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House Targaryen

AGoT Mafia 71 - Rebellion in Hell

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We've reached 15 signups, and the game will start as scheduled, on Thursday, February 4th, 1 PM GMT.

Days will last up to 36 hours, nights up to 8. There will be a mod CF (Innocent/Guilty), not revealing alts. Strict Alt rules will be used. No sick twists, we promise.

We can still accept additional players, and if you're late, we could also use an American co-mod, or a possble replacement.


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Standard Rules and Game Mechanics


All players must ..

A1) Have an account on the mafia discussion board, with the same account name as on this board.

A2) Log in and view the thread and the discussion board anonymously at all times, unless they have informed the mods that this is not possible for technical reasons

A3) Post at least once every 24 hours. Any player who has not posted within the last 24 hours will be automatically modkilled, whether or not the mods announce this on the thread.

The mods may grant extensions to this limit in some cases (if so, they will give details in a later post). However, if they have not posted on the thread to announce an extension before the 24 hour limit is reached, no extension will be granted, whatever may have been said elsewhere. Please contact the mods as early as possible if you wish to request an extension.

A4) Send in role prescribed night actions (including the desire to take no action) within the time limit

A5) Treat everybody else playing with courtesy and respect

A6) Make any edits the mods request of them as soon as possible, whether or not they believe that the posts need to be edited.

A7) Contact the game mods as soon as possible if they feel you are at risk of breaking a rule or fear they or another person may have already done so.

Players must not ...

B1) Act in any way intended to reduce the chance of their faction achieving its win conditions. (However, should all surviving members of a faction agree that they wish to resign and end the game early, they may do so by PMing the mods privately, without stating their intentions on-thread until the mods post to announce that the game is over.)

B2) Discuss the game with any other living players outside this game thread except when told they may do so in their role PMs.

B3) Reveal any information about the game at all in any other thread than this one, or in any other forum (including message boards and chat rooms) where it may be seen by a living player.

B4) Give anybody access to any of their accounts (including game alts, if the game is using them), either here or on the mafia discussion board.

B5) Attempt to obtain advice about the game from anybody not currently playing.

B6) Post information on the thread relating to another player's past or current activity on (or absence from) the board that would not otherwise be available to anybody reading the thread.

B7) Quote, in whole or part, PMs from (or other private conversations with) the mods on the thread, or discuss the timing of any PMs sent to the mods.

B8) Post on the thread at any time after they are dead until the mods themselves post on the thread to announce that the game is over. Any posts accidently made after death should be immediately edited blank.

B9) Make any bets about the game.

B10) Offer to break any of these rules or any other rules the mods have set in place for the game, encourage others to do so or help to conceal the fact that rules have been broken.


C1) Failure to comply with the rules may result in any punishment the mods deem appropriate, including, but not limited to: a request to edit posts; formal warnings on thread; "modkilling", and ending the game prematurely in favor of one faction or none. The mods will also report rule infractions to the metamods after the game. Except where clearly stated in the rules, the mods are free to respond to any rules violation in whatever manner they wish. In all cases the mods' decision on these matters is final.

C2) Feel free to PM or IM your thoughts (or questions) to the mods. We love to hear them!

C3) The mods reserve the right to amend the rules during the game if we realize we've forgotten to cover something.


As well as running the game on this thread, the mods are also responsible for administering the spoiler thread on the discussion board. Anybody not actively involved in the game (whether spectators or dead players) can request access to this thread by PMing the mods. Please not that while in general the mods will be happy to let anybody have access to this thread, they do reserve the right to refuse access to anybody for any reason. Accordingly, please do not ask anybody other than the mods for access to the spoiler thread or give yourself access to it, even if you have the power to do so.

Once given access to the thread, spoiled spectators should also take note of the following rules, and must not ...

D1) Share any information from the spoiler thread with living players, or post such in a forum where it may be seen by living players.

D2) Offer any advice, hints or strategy to living players.

D3) Make personal attacks on players in the game or on posters in the spoiler thread itself

D4) Post on the game thread before the mods announce that the game is over.

