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Westeros Blog: Stephen Warbeck Interviewed

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We announced yesterday that Academy Award-winning composer Stephen Warbeck had been selected to score HBO’s Game of Thrones. We’ve now been tipped to the that at the Ghent Film Festival this past week, Warbeck was featured in a film composition seminar and a panel with other noted composers, including Angelo Badalamenti and Howard Shore.

While no video of that seminar did exist, it did lead us to find a terrific one-on-one video interview with the composer posted just three days ago, created by CuttingEdge.be (who have a number of good interviews with filmmakers on Youtube). The interview covers everything from Warbeck’s home life (he lives on a farm) to his work process, his good (and bad) experiences, and ... his upcoming projects, including a film with Kenneth Brannagh and “a 10-part thing” for HBO. Wonder what that could be…. ? ;) We’ll start the video at that point (the 19:30 mark or so), but the whole thing’s worth listening to.

As additional material, here’s another interview conducted some time after the release of the soundtrack for the film Proof, which probably means it’s a few years old.

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