco, near the city of Ouarzazate. Sets for the movie Kingdom of Heaven were re-used for some scenes set in and around Ilyrio's manse, including Daenerys and Drogo's wedding. For the series itself, this material was reshot in Malta and Northern Ireland. Severel Maltese towns and cities, most notably Mdina, also doubled for the exteriors and (CGI-enhanced) aerial shots of King's Landing.


What material does the first episode cover?

The first episode starts with the book's prologue and features all of the material up to "The things I do for love,". The second Daenerys scene, involving her marriage, has been brought forwards to the first episode as well, and there is some new dialogue between Eddard and Jaime during the Winterfell feast. There is also a brief new scene in King's Landing where Jaime goes looking for Tyrion to tell him they are going to Winterfell.

Do any the producers/actors post on this message board? Can we make casting suggestions to them?

Producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss very occasionally post on the board and have asked for ongoing casting suggestions in this subforum. None of the actors post on the board as yet, but several do read it, and have expressed admiration for the Photoshopping thread. As mentioned elsewhere, George R.R. Martin does not read the boards, but his partner Parris does, and occasionally posts.

Note that because castmembers do visit the boards, we ask contributors to be polite in their descriptions or assessments of particular actors and their suitability for their roles, particularly remembering that no-one has seen a finished episode as yet.

Do any of the boardmembers have a role in the production?

Several boardmembers served in the pilot episode as extras, and one as a weapons advisor. Please note that those boardmembers who have done so will have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with HBO which will significantly limit what they can discuss here, and we ask other boardmembers to be respectful of those limitations.

Several more boardmembers attended the joint GRRM/cast signing event and party in Belfast in early November 2009 and their reports can be read here. My own report on the event, with pictures, can be read here, here and here.

What other websites are covering the production?

Westeros.org has its dedicated TV news/article section here.

The blog Winter is Coming has been following the production here.

Wikipedia's article on the TV series is here.

Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan has been covering the series here.

George R.R. Martin occasionally covers the production in his Not-a-Blog here.

HBO's official Facebook page is here.

An unofficial Facebook page for the TV series is here.

My own blog is covering developments here.

A Game of Thrones TV-specific Wiki can be found here.

How are HBO addressing the young ages of some of the characters with regards to sex and violence?

Almost all of the characters, children or adult, are being aged up by at least a few years. Robb and Jon are 17 rather than 14, Daenerys is 15 rather than 13 and so on (the actors are older). Sean Bean, who plays Ned Stark, is fifteen years older than Ned in the books, whilst Mark Addy is ten years older than Robert Baratheon as described in the books. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey are around 7 years older than in the books. These age increases are partly down to legal requirements for the amount of time the younger actors can spend on set and their involvement in sexually explicit scenes, and also down to storytelling considerations: George R.R. Martin has also said that in retrospect he should have made the characters a few years older at the start of the books, and may have advised the TV producers to do so for the series.

How are HBO handling the direwolves?

The dead direwolf mother is a physical prop. The direwolf pups are real-life wolf pups. The young direwolves are also real animals. For the adult direwolves, HBO will use a combination of CGI and real animals.

How is the show handling the books' POV structure?

As far as is known at the moment, the series will not be using any special means to reproduce the POV structure from the books (each chapter being from a specific POV only). This frees them to move around and show different characters and different reactions in a given scene. The POVs will still be important, however, because the POV characters are also, mostly, the main protagonists of the series.

How is the show handling the languages?

Westerosi is being depicted as English, possibly with different (British) accents to differentiate different areas. An actual linguistics expert was hired to work out a viable Dothraki grammar for scenes involving Khal Drogo and his followers. Whether this will continue in the series for other languages (the bastard Valyrian of the Free Cities or Slaver's Bay, the languages of Qarth and so forth) remains to be seen.

How are the supernatural elements being handled?

The Others are still in the prologue scene and the dragon eggs and the dragons themselves are still in the story. A notable change from the books is that the Others' ability to raise the dead to fight for them as wights is not revealed in the prologue. Whether this has been removed from the series altogether, or if it is being held back to generate greater surprise later on, or if this was an idea in the early draft of the script which has since been changed, is not known.

How is HBO handling the geography of Westeros?

The planned title sequence for the series involves a crow flying across a map of the continent, from the Wall to King's Landing, passing over points of importance in the first season (Winterfell, the Twins, the Eyrie and Riverrun) along the way. It is possible that this will be adjusted in later seasons to incorporate other locations (maybe Dragonstone, Pyke and Storm's End in the second season, for example). We may also see in-situ maps during strategy and planning sequences, for example. It is unknown if there will be maps depicting the location of Pentos and Daenerys' journey in relation to Westeros (but note that there aren't any in the books either).