Spectators (of any sort) who ignore these rules are likely to have their access to the spoiler thread revoked and/or to be reported to the metamods.


Game Mechanics

1 - General Structure

Players may begin posting as soon as the mods announce that the game has started on the thread. The game begins during the day. The day ends when when a sufficient number of people have voted to lynch a player (remove that player from the game) or voted to end the day without a lynch. Many games also have time limits on the days, and if no consensus is reached when the time expires, the day ends with no lynch. When the day phase has ended, night begins. The mods will then post a scene reporting the outcome of the day. Players may continue posting in the thread but no voting is allowed. Night ends when the mods post the morning scene reporting the outcome of the night actions. Day and night phases continue to alternate until the game ends.

2 - Day Phase

During the day, players may post in the thread and vote. Some roles may have special powers which can be used during the day. See later posts for a list of roles.

2.1 - Voting Mechanics

To vote for a player: bold that player's name.

To vote to end the day without a lynch: bold the word night.

To change your vote: bold the other player's name (or bold night).

To remove your vote without casting a new vote: bold the phrase remove vote.

2.2 - Voting Restrictions

You may only vote during the day phase. You can only have one vote outstanding at any time. You may not vote for yourself. You may not edit a vote into a post. You may not edit a vote out of a post.

2.3 - Bold Restrictions

The use of bold should be limited to voting. If you want to emphasize a players name or another word, you can underline the word or post using a different color

2.4 - Majority Defined

A majority means either more than half of the active players voting for one player's lynch or half or more of the active players voting to go to night without a lynch.

2.5 - Ending the Day

The day ends as soon as a majority is reached (or, if the game has a day time limit and the players fail to achieve a majority, once the time limit has elapsed). Anyone lynched is no longer an active player and must not post in the thread. Votes can no longer be withdrawn and new votes cannot be cast until the night phase ends.

2.6 - Evening Scene

The mods will post a scene shortly after the day ends to report the results of the day actions. If the day ended with a player's lynch, the mods might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player’s alt or alignment. This is the mods’ choice, and they’ll explain what, if any, information will be revealed in the game rules. There are no hidden clues in the evening scenes.

3 - Night Phase

During the night, players may post in the thread but may not vote. Some players will have the ability to perform special actions. Once again, the mods decide which roles will be included for their game, so be sure to fully read the game rules and any role descriptions which may be included.

3.1 - Performing a Night Action

If your role includes the ability to perform a special action at night, you need to PM the mods to indicate the action you wish to take. Most, if not all, roles have the ability to "withhold" their powers (i.e. take no action). This will be made clear to the roled players, and, usually, to all other players as well. If you chose to not perform your allowed action, you must PM "no action" to the mods. Most games have a time limit on nights. All players must PM their night actions to the mods within this timeframe. Players are strongly encouraged to send their night actions as soon as possible. You may also send in a PM for your special action during the day phase.

3.2 - Contingent PM

If you send in a PM during the day phase, you may choose to list alternative actions contingent on the manner in which the day ended. If none of the contingencies you list actually occur, your PM will be disregarded, and you must send a new PM to the mods.

3.3 - Provisional PM

You may choose to send a provisional PM if you want to further consider your night action but do not want to extend the night if all other roled players have decided upon their actions. Provisional PMs must be clearly marked as such. A provisional PM will not be acted upon by the mods until it becomes a 'definite PM.' A provisional PM becomes definite as soon as ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM, ( b ) all other roled players that need to send night actions have done so, or ( c ) the time limit for the night has expired.

As a courtesy to other players we ask that you confirm your provisional PM as soon as you are able.

3.4 - Last Resort PM

In extraordinary circumstances you may be allowed to send in a last resort PM. A last resort PM will not be acted upon by the mods until ( a ) you confirm your choice with another PM or ( b ) the time limit for the night has expired. Should you need to send a last resort PM, you must first seek the mods approval by explaining the circumstances that necessitate such a PM. Last resort PMs are accepted only at the discretion of the mods.

