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Westeros Blog: Peace in Dorne

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It was, in a way, anticlimactic. When the bird arrived, tired from its long journey from King’s Landing, the Old Palace’s maester carried the message to the Seneschal, who in turn brought it before Prince Marence, who was at that time in conference with certain lords and ladies and knights, discussing the way forward for a war-weary Dorne. The message was read, and King Baelor’s terms—practically in perfect agreement with Prince Marence’s counter-offer—were, it seems, much as Prince Marence hoped. What were two more towerhouses in the Prince’s Pass and the Boneway, after all, when compared to the Targaryen banner being struck down from over Wyl and Salt Shore?

Perhaps if Prince Rhodry had been there, there would at least have been some argument. But the wicked prince was away, and none could say where with any certainty. Marence’s way was made easy, and though some of the stony Dornishmen made a little noise about the onerous difficulty being placed on them, it was just noise in the end. Prince Marence wrote back mere hours afterward, sending the message on three separate ravens. For peace, he would gladly give three towers in each of the passes, and a promise to place royal garrisons there to help dissuade banditry and raiding, and grant safe passage to an emissary of the Iron Throne. And in return? Wyl and Salt Shore restored, and his brother Cadan and sister Ariane freed, along with the forty-seven other hostages. Yes, a small price to pay indeed.

After the ravens flew, commands were sent elsewhere, apparently to pave the way for the departure of the king’s embattled garrisons at Salt Shore and Wyl, and to see about the beginnings of preparations to place Martell garrisons in the passes as promised.

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