Scenery and establishing shots will likely be a combination of real-world photography and CGI where necessary.

How will HBO depict the battles on their budget?

This isn't a huge issue for A Game of Thrones, as the Battle of the Whispering Wood is heard more than seen and the Battle of the Camps is given as a report in Tywin's tent rather than depicted. This only leaves the Lannister assault on Roose Bolton's forces, where only part of the battle detached from the main action is depicted from Tyrion's POV, and this is easily depictable on HBO's budget (which is considerably larger than many other series depicting battles, such as say the BBC's Merlin or various historical documentaries).

How the much vaster Battle of the Blackwater in the second season and the Battle of the Wall in the third are handled remain to be seen.

How are HBO handling the significantly greater length of Book 3?

Again, this is a situation that will be addressed down the road. Solutions for dealing with the much greater bulk of Book 3 may include trying to solicit more episodes for this particular season (something done by The Wire and The Sopranos in the past), filming the story over a greater number of episodes than usual and then splitting it in two to form two shorter seasons (an approach favoured by the new Battlestar Galactica) or simply selectively editing the source material to fit into 12 episodes. However, comments by George R.R. Martin suggest that HBO are currently looking at splitting the book into two seasons, using the Red Wedding as the S1finale. This would expand the TV series to eight seasons.

How are HBO handling the splitting of characters in the fourth and fifth books?

Neither HBO nor GRRM have commented on this directly, but the casting sides indicated that characters who are not in A Feast for Crows but are in A Dance with Dragons will be required for 'Season 4'. This suggests that the timelines and events of the two books will be combined by chronological order and then allowed to unfold across two seasons. This arrangement is not confirmed, however.

How faithful is the series to the books?

According to the pilot script, very faithful. A fair amount of the dialogue is identical, character and location descriptions seem to being followed and where changes are being made, they are being made with the knowledge of George RR Martin. On at least one occasion the TV producers were thinking about moving away from the books (by giving the Lannisters notably different weapons to differentiate them from the Starks), but chose to stay close to the books instead after receiving advice from fans. They have also employed some of the people involved in A Song of Ice and Fire merchandising, such as the makers of the replica Valyrian Steel swords, in matching the look and feel of the books using their experience.

How faithful later episodes are remains to be seen. However, given that the pilot covers about 12% of the book and it's a 10-episode first season, it is more likely that the biggest deviations from the books will involve the addition of new material rather than the removal of anything already there.

What happens if HBO catch up with the production of the books?

HBO are aware of the writing/publication time of the books and the issues involved, and have so far indicated no concern over this being a problem. Given that HBO are known for taking much longer (sometimes 18-24 month) breaks between TV seasons, it is possible that that GRRM will be able to remain ahead of the TV production even if the sixth and seventh books in the series take four to five years each to produce. However, since to get to a sixth, let alone a seventh, season Game of Thrones would have to be one of the most successful shows on HBO at the time, it is a problem they would love to have. In addition (speculation), the very fact the books are not finished and people can't go out and read the last page of the last book to immediately find out how the story ends may also be attractive to HBO.

Can HBO afford this in the long run? They did cancel ROME, CARNIVALE and DEADWOOD, after all.

HBO have taken production decisions to minimize the budget of Game of Thrones without compromising quality. Rome's huge budget was a result of filming in Rome, the most expensive shooting location in the world. Game of Thrones is being filmed in the UK and Morocco with impressive tax breaks and free use of the Paint Hall facility. The cancellation of Carnivale and Deadwood were also partially down to problems beyond the budget. In addition, at the times that all of these shows were cancelled HBO did not take into consideration DVD/Blu-Ray sales, iTunes or other legal download sales. They later indicated that they could have kept Rome on the air due to its impressive DVD sales and stronger-than-expected ratings for the second season (aired after they'd decided to cancel it). As a result, they have acknowledged that the cancellation of Rome was premature and they will try not to make the same mistake again.

Is GRRM waiting for news from HBO before announcing A Dance with Dragons is finished?

NO. In GRRM's own words, as soon as ADWD is finished he will tell Parris, his publishers and then us via his website and blog. HBO's decision has nothing to do with the book publishing side of things.

