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Westeros Blog: Updating Your Character

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To help us maintain a record of the history of the game and to help new players get into the game more easily, it is very important that everyone keeps their characters as updated as possible. If you want to switch to another character or request an alt, we will first ask you to update your current character, so doing it regularly makes it much easier for everyone.

The two most important things to do is to add Events (+HELP CDB EVENTS) when something significant happens and to add or update Relations (+HELP CDB RELATIONS) to other characters. Occasionally, you can also take a look at your history, persona, rumors and secrets, and see if anything needs to be adjusted.

For those of you who like to be mentioned in the Tidings or the Chronicle (and who doesn’t!), adding Events is particularly important; if you haven’t added one for a particular scene, you are much less likely to show up in the writeups done about that scene.

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