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Swancon 36


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Just a bumping reminder for anyone who is on the fence and is local - Wednesday is the last day for buying the memberships at the reduced rate, If you buy on the day(s) it will go up a bit.

Also, if you are a Perth-based lurker and want to hang out with the BwB group look for us around the place!!

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hope you guys have been having an awesome time! can't wait to hear all about it sometime soon (nudge nudge) and ofcourse lots of footage and pics of our lovely boarders panelling with total verve (so cool guys - wish i could of been there in the crowd for that, i know you woulda done your work).

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Been a good con so far. Very cruisy.

The first panel was fun - Paxter has a bit of footage that he hasn't got around to posting yet.

Cam's panel is on today and I've been roped into doing another one tonight.

We took Cam out to Cottesloe neach for fish and chips at sunset on Friday night, which was a little bit of touristy stuff for him.

Best fanboy moment for me yesterday: ZZ Top were staying in the con hotel and I got a brief chat with Dusty Hill!! [cue manly squee]

More to come...

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We had a fun weekend at Swancon.

Existing BwB in attendance were myself, laoise, Ser Camaris and Paxter. We met another GRRM fan who spent some time with us and may or may not join the forums in due course. Another con attendee told us that there was a group at the University of WA who have had ASOIAF themed parties - but none of them post here. We will follow that up. :) There was a lot of interest in the GoT TV series and the Targ and Stark T-shirts attracted a lot of positive comments. We didn't have any parties due to our small representation but we did have lots of chats. Ser Camaris, in particular, had a productive weekend and got to meet many people in the writing industry in WA.

Some of the panels were great. My panel was well-attended on the first night, as was Cam's on the Sunday.

My favourite was a panel about how stories can be 'horror' stories without explicitly claiming to be so. The panelists on that one (including Ellen Datlow) were enthusiastic and very well informed.

The Swancon organisers made us feel very welcome (thanks to Amanda, Nick and Alisa) and the venue was great in some ways. The Hotel had this huge circular cafe right in the main lobby and people just congregated there and had coffees/chats with all comers. Ser Camaris, laoise and I had lunch with Glenda Larke on the Sunday and reminisced about the Denver and Melbourne WorldCons.

Ser Cam and Paxter have some pics they will no doubt post in due course.

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I will be doing a more comprehensive Swancon report over the next few days (lots of catching up on work here first), but it really was an amazing few days.

I want to thank Paxter, Stubby and Laoise for the incredibel hospitality and generosity in the way that they made me feel at home in WA. The way they went out of their way for me sums up the all that is good about the BWB.

I also have to mention how impressed I was with Stubby on the Lost in Translation panel. He was articulate, informed and was an amazing ambassador for the BWB. Well done, mate :-)

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Well time for an (admittedly belated) SwanCon post.

The first thing to say about this Con is that I think I liked the pain-killers/Aussiecon version of Ser Cam a bit better, but he still somehow manages to be one of the best people I know. And it almost goes without saying that it was good to catch up with Stubs and Lou again. Many good laughs were had and even better sledges were dished out :thumbsup:.

It all started on Thursday night with the four of us meeting up for dinner in the city followed by Stubby’s Con panel debut. The panel (entitled "Lost in Translation – Fan Expectations vs Cinematic Outcomes in the Depiction of Literary Works on Screen") was very enjoyable and as Ser Cam mentioned, Stubs did us proud (see

for the first 10 minutes or so of the panel, with Stubs coming in at the start and again at the 5:50 minute-mark). I wasn’t around the Con much on Good Friday, but we headed out in the evening to Cottesloe Beach for a traditional fish ‘n’ chips dinner and some good old-fashioned (and at times quite heated) BwB debate.

Saturday will always be remembered for

, which Stubby dragged us to and then walked out of after 5 minutes (laoise: PEACE IS A LIE!). Easter Sunday was Cam’s panel debut (which unfortunately I missed) but I managed to get to the hotel in time for “Fantasy on TV: Thoughts and predictions about HBO’s forthcoming Game of Thrones”, which featured all four of us on the panel. And, man, the attendance for that one was

On Tuesday we showed Cam some of Perth’s better tourist spots and then went round to Stubs’ in the arvo followed by my place in the evening for a bit of a Southern Italian Feast and to chill-out. Ser Cam’s departure was sweet sorrow, but it was a great weekend and I’m sure he’ll be tempted again by Perth’s innumerable charms before too long. In the meantime, Stubs, Lou and I can reminisce his schmoozing, wild room-parties, purple shirts and lady-killer dimples :wideeyed:.

So…SwanCon 2012 Stubs?

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