3.5 - Failure to PM

If not all PMs are received within the time limit, everyone who has failed to send in a PM will be considered to have taken no action. In addition, those who failed to send in a PM will be warned by the mods or may risk further penalties.

3.6 - Changing a Night Action

PMs to the mod can be changed at any point before the new day is announced. A PM is considered to be changed only after the mod receives and has read the PM. The player bears the risk that the mod will post the morning scene after the player has sent in a new PM but before the mod has actually read it.

3.7 - Abusing the Time Limit

If the mods have included a night time limit, it begins as soon as the previous day ended, regardless of when the mods posted the evening scene. However, this time limit is a maximum limit, and all players should send in PMs as soon as they feel comfortable doing so. Players (and mods) prefer shorter nights, as people are anxious to see who may have died and to begin voting again. If the mods feel that a player is abusing the time limit by unreasonably stalling, they may force the player to take no night action or take other appropriate action.

3.8 Preventing Night Actions

Except where expressly noted, no night actions prevent any other night actions sent in from taking effect.

3.9 - Morning Scene

The night phase ends when the mods post the morning scene. The mods will post the scene shortly after all night action PMs have been received. The scene will report any player deaths that occurred during the night, and might also reveal information about the lynched player, such as the player’s alt or alignment. There are no hidden clues in the morning scenes. As soon as the scene is posted any players who have been killed at night will no longer be active players and can no longer post in the thread. The time limit for the new day will begin with the morning scene.

Section 4 - Endgame

The game will continue to alternate between day and night phases until the game ends. The game can end after either a day or night phase.

4.1 - Winning Conditions

The game ends once one faction has reached its winning conditions, which the mods will state in a later post.

Mafia is a team game. Once one faction achieves its winning conditions, all members of that faction have won whether or not they are active players when the winning conditions are achieved.

4.2 - Ending Scene

The mods will post an ending scene and declare the game over shortly after one faction achieves its winning conditions. If for any reason it becomes impossible for either faction to achieve its winning conditions, the mods will declare the game a draw.

The game is only over when a mod posts the ending scene. Even if you know (or believe you know) the result of the game before then, you may not post in the thread unless you are an active player.

4.3 - Calling the Game Early

The mods reserve the right to end the game at any time before a faction achieves its winning conditions provided there are compelling reasons to do so. In general, the mods will end the game early as soon as one faction's victory becomes inevitable.

4.4 - Spoilers

When the game is over, the mods will reveal the alts and roles of everybody who played and also give everyone access to the spoiled spectator threads on the discussion board

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These roles wiil be used:

Demon (Roleless Innocent):

Just a regular demon. You're truly evil and hate God, and will stop at nothing to restore the order in hell, even if that means actually using your brains. This role is allied with the innocent faction, and comes up Innocent on CF or when investigated.

Angel (FM):

You're on a mission from God, blending among demons from their fall. Your assignment is to weaken Hell by propaganda. Each night, you may choose a player to talk with. This talk will result in him craving the return to God, after which you shall set his spirit free by mercifully destroying his current evil personification. If there is more than one Angel, they will know each other's identities and be allowed to communicate off-thread. This role is allied with the FM faction, and comes up Guilty on CF or when investigated.

Wannabe (SK):

It's not that you think that Satan isn't evil enough, you're just a selfish bastard who wants the fame and chicks that come with the position of One True Evil. Every other night, you may choose a player to kill. It's up to you whether to kill on odd or even nights. Due to you being completely self-focused, any attempt made to make you reconsider your actions will result in an epic fail (you're fully BP). This role is allied with the SK faction, and comes up Guilty on CF or when investigated.

These roles may be used:

Penitent (Symp):

On the second thought, coming here with Satan probably wasn't the best choice. Yeah, the chicks are fine, the music is loud, and you literally have enoguh booze to last you for eternity, but... God is still Big Kahuna, and you can't shake off the feeling you're gonna suffer if you don't get back to him. Since you ve accidentaly heard God's agents talking about their mission and know their identities, you decide to help them in hope you will be forgiven. This role is allied with the FM faction, and will come up Innocent on CF or when investigated.

