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Upcoming Cover Art II


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The only thing that could make this cover worse is if the obligatory damsel in distress were flung across his shoulders instead.
Aside from being a cheap ripoff of the venerable Conan the Barbarian cover, what's going on with her hairline? I don't know any gingers in real life; do their women really look like 50-year-old men?
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It looks like Voyager are using the current US/Canada covers:


A Song for Arbonne

Sailing to Sarantium

Lord of Emperors

Under Heaven

Are these paperbacks or hardcover books?

Battle in the Dawn by Manly Wade Wellman.

This must be a Baen cover. I have many fond memories of Wellman's John the Balladeer stories, but never read Battle in the Dawn.

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Oh, they're getting a UK publication then? Haven't even seen the UK edition of the first book around.

They did get one already - I got the first book in 2007. Definitely a UK edition too, not one of the US imports that Waterstones sometimes does for some reason.

Never did finish it, this might prompt me to.

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