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Westeros Blog: CDB Alterations

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After introducing the Events and liking that format, we’ve decided to rework how some of the Long Info fields of the CDB work. Hints, Notes, Rumors and Secrets will be moving to the new Notes attribute which works similar to Events as shown by +HELP CDB NOTES. Each note is identified with a title and can be set to public or private. Notes can contain both IC and OOC information and will occasionally be used by Staff to place information on a character for a future player.

All current Hints, Notes, Rumors and Secrets have been moved into public Notes called Hints and Rumors and private Notes called Notes and Secrets. As Notes are fully editable by players, feel free to rearrange these as appropriate, but keep in mind that secrets that were part of the approval may not be removed and any Notes placed by Staff should also be kept if still relevant.

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