Master of deception (Finder):

You've been lying and manipulating so long that you're simply the best in the job. If someone is lying, you're certainly able to spot it after a night of talk with that person. Each night you may choose a player to talk to, and in the morning you will find out if the player is guilty or innocent. This role may be allied with any faction.

Gay (Friend):

God was always quite uptight about any sex, and strictly forbid same sex relationships. That's why you ran away in the first place, and why you're certain your lover isn't God's agent. You and your lover can communicate off-thread. This role is allied with the innocent faction.

Whiner (Guard):

You have nothing better to do than whine all day and all night. People today just aren't as evil as they should be, Hell is not hot enough, but the beer is too hot...whatever. You just need a target. Each night, you may choose a player. He will be prevented from performing any night actions, because he will have to listen to your whining. If there are more allied players with the same role, however, the action will go through. This role may be allied with any faction.

Tormentor (Healer):

You're a sadist, and enjoy torturing people and other demons. Each night, you may choose a player to drag into your secret private dungeon and torture him all night long. In the morning, he will be badly bruised but alive, since no-one will be able to find him during the night. This role may be allied with any faction.

Copycat (Martyr):

Your special skill is being able to change your personification quickly and neatly. Each night, you may choose a player to copy. If he gets attacked by the Angels or Wannabe, you will be destroyed instead. This role may be allied with any faction.

Revolutionary (BP):

Unlike the others, you didn't follow Satan in hope of personal benefit. You truly opposed God, thought he was just an old and incapable ruler, and came to Hell in hope to create a better world, with new values Satan represented. Due to this, your heart belongs completely to Satan, and you will never regret following him. You also can't be killed by SK or Vig...because the mods said so. However, your power can be used only once, and you won't be notified if you get hit. This role is allied with the innocent faction.

Slow Guy (Soldier):

You were always a slow thinker, and came to Hell just because some of your friends did. However, you're also incredibly strong, and if you're ever left as one of the last two players standing, you will tear the other player apart and secure the win for your faction. This role may be allied with any faction.

Thief (Vigilante):

You've stolen Satan's Dagger, crafted in the deepest pits of Hell. It has the ability to kill any demon instantly, but will evaporate afterwards. Once during the game, you may choose a player to kill during the night. If the player is BP or healed, you lose your kill. If you're guarded, you keep it. This role may be allied with any faction.

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The game will start on Thursday, February 4th, 1 PM GMT.

Innoncents: You are a part of the innocent faction. You win when all the FM and the SK have been eliminated.

FM: You are a part of the FM faction. You win when all the innocents and the SK have been eliminated.

SK: You are a part of the SK faction. You win when all the innocents and all the FM have been eliminated.

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High on a Throne of Royal State, which far

Outshon the wealth of ORMUS and of IND,

Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand

Showrs on her Kings BARBARIC Pearl & Gold,

Satan exalted sat, by merit rais'd

To that bad eminence; and from despair

Thus high uplifted beyond hope, aspires

Beyond thus high, insatiate to pursue

Vain Warr with Heav'n, and by success untaught

His proud imaginations thus displaid.

He sat. But it is uncertain if he will sit any longer. Things are different, and Satan knows no piece of mind. He knows that his days may be expired. In his last attempt to rule out the conspirators from among the Great Ones, he arranges a meeting with all the High Demons of Hell...

"I have gathered you here to...




*Pless dies*



...play monopoly? No. Monopoly sucks. Why would someone put his chances on a dice when he can just kill the other players, confiscate their properties and steal their money... Ok, let's get serious now. My original idea was to shoot porn and get rich, but by having sex, you can catch some serious STD-s and that complicates your life. Yeah, we could use condoms, condoms are safe, but...

