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Think I Could Be In It?

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I'd love to be a part of this project, but I doubt I could get in on it since it's in Ireland and I'm in the states.

What do you guys think? Think I could be a part of the saga? Check out my acting reel and action reel on the home page of my site:


I figure that if I can drum up some support from the fans, it might be easier to pitch to my agent (again). And, since it's a series of an ongoing book series, there are LOTS of characters still come up and lots of time to get in! What an awesome project to make! Seriously!

Thanks for taking a look! It's much appreciated!

~ K

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I think it will be hard. Your best bet is due to your fight expertise, I would guess, but it's not like they are lacking in good swordsmen in the UK, so I don't know if that's enough. The fact that it's not a US based production is really the big sticking point for you. They are trying their best to hire all locally - especially as many N. Ireland actors as possible - for all of the smaller roles. In a few cases they have gone far afield, but they tended to be for some pretty specific types:

Gregor is an Aussie actor, and one of the few people in the world who has the size, sword and horse training, etc. to play that part. It doesn't hurt he happens to look a fair bit like Rory McCann whom they already cast as Sandor.

Drogo is a Hawaiian actor who has an appropriate look, something that was hard to find in the UK I guess. The Drogo and Gregor searches seem to have taken a long time.

You've got to go for it, though, if you can. If you don't, there's no chance at all that you'll make it.

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