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There are a couple of typos in Illyrio's name. First of all, it's supposed to be written with two l's like I've done here. For some reason the one-l variety gets around quite a bit as I've seen it that way on many sites, but one would expect that this would not be the case on fan-made forums/sites. His last name is also, most probably by accident, misspelled as two letters have switched places, should be Mopatis not Moptais.

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"George R.R. Martin is serving as a consulting producer and plans to script one episode per season, but he said he will mostly take a hands-off role to focus on completing the final TWO novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series."

do you know something that I (we) don't? does he only have 2 left to complete? A friend of mine has a theory that he's waiting for HBO before he publishes aDwD.

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"George R.R. Martin is serving as a consulting producer and plans to script one episode per season, but he said he will mostly take a hands-off role to focus on completing the final TWO novels in the Song of Ice and Fire series."

do you know something that I (we) don't? does he only have 2 left to complete? A friend of mine has a theory that he's waiting for HBO before he publishes aDwD.

Based on current information (but not secret inside information, as I don't have any), I suspect ADWD will be completed (or all but) before filming resumes, maybe even before we get news on the pick-up. With the overwhelming majority of A Dance with Dragons complete right now, it's more the writing of The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring that might be affected (positively or negatively) by the HBO series.

I think we need to come down pretty hard on this rumour, which is getting ridiculous. GRRM isn't waiting for HBO's news before announcing completion of ADWD. Maybe if he finished it a day before HBO were due to let him know, he might hold off to deliver a double-whammy of good news, but otherwise no. If the word from HBO is no, the series will continue in book form anyway, so there is no reason to tie the two together like that.

GRRM has promised that as soon as the book is definitely finished and off to his publishers, he will let Parris, his publishers and then the Internet (via his blog and website) know about it.

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Only characters appearing in the pilot episode have been cast to date. Additional major characters to be cast in Season 1 will include the likes of Ser Barristan Selmy, Tywin Lannister, Renly Baratheon, Gregor Clegane, Loras Tyrell, Varys, Roose Bolton, Greatjon Umber, Samwell Tarly, Jeor Mormont, Aemon Targaryen, Janos Slynt, Alliser Thorne, Yoren, Grand Maester Pycelle, Lysa Arryn, Brynden Tully, Edmure Tully and Littlefinger. These roles will not be cast until/unless the series is picked up and pre-production on the remaining episodes begins.

Eeeeeeeeer NO Bronn ?! :tantrum: :thumbsdown:

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Eeeeeeeeer NO Bronn ?! :tantrum: :thumbsdown:

Yes, Bronn as well I imagine. There is no news about the character being cut, certainly. I didn't list every character in the series for reasons of space ;)

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They require a "National Insurance Number", whatever that is.

I'm not strictly sure this is true. It's something you could contact them about to see. I distinctly recall that there was an Aussie who was an extra. Now, maybe he's a resident in Ireland, and thus has the number, but my memory says he wasn't. Could be wrong, though.

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Nice FAQ :)

Are we allowed to ask questions in this thread..? I'm just curious if anyone knows if the TV adaption will keep the gold/silver Targaryen hair and purple eyes?

If questions aren't allowed just ignore me lol

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We do not know, I believe. However, it's been noted that a "contact lens specialist" is among the crew for the pilot. This could be for the Lannister green eyes, but it seems just as likely that it's for Daenerys and Viserys.

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They got an A list cast on some of them!

I mean Sean Bean!? Totaly can see him as Eddard Stark! He may look a lot like Boromir, which I guess can suit the look of Eddard Stark...plus Alec Travelyan!!!! Epic 007 villain.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion? Yeah you couldn't find a better actor than him to play that role!

Lot's of new comers too - gonna have to see how they do!

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A while back grrm had a post up regarding availability in countries outside the USA. I believe HBO were going to sell it to other networks, ala Dexter etc. I was wondering if this has happened yet, and if so will it be available in Australia?

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Bloody hell, I'd let that get old :)

Updated with the new casting announcements (Emilia Clarke, Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn), the new writers and who's writing what episode, and the new director (Brian Kirk) announcement as well.

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A while back grrm had a post up regarding availability in countries outside the USA. I believe HBO were going to sell it to other networks, ala Dexter etc. I was wondering if this has happened yet, and if so will it be available in Australia?

I have been trying to find some info on this as well ambryi, but at this stage there has been no word on a sale to an Australian network (AFAIK anyway). In all likelihood though, it will end up on Showcase (i.e. Foxtel) probably 6-12 months after it is shown in the States.

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