...yesterday, I was having a private party with a pack of young succubuses, and we played strip-poker. I played as well as always, and soon, some of them were naked... And do you know what i saw? I saw genital herpes. Demons who practice safe-sex DO NOT get genital herpes. There is only one conclusion. There is an intruder. An intruder who doesn't use condoms. As we all know, only angels and demons can enter hell willingly. And demons do use condoms. By using an ancient paper-folding skill called Origami, no, wait, I messed up... By using an ancient skill called 'deductive reasoning', I can conclude that the intruders are angels masked as demons. I'm unsure what their plans are, but it is certain that they're up to no bad.

However, there is one thing I'm sure of. I receieved an information from God (God and I have been through a lot of things together. He really wouldn't want to see me dead, with some unknown power crazy freak taking my place) that there is a rebel in the ranks of true demons. He/She (Satan acknowledges gender equality, unlike some) wants to overthrow me and establish a new order. He/She doesn't have a problem with killing demons or angels. It doesn't matter to him. Or her. Or not.

Now that you are gathered here, you can't leave until you have filtered your own ranks. You will live and sleep in this chamber for as long as necessary. During the day, you will drink beer and discuss who could be the potential traitor/intruder. I have equipped you with a one-person portal leading to my gloomiest dungenons. You will use it to deliver the suspect to me. I will sacrifice them slowly to myself (That sounds a bit... *puts sunglasses on* ...egoistical) and by the moment of their death, I will know their allegiance, of which I will inform you to ease your job. Some of you have been given special satanic powers which I hope you will put to a good use. That's all. Keep it simple. Let the purge begin."

He ended frowning, and his look denounc'd

Desperate revenge, and Battle dangerous.

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Hi fellow fire starters, my name is

* looks notes *


Who hasn't heard of me yet? I mean, I am the famous demon of........




Well, however, at least I can call myself responsible for......


the downfall of............



Bollocks, at least I'm not Lady Gaga. And I can do THIS!



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Right, the plan of attack here seems pretty clear. If I'm reading the introduction correctly then only scum are vulnerable to venereal disease. Therefore, ... err ... this is a little awkward ... um ... What is the delicate way to ask everyone to please remove their trousers?

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The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God... 'The Devil' is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes... This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of The Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection... He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.

Aleister Crowley; Magick (Book 4)

So the mortals spoke of me. In ancient Egipt, in the city of Mendes (the Greek name for Dedjet) I was revered as Banebdjed; soul of Osiris; copulator in Anep and inseminator in the district of Mendes, where all male goats were held in great reverence, and Herodotus reports women publicly copulating with them. They were all I.

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Beelzebub here, but you can call me "bub"

According to one of my many creations, wikipedia, my name is actually a bastardization of my original name: Ba'al. So I will answer to that as well.

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....or skirts.

Ever heard of gender neutrality, harp-swinger?


Hey, it's not my fault if all the women coincidentally happened to wear pants today. Maybe skirts are not in fashion this season in Hell.

And what have you got against a man in a skirt anyway? Why do you have to turn it into a gender issue? A nice skirt can sometimes be all that's required to make a man stand out from a crowd.

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It is day 1.

15 players remain: Asmodeus, Astaroth, Azalel, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Belial, Belphegor, Berith, Lady GaGa, Leviathan, Lucifer, Mammon, Mastema, Mephistopheles, Sammael.

8 votes are needed for a conviction or to go to night.

1 vote for Belial (Azalel)

14 players have not voted: Asmodeus, Astaroth, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Belial, Belphegor, Berith, Lady GaGa, Leviathan, Lucifer, Mammon, Mastema, Mephistopheles, Sammael.

I wonder if you were supposed to be Azazel. As in the personification of impurity depicted in the film "Fallen" starring Denzel Washington.

Yes, he was. Azzy, change your name.

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I have no idea who the hell I am. *checks wikipedia* Ooh, I'm the Prince of Accusers and Inquisitors. So in other words, I'm not just an ordinary demon who does middling things like tempt sinners, set babies on fire, disembowel puppies, and spread famine and pestilence. I'm a lawyer!

*cackles maniacally while rubbing hands evilly together*

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