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On 4/15/2010 at 1:19 AM, Guest Other-in-Law said:

"It is known" "te sen do e"

"The Stallion who mounts the world" "feldona"

"Mother of Mountains" "kan dan no e"

"Womb of the World" "petro"

"Godsway" "de sen do on"

"Milk Men" "quartheen"

I've always wondered whether "Maegi was a word of Dothraki origin, or a loan word from Valyrian.

Maegi is a word of dothraki origin but the Maeg of the valyrian origin means the same thing as maester

please tell me if i am wrong about these i dont know if my dothraki is right yet


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I found an ambiguity in the online Dothraki to English dictionary:

dishah: [d iSah]DPni.bark

Here, does "bark" mean "bark of a tree", or the dog